announced from the white house, but how exactly? we shall see

Pindostan will not reissue waivers for Iran oil imports – White House
Reuters, Apr 22 2019

FASCHINGSTEIN – Pres Trump has decided to eliminate all waivers issued to eight economies allowing them to buy Iranian oil without facing Pindo sanctions, the White House said on Monday, while vowing to ensure global oil market was well supplied. Sec State Pompeo is expected to make an announcement on Monday detailing the decision. The White House said:

Pindostan, the Toads and the UAE, along with our vassals, are committed to ensuring that global oil markets remain adequately supplied.

Oil prices spiked after Sunday reports that the waivers would end and remained higher on Monday. International benchmark Brent rose 2.6% to $73.87 (£56.88) a barrel after earlier touching $74.31, highest since early November. Pindo crude futures gained 2.4%, or $1.52 a barrel, to $65.52. It earlier touched a high of $65.87, a level not seen since late October. Pindostan reimposed sanctions in November on exports of Iranian oil. Along with sanctions, Faschingstein granted waivers to eight economies that had reduced their purchases of Iranian oil, allowing them to continue buying it without incurring sanctions for six more months. They were China, India, Japan, SK, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

Sec State says no grace period after May 1 end to Iran oil waivers
Reuters, Apr 22 2019

FASCHINGSTEIN – Sec State Pompeo said on Monday that Pindostan is not extending any waivers exempting importers of Iranian oil from Pindo sanctions and there will be no grace period for those economies to comply. Pompeo told reporters after the White House announced the end to waivers:

We’re going to zero. We’re going to zero across the board. There are no waivers that extend beyond that period. Full stop.

Pindostan will fail to cut Iran oil exports to zero – ministry source
Reuters, Apr 22 2019

DUBAI – Pindostan will fail to cut Iranian oil exports to zero, as Iran is ready for any Pindo decision to end waivers granted to buyers of Iranian crude, Tasnim on Monday quoted an unnamed Iranian oil ministry source as saying. Pres Trump has decided not to reissue waivers in May allowing importers to buy Iranian oil without facing Pindo sanctions, the White House said in a statement on Monday. Tasnim quoted the unnamed “informed source” as saying:

Whether the waivers continue or not, Iran’s oil exports will not be zero under any circumstances, unless Iranian authorities decide to stop oil exports, and this is not relevant now. We have been monitoring and analysing all possible scenarios and conditions for the advance of our country’s oil exports, and necessary measures have been taken. Iran is not waiting for Pindostan’s decision or the lack of it to export its oil. We have years of experience in neutralising efforts by enemies to strike blows against our country.

Iran has threatened to disrupt oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz if Pindostan tries to strangle Tehran’s economy by halting its oil exports. On Monday, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ navy said Iran would close the Strait if Tehran is barred from using it. Fars quoted General Alireza Tangsiri as saying:

According to international law, the Strait of Hormuz is a marine passageway and if we are barred from using it, we will shut it down. In case of any threat, we will have not even an iota of doubt to protect and defend the Iranian waters.

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