nazi pindostan invites a number of unwanted nationalities to publicly and willingly commit “national suicide”

NYT publishes call for Palestinian “national suicide”
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, Jun 25 2019

The anti-Palestinian bias of the NYT has long been a subject of complaint and derision among supporters of human rights and competent journalism. But the “newspaper of record” outdid itself this week by publishing and promoting an op-ed by Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Danon claiming that “a national suicide of the Palestinians’ current political and cultural ethos is precisely what is needed for peace.” Danon argues that a Palestinian “surrender” to Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid “will create the opportunity to transform Palestinian society.” Danon’s grotesque racism drew much sharp outrage from commentators. Though the NYT’s anti-Palestinian record predates their hiring by decades, it is no surprise to see such an execrable piece published in 2019 when the newspaper’s op-ed staff and columnists include Bari Weiss, who as a student mounted campaigns to ruin the careers of Arab and Muslim professors for daring to criticize Israel, and Bret Stephens who has his own lengthy Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian record. As for Danon’s demand that Palestinians surrender, it could well have come from one of the leaders of apartheid South Africa in the 1980s and have been directed at Nelson Mandela. After all, the racist regime in Pretoria, just like its racist counterpart occupying Jerusalem today, held overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable power over its subject population. Yet just as Black South Africans proved a generation ago, and Palestinians are showing again, oppressed peoples have their own insurmountable power: the power to say “no” to the oppressor, the power to refuse to become partners and collaborators in their own eradication. Israel’s demand that Palestinians recognize its supposed “right to exist as a Jewish state” is a demand that Palestinians bless and approve their own oppression and dispossession, it’s precisely the surrender that Danny Danon yearns for. But as I’ve noted previously, this demand is an admission of weakness on Israel’s part: it’s an acknowledgment that the Zionist project and the racist, apartheid state it produced, can never be legitimized or achieve stability without the consent of its victims: the Palestinians. In that context, the Trump administration’s Bahrain conference going on this week, as well as its supposedly forthcoming Deal of the Century, are yet more efforts to bribe, bully and blackmail Palestinians into surrendering their basic human and political rights. But Palestinians have not surrendered despite all the atrocities Israel has committed and commits against them. And op-eds using genocidal terminology inthe NYT will not bring them to their knees either.

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