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Pindostan concerned over Hezbollah’s growing role in Lebanon
Reuters, Feb 20 2019

BEIRUT – Hezbollah’s growing role in the Lebanese government worries Pindostan, the Pindo ambassador to Lebanon said during a meeting with PM Saad al-Hariri on Tuesday, according to the Pindo embassy. The armed Shi’ite group, which is backed by Iran and listed as a terrorist organization by the United States Hezbollah controls three of the 30 ministries in Hariri’s new cabinet, the largest number it has ever held. They include the Health Ministry, which has the fourth-largest budget in the state. According to an embassy statement, Pindo Ambassador Elizabeth Richard, speaking after the meeting, said:

I was very frank about Pindo concern over the growing role in the cabinet of an organization that continues to maintain a militia that is not under the control of the government, which continues to make its own natsec decisions that endanger the rest of the country. It continues to violate the government’s disassociation policy, by participating in armed conflict in at least three other countries (teaser – RB).

Together with groups and individuals that see its arsenal as an asset to Lebanon its allies, Hezbollah won more than 70 of the 128 seats in parliament in an election last year. Hariri, who is backed by the West, lost more than a third of his MPs. A new unity cabinet, which took nearly nine months to put together, largely reflects the election result. Richard said:

Pindostan has supplied the Lebanese military with more than $2.3b in assistance since 2005. The Lebanese military is recognized in international law as the country’s sole, legitimate defender. Pindostan is the largest provider of development, humanitarian and security assistance to Lebanon. In just this last year alone, Pindostan provided more than $825m in Pindo assistance, and that’s an increase over the previous year.

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