maybe the arch of la defense will burn down, that’d be welcome, it’s an architectural monstrosity

Yellow Vests back in action despite ‘unifying’ disaster & they are angry, Apr 20 2019

Yellow Vests protests brought clashes and tear gas back to the streets of Paris, despite politicians’ calls for “unity” in the wake of the Notre Dame fire. For protesters, the response to the fire only showed more inequality. Saturday’s protests mark the 23rd straight weekend of anti-government demonstrations, but the first since Notre Dame de Paris went up in flames on Monday. Politicians were quick to criticize the protesters for returning to the streets so soon after the disaster. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters on Friday:

The rioters will be back tomorrow. The rioters have visibly not been moved by what happened at Notre-Dame.

For many of the protesters, grief over the destruction of the 800-year-old landmark has made way for anger. With smoke still rising from Notre Dame, a group of French tycoons and businessmen pledged €1b to the cathedral’s reconstruction, money that the Yellow Vests say could be better spent elsewhere. Trade union boxtop Philippe Martinez told France 24:

If they can give dozens of millions to rebuild Notre Dame, they should stop telling us there is no money to respond to the social emergency.

Saturday’s protests saw a return to scenes familiar since the Yellow Vests first mobilized in November to protest a fuel tax hike. Demonstrators in Paris’ Bastille district set barricades on fire and smashed vehicles, and police deployed tear gas to keep the crowds at bay. Sporadic incidents of vandalism and looting were reported across the city, and some journalists even reported rioters throwing feces at police. 60,000 police officers were deployed across the country, and in Paris, a security perimeter was set up around Notre Dame. A planned march that would have passed the site was banned by police, and elsewhere, 137 protesters had been arrested by mid afternoon, police sources told Euronews. Beginning as a show of anger against rising fuel costs in November, the Yellow Vests movement quickly evolved into a national demonstration of rage against falling living standards, income inequality, and the perceived elitism and pro-corporation policies of Macron. Over 23 weeks of unrest, Macron has made several concessions to the protesters’ demands, but has thus far been unable to quell the rising dissent. After Notre Dame caught fire on Monday, the president postponed a television address to the nation, during which he was expected to unveil a package of tax cuts and other economic reforms, another measure to calm the popular anger in France. Macron’s address will be held on Thursday.

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  1. L
    Posted April 20, 2019 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    Great headline once again…and thus relieved to know that the Yellow Vests are still swarming….and mad.
    Apparently Macron’s KKK illuminati stunt…the burning Cross of Notre Dame…has not had its intended effect

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