Photo for memory
Colonel Cassad, Jun 242019

A fragment of the RQ-4A Global Hawk shot down by a missile of the IRGC,
the fragment was caught by Iranian fishermen in the sea off the coast of Iran.

Pindostan has so far limited itself to cyber-attacks on Iranian network, and threatens in the next few days to impose new sanctions against Tehran. Faschingstein does not hide the fact that it attacked the Iranian network infrastructure. For Trump it is a way to show determination, but not to go on about the environment, which wants war with Iran. It became known that among those who opposed the attack on Iran was Dunford, who for all his alarmism, was able to convey to Trump the assessment of the risks associated with the effects of such a strike. Iran still holds a tough stance and says it will not succumb to pressure, but will respond to force with force. Iran is not going to go to negotiations with Pindostan until they lift sanctions.

PS. It is also worth noting that yesterday the Houthis again hit the airport in Abha, Saudi Arabia. This time instead of the arrival hall was in the Parking lot. 1 person died and 7 were injured. This time came not a ballistic missile, but drone bombers. Toad air defense does not catch mice. And how many stories about the invincible “patriot.” Below, the wreckage of the rocket of the Houthis, which successfully flew in the arrival hall of the airport of Abha.

The Houthis have once again declared that they will attack the airports in the UAE and Toad Arabia until they stop bombing cities in Yemen. Also fighting continues in Toad Arabia in the provinces of Asir and Najran, where the Houthis have pushed the Toad army and mercenaries, inflicting heavy losses. So to say carry the fighting on the territory of the aggressor. The Toads, in retaliation, shot down two UAV belonging to the Houthis in the area of Sana’a and made several air strikes in the north-west of Yemen.

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