colonel cassad on the latest western-imposed ‘truce’ in syria

72 hour truce for HTS/Nusra
Colonel Cassad, May 21 2019

2nd biggest story of war correspondents Anna-News out of Northern Hama. Shown fighting in the valley of al-Gab prior to the announcement of the truce, which will last 72 hours. As such, no truce and fighting continued, including new attempts to attack the base Hamim using drones and rumors circulating about the preparation of new false flag CW provocations. Abstract: The SAA launched an assault on the mountain ridge Sahaba. It encloses the valley of al-Gab from the East. To the troops in the Northern Hama was able to advance further, It was necessary to clean up itself as a mountain chain and its foothills. The fighting here was divided into two phases. The first was the capture of a small village Hvas in the valley and the second was to be the release of mountain village Karkat. “Tiger force” under the command of General Hassan Those liberated new territory from the terrorists, but big-time politics again intervened in the affairs of an independent state. At the request of Western countries, the fighting was stopped. The pretext for this decision was allegedly caring for the civilians. However, the greatest benefit of the situation got to the terrorists of HTS/Nusra. It was during these three days they brought up reinforcements and strengthened their position, because the policy imposed a ban on government forces’ use of aircraft and artillery. Below, a chronicle of the fighting of the last days that took place in the valley al-Gab in the Northern province of Hama.

“Al-Nusra” lost valley al-Gab
Colonel Cassad, May 16 2019

Came the first big report on Anna-News from the front in the Northern Hama. As usual here you can see the shooting of the combat formations of the SAA, shooting, fighting with drones, the captured militants, the results (trophies, destroyed equipment, dead).

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