as-safa (the volcanic plateau in south-east syria, once full of daesh)

The fighting on the plateau of As-Safa
Colonel Cassad, Nov 18 2018

Syrian and Russian military after the battle on the plateau of as-Safa in the province of Suwayda. After the transfer of SAA and military advisers in Suweida, as well as attracting bombers from Khmeimim, sweep the remnants of Daesh went smoothly: the release of captured hostages, killed the leaders of groups and eliminated a large number of militants. Syrian sources indicate the reduction of the resistance fighters and the liberation of the rural areas from which militants raided nearby villages for taking hostages. The remaining militants continue to hide in caves. The fighting in the area has lasted for more than three months. Below, videos from Sweida, including the distant approaches. Warning: the last one is very raw.

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