some points contra corbyn

Source for this is commenter ‘Big B’ on Craig Murray comments:

In principle, it is absolutely fair for Boris to be characterised as not fit to lead … for licensing Paveway bombs to kill Yemeni children; for funding the ‘Jihadi Express’ through Gaziantep in Turkey, and his support of the Syrian ‘opposition.’ But then, it would be hypocritical not to hold Jezza to the same standards? Why should he get a free pass? He collected for the jihadi terrorists White Helmets (Jo Cox Christmas Appeal 2016: a third of the £2mn raised went to the WH) and supported the celebrity regime change Jo Cox Foundation …and still is. Here are terrorist supporters – Idrees Ahmad and Salim Salamah – openly using Corbyn’s Twitter page to recruit funds for more child murderers just three days ago. ‘#Save Idlib.’

So anyone can post anything to Twitter; and anyone can make a mistake; and anyone can support the White Helmets; and anyone support regime change NGOs; and anyone can support NATO; and anyone can vilify Putin, and anyone can support Navalny; and anyone can support Magnitsky Sanction Russophobia; and anyone … Just how much of a blind eye are we supposed to turn? If we normalise these things, we get the imperialist world we deserve, do we not? There are certain things that should never be acceptable in a politician: funding terrorism and child murder is at the top of that list, for me. Neither Johnson or Corbyn are fit to lead, if judged by the same humanist standards. None of them are. If we acquiesce, and vote for the least bad candidate, we are contributing to a world where terrorism and child murder are acceptable. Then what have we become?

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