cassad doesn’t want to state the obvious – that the russians have blinked yet again

Briefly on Syria
Colonel Cassad, May 19 2019

SAA today officially halted its offensive in Idlib. The truce followed Russian-Turkish negotiations and is designed preliminarily for 72 hours. HTS/-Nusra does not recognize the armistice and continues hostilities. As mentioned at the beginning of the offensive, the advance of the SAA in Hama will have a limited purpose, until the unspoken line which will be determined through back-room negotiations between Russia and Turkey. Whether the current line is final, or whether Russia will insist on its extension into Idlib and on al-Latamina ledge, will see next week. If the front after 3 days will remain stable, it means that the intermediate line is reached. If the SAA pulling reserves will continue through the plain of al-Gab and the surrounding mountains, then it means the Turks must have agreed to cede some more. The media and militants supporting AQ, the Western media is trying to inflate another “chemical attack” of the SAA against the “civilian population,” this time in Northern Latakia, where the Syrians are leading the operation to liberate Kobani. The communication of the Western media and terrorist groups are no longer a secret, so that we are not particularly surprised at another attempt to implement napalm (нафталиновых) scenarios, especially because there were warnings of the likelihood of such last week. Regarding rumors that Golani himself gave the order to take the Turkish observation posts (notably Tal Turkana), while there is no actual evidence that HTS/Nusra attacked the Turks, perhaps this element of the story is just Syrian military propaganda. It is possible that it was part of the internecine strife between HTS/Nusra & pro-Turkish factions, where both sides attack each other using all kinds of rumors, in addition to the usual murders and terrorist attacks.

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