“fun” with the english nazi establishment

BBC unveils unbearably cringey ‘Tonight With Vladimir Putin’ chat show
RT.com, May 22 2019

British taxpayers, shield your eyes now. The BBC has just unveiled its new “semi-scripted comedy chat show format,” ‘Tonight With Vladimir Putin,’ presented by a horrific CGI adaptation of the Russian president. Early details indicate that not only will the British public be subjected to some truly awful writing and voice acting courtesy of Natt Tapley, of ‘Have I Got News For You’ fame, but the BBC has also managed to dredge up some top-tier guests such as the Labour Party’s former communications chief Alastair Campbell, former MTV host June Sarpong, ‘I’m a celebrity: Extra Camp’ presenter Joe Swash and presenter of the Guilty Feminist podcast Deborah Frances-White. The less said about that line up, the better.

The oversized, motion-captured ‘Putin,’ dubbed “everybody’s favourite bear-wrestling global strongman,” can interact with guests on the show, which mercifully will only last 12 minutes an episode, likely because the British authorities are already in hot water for torture. The show appears to be a regurgitated dystopian nightmare copied from the popular Channel 4/Netflix series Black Mirror but bastardized almost beyond recognition. Surprisingly many people were able to overcome bouts of nausea and cringe-induced spasms long enough to air their disgust at what their compulsory license fee is funding these days.

BBC’s “comedy” programs often oscillate between potential crimes against humanity in the form of Mrs Brown’s Boys, to downright racism courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson and Co. Some of the broadcaster’s other fine moments include transmitting jokes about a nuclear bomb survivor and racist comments describing Mexicans as “lazy” and “feckless” with “refried sick” for food. Oh, and they kept Jimmy Saville in a job for decades.

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