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Pindostan ‘conducted cyber attacks on Iran’
Telegraph (UK), Jun 23 2019

Pindostan launched cyber-attacks against Iranian missile control systems and a spy network after Tehran downed a Pindo surveillance drone, according to Pindo media reports. Trump secretly authorized CYBERCOM to carry out a retaliatory attack on Iran, the WaPo reported Saturday, shortly after he pledged to hit the Islamic republic with major new sanctions. The attack crippled computers used to control rocket and missile launches, according to the WaPo. Yahoo News said a spying group responsible for tracking ships in the Gulf was also targeted. Fars News said Sunday:

It’s still not clear whether the attacks were effective or not. Maybe this is a bluff meant to affect public opinion and regain lost reputation for the White House.

Tehran warned Faschingstein that any attack would see its interests across the Middle East go up in flames. On Sunday, Bolton said ahead of a meeting with Netanyahu in Jerusalem:

Neither Iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake Pindo prudence and discretion for weakness.

Trump, who spent Saturday huddling with his advisors at Camp David, demanded that Iran renounce nuclear weapons (But they have renounced nuclear weapons, repeatedly! – RB), telling reporters:

When they agree to that, they’re going to have a wealthy country. They’re going to be so happy, and I’m going to be their best friend.

Trump, who has also deployed additional troops to the Middle East, tweeted:

We are putting major additional Sanctions on Iran on Monday. I look forward to the day that Sanctions come off Iran, and they become a productive and prosperous nation again – The sooner the better!

Pompeo added:

When the Iranian regime decides to forgo violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy, it knows how to reach us. Until then, our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify.

But lest anyone think he was entirely ruling out military action, Trump tweeted Saturday evening:

I never called the strike against Iran ‘BACK,’ as people are incorrectly reporting, I just stopped it from going forward at this time!

Brig-Gen Abolfazl Shekarchi told Tasnim:

Firing one bullet towards Iran will set fire to the interests of Pindostan and its vassals. If the enemy, especially Pindostan and its vassals in the region, make the military mistake of shooting the powder keg on which Pindostan’s interests lie, the region will be set on fire.

Following his comments, Iran said it had executed a contractor for the defense ministry’s aerospace organization who had been convicted of spying for Pindostan. After the downing Thursday of the Global Hawk surveillance aircraft, Trump said that Pindostan had been “cocked & loaded” to strike Iran. Tehran insists that the drone violated its airspace, but IRGC Brig-Gen Amir Ali Hajizadeh, told IRNA:

The intrusion may have been acidentlal but nonetheless, this was an act of trampling international aviation laws by a spy aircraft.

Javad Zarif on Saturday published maps showing the aircraft inside Iranian territory. He wrote on Twitter:

There can be no doubt about where the vessel was when it was brought down.

Despite much egg on Pompeo’s and Bolton’s faces, Pindostan’s war drive continues regardless
Tony Kevin (former senior Australian diplomat), Off-Guardian, Jun 20 2019

It is now clear that Pindostan has manufactured a false case against Iran for the two-tanker sabotage incident in the Gulf of Oman on Jun 13. Evidence of Iranian guilt so far offered by Pindostan is flimsy and contestable, but Pompeo does not seem to care, continuing to press for alliance solidarity no matter what. Of this solidarity there has been remarkably little, even five days later. The general refrain of ‘we would like to see more of the evidence’ is polite dipspeak for ‘we think you are lying.’ Trump has reluctantly backed the false Pindo story, but with evident lack of enthusiasm. He would no doubt like to sack Pompeo and Bolton, but they currently seem invulnerable, with the power of the military-industrial  natsec Deep State at their backs. Trump, a helpless passenger President, will have little room to move towards detente with Xi or Putin at Kyoto G20 (Jun 28-29). Both leaders have pretty much written Pindostan off as a serious negotiating partner for now. Already, Pindo Cold Warriors are flexing their muscles, with reports of Pindostan testing cyber-warfare attacks on the Russian power grid; more sanctions imposed on Pindo vassals who dare to trade with Iran; and military preparations to attack Iran reportedly moving forward. Australia is trying to lie low, but pressure is mounting from official Faschingstein to declare where we stand on the Oman Gulf incident. First Pindo claims were that these were torpedo or mine attacks. This was soon disproven, as damage holes were well above the waterline: torpedoes or mines do not bounce into the air before exploding. Also, the captain and crew of the Japanese-owned tanker Kokuda Courageous reported seeing approaching ‘flying objects’ (missiles or attack drones) and the CEO of their company Kokuda Sangyo backed their story. Holes to both tanker hulls were reported on the southwest open-sea side, away from the nearby Iran coast. First rescuers were small Iran coastguard vessels who took both ships’ crews to the closest Iranian port of Bandar, as maritime rescue law requires. Pompeo shifted his story, claiming that a Pindo-released blurry intelligence video showed Iranian saboteurs attempting to place (or remove) a limpet mine on the side of a tanker’s hull. This false narrative was soon contradicted by a far more probable explanation: that this was a video of one of the crew rescue operations: many people are seen in the small boat wearing orange life jackets, with an electromagnetic mooring device having been attached by cable to the tanker hull. This is a normal crew rescue technology.

The list of countries and organisations calling for further independent investigation, more evidence, or more dialogue, quickly grew: EU, France, Germany, Russia, China and Japan, the UN Sec-Gen and even Nancy Pelosi. Britain’s Foreign Secretary, after initial full support for Pindostan, hedged to Iran being ‘almost certainly’ responsible, while Jeremy Corbyn questioned whether the UK has ‘credible evidence’ of Iranian responsibility for the attacks. Pompeo seemed not to care, ploughing on demanding allied solidarity. He has been making phone calls, no doubt including to Australia, which has so far offered no public reaction. Australian MSM quickly downgraded the story, sensing its implausibility, and reflecting the increasingly common practice in Australia of censorship by omission of embarrassing news or news topics. Pindostan has mounted new diversions: first, a remarkable story planted in the NYT that Pindostan is already waging experimental cyber-warfare against Russia, to prove to the Russians that it could take out the Russian power network, crippling the country’s economy; and that knowledge of this activity may be being kept from Trump. The message is that Pompeo and Bolton are in charge of Pindo natsec policy, and Trump is too weak to sack them now. Russiagate continues its malevolent hold over the liberal Pindo media. On this fraught subject, objective truth no longer matters: two and two make five. Both Xi and Putin know that Trump is now flotsam, floating helplessly on the sea of Pindo Sinophobia and Russophobia. Neither leader currently sees him as a serious negotiating partner. I agree with former UK ambassador Craig Murray that over the past two weeks the international security system has taken a sharp turn towards more dangerous instability. About the best outcome one can hope for now is a peaceful gradual decoupling of the Pindocentric economy from China, Russia and much of the world. There seems now no alternative to an increasingly bifurcated world economy. Pindostan system does not have a reverse button: it continues to compound its bullying with more bullying, of adversaries and allies alike. Australia cannot go on delaying difficult but necessary choices. We need to start to downscale our dependence on this increasingly unstable and aggressive partner nation before it is too late. We need to turn off the electromagnetic device mooring Australia to this dangerous ally. We need an independent foreign and natsec policy: a conclusion towards which the continental EU is also reluctantly moving.

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