actual clips from a new white helmets video in production

New Chemical Attack Movie Trailer Found In Killed Terrorist’s Smartphone
Pamela Spenser, Muraselon (Syria), Jun 23 2019

In the smartphone of one of the insurgents killed by the government forces, a fragment of another “movie” staged by Western media with the participation of “White Helmets” was found. One of the scenes appeared to depict people who pretended to be the victims of an attack allegedly carried out by the Syrian armed forces. The men should have been lying still for a few seconds, but they failed to do so the first time. These stunt mishaps were saved in the memory of the phone belonging to the dead terrorist. On Jun 21, Fars News reported that the leaders of terrorist groups in the Idlib zone met to discuss the preparation of another staged video showing the use of chemical weapons. They agreed to organize a provocation: the attack on the 9th and 10th observation posts of the Turkish Armed Forces, in order to then accuse the Syrian Army of using toxic agents. Chemical Attack Movie:

To justify missile strikes on Syrian infrastructure, the international coalition has repeatedly cooperated with various organizations to stage fake chemical attacks. The coalition’s most popular media partner, White Helmets, has staged the use of toxic agents by the Syrian forces in Khan Shaykhun and Eastern Ghouta. But “helmets” made a number of unfortunate mistakes, which resulted in revealing the forgery later. Even the representatives of the White Helmets themselves had to admit that the video had nothing to do with reality. Western administrations had to find more professional media professionals to work in Idlib. The main task of the Pindo CBS crew which recently arrived in the Idlib zone under the protection of HTS/Nusra fighters was to prepare stories about the Syrian troops and Russian aviation using prohibited munitions, including chemical weapons. Their predecessors from Sky News, who were walking around the Idlib zone guided by terrorists, have failed to document anything of the kind. Taking into account the experience of their colleagues, CBS reporters decided to make fake videos not to lose time. On Jun 15, on the outskirts of the village of Maaret Horma in the south of Idlib province, reporters staged a video showing the consequences of the air strikes allegedly carried out by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian aviation on residential buildings and a mosque. Although the final media product has not yet been released, it is clear that the journalists did not instruct the film crew well enough that everything happening on the set should be kept secret. On Jun 19, speaking at the meeting of the UNSC dedicated to the situation in the Idlib zone, Vasily Nebenzya called on members to be more careful choosing the sources that inform the West about the situation in Idlib. The film crew of the British Sky News channel arrived in Syria without any accreditation from the official government. Sky News employees filmed how TS/Nusra terrorists fought, even though they represent a group recognized to be a terrorist one all over the world. Insurgents attacked government positions and towns in the Hama governorate, and the off-camera spokesman was telling these were rebels defending Idlib from “Bashar al-Assad‘s forces.”

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