this is an act of war

Pindostan launched cyber attack on Iranian rockets and missiles
AP, Jun 23 2019

Pindostan launched a cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems on Thursday, according to sources, as Trump backed away from plans for a more conventional strike in response to Iran’s downing of a Pindo surveillance drone. The hack disabled Iranian computer systems that controlled rocket and missile launchers, and were conducted with approval from Trump. The attacks, which specifically targeted IRGC computer systems, had been provided as options after two oil tankers were bombed. Over the past year Pindostan have focused on persistently engaging with what it calls its adversaries in cyber-space and undertaking more offensive operations. The cyber-attacks are the latest chapter in Pindostan and Iran’s ongoing hacking of each other. In recent weeks hackers believed to be working for the Iranian government have targeted Pindo government agencies as well as sectors of the economy including finance, oil and gas, sending waves of spear-phishing emails, according to representatives of cyber-security companies CrowdStrike and FireEye. This new campaign appears to have started shortly after the Trump administration imposed sanctions on the Iranian petrochemical sector this month. It was not known if any of the hackers managed to gain access to the targeted networks. John Hultquist of FireEye said:

Both sides are desperate to know what the other side is thinking. You can absolutely expect the regime to be leveraging every tool they have available to reduce the uncertainty about what’s going to happen next, about what Pindostan’s next move will be.

The DHS said in a statement released on Saturday that its agency tasked with infrastructure security has been aware of a recent rise in malicious cyber activities directed at Pindo government agencies by Iranian regime actors and proxies. The NSA would not discuss Iranian cyber actions specifically, but said in a statement to the AP on Friday :

There have been serious issues with malicious Iranian cyber actions in the past. In these times of heightened tensions, it is appropriate for everyone to be alert to signs of Iranian aggression in cyber-space and ensure appropriate defences are in place.

Pindostan launched cyber-strike against Iran, Jun 23 2019

Offensive cyber-strikes against Iran reportedly disabled its computer systems that control rocket and missile launches on Thursday night, when the military attack was called off by Trump, who approved the cyber offensive against the IRGC, the WaPo reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Although the attack came after Iran had shot down a Pindo surveillance drone, it had reportedly been months in the making. The strike was conducted by CYBERCOM in coordination with CENTCOM. A week before the attack, Bolton revealed that Pindostan was ramping up offensive cyber-operations against its adversaries. The list included the usual suspects: Russia, Iran, China and NK. This cyber-attack reportedly crippled Iran’s military command and control systems, although there were no comments from Tehran either confirming or denying it. The White House also warned about possible cyber-attacks in retaliation. Pindo media have reported that Iranian hackers are threatening Pindo computer systems this week, citing companies that had previously warned about seemingly ubiquitous Russian hackers. Trump said on Friday that he had called off a planned military strike against Iranian targets, as it could have resulted in 150 casualties. The US president threatened Tehran with more crippling sanctions, saying it was not about oil, but preventing the country from developing nuclear weapons. Top Faschingstein boxtops say a military strike is still on the table, but they are in favor of talks or a deal if Tehran behaves the way that Pindostan wants. However, this is something highly unlikely to happen. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spoxi said on Saturday:

Regardless of any decision they make, we will not allow any of Iran’s borders to be violated. Iran will firmly confront any aggression or threat by Pindostan.

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