colonel cassad on trump & the yellow jackets

Trump has supported the “Yellow jackets”
Colonel Cassad, Dec 8 2018

Agent Donald openly supported opponents of Macron calling for the overthrow of the current government. And it is directly linked what is happening not only with the economic policy of the government of France, but also with fantasies of Macron on the subject of an independent European army. Suzerain and the vassal was reminded about his real place. Against this background, in France continued the demonstrations (not only in Paris, pretty noisy in Toulouse), riots and clashes with police. The number of detainees exceeded 1,000. Several dozen people were injured. Prerequisites for the end of the protests is still not visible.

The protests in Toulouse and Bordeaux
Colonel Cassad, Dec 8 2018

The effects of the ongoing protests in the Toulouse and Bordeaux. One of the problems with Macron is that the protestors are a very heterogeneous forces from the extreme right to the extreme left, with protests help labor unions, and indirectly, political parties are unhappy with the policy Rules. Therefore to localize them in one city (if the protests were only in Paris) the government does not work. In the further continuation of protests in this spirit, the resignation of the government in the coming weeks may be very likely. Of course, even if Macron will be able to sit in his chair, the chances of re-election after the incident tend to zero. Opponent will get a great opportunity to speculate on the movement of the “Yellow jackets” and criticism of the government, which brought France to such a state. Plus textured photos from Bordeaux. And Yes. The protests spread to neighboring Belgium. There the day detained about 450 people.

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  1. Jorge Rex
    Posted December 9, 2018 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    “heterogeneous forces”, nothing like the identification of a “common enemy” to unite across the void/s of divide and conquer! Skrik comments on this “Now, back to “there’s a lie in there;” surrounding “must cooperate” – it’s simply not true – but worse, worst and no lie: “an invisible government.” The latter is what may be termed the ‘deep state’ tyranny; the foul, unelected and criminal puppet-string manipulators [assumedly part of the ~1% as opposed to us, we the ‘normal, decent’ people = ~99%], the invisible government aka ‘our actual rulers’ – ‘top’ of which being what I term the ccc [= covert-criminal-cabal].” Here:

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