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Sergei Skripal called his niece. The former Colonel of the GRU poisoned in Salisbury congratulated his family upon Victory Day. audio, May 23 2019

Sergei Skripal, the former Soviet intelligence officer who moved to the UK and poisoned by unknown people in Salisbury, called relatives. Since the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter Julia on Mar 4 2018, he has never appeared in public and, in addition to the statements of the British side, there was no evidence that Sergei Skripal is alive. At our disposal was an audio recording of a call to Sergei Skripal’s niece Victoria. The first time Skripal called her in Yaroslavl, where Victoria lives, after she and her husband Arseny were beaten up. The incident occurred on Apr 1 on the basis of conflict in condominiums: the former Chairman broke Victoria’s lip and broke her husband’s finger, bursting into insults about her relationship with the defector Skripal. In a telephone conversation with Victoria, Sergei Skripal was interested in the health of her and her husband and reproached the woman that it is a lot of “glow” on television, drawing attention to herself. To questions about his life and plans, Skripal answered succinctly:

You are on your own. We are on our own.

Victoria had no doubt that it was her uncle who was calling. She says:

It’s him.

The second call from Sergei Skripal came on victory Day, May 9 2019. The message was recorded on the answering machine. We publish an audio recording of this call. That’s what Skripal said:

Hi, Vikul, it’s Serezha. Something broke in to tell me the subscriber does not answer. Well, happy holidays. All the best! I wanted to see how you were doing, how Senka’s finger was. Oh, well! Everything is fine with me, with us, with Yulechka also. I wish you a happy Victory Day, and the same to mother too. Come one, come all!

The current whereabouts of Sergei and Yulia Skripal are not known. Our sources suggested that they may be inside a closed military facility in the UK, where they live under the constant supervision of local intelligence agencies. And perhaps on the Islands in the Pacific, or the Atlantic, or in New Zealand, or in Australia, where there are “special facilities” which are used by British security forces. The UK continues to blame the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia on “Novichok” substance of the Russian intelligence services. However, no definite evidence of this has yet been presented to the public.

I shall add the audio when I can. The call in Russian:

«Привет, Викуль. Это Сережа. Чего-то пытался пробиться — абонент не отвечает. Ну ладно, с праздником. Всего самого доброго! Хотел узнать, как там у вас дела, как палец у Сеньки. Ну ладно. У меня все нормально — у нас, у Юлечки тоже. Все нормально, маму с праздником тоже, с Днем Победы. Ну давай, всё».

Russian tabloid publishes ‘Skripal audio recording’
AFP, May 23 2019

MOSCOW – A Russian tabloid on Thursday published what it said was an audio recording of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, who was poisoned along with his daughter in Britain last year. The popular Moskovsky Komsomolets daily published the 30-second recording on its website, saying it was the voice of the former double agent talking to his Russia-based niece, Viktoria Skripal. If authentic, the audio would be the first the outside world has heard from the former spy since the attack in the English city of Salisbury that sparked a diplomatic crisis between Moscow and London. While his daughter Yulia Skripal released a video statement last May, calling for her family’s privacy to be respected, her father has not addressed the media and his whereabouts are unknown. But Viktoria Skripal has given frequent interviews to Russian press and TV. The Russian tabloid said Skripal called his niece to wish her well on May 9, the day Russia celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany, and left a message on the voicemail. The male voice in the recording is heard saying:

Everything is fine with me, with us, with Yulechka also. I wanted to know how you are.

The mass circulation daily claimed it was the second time Skripal had contacted his relative, who lives in Yaroslavl, a city north-east of Moscow. He first called his relatives, the paper said, after Viktoria’s husband was beaten, allegedly after a man had insulted her for being related to a defector, in April. After the attack, the British government said the military grade nerve agent was produced in Russia and the attempted assassination was “almost certainly” approved by the Russian state. Moscow has denied involvement.

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