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Soros-backed NGO to release new stories – Here’s why they are bogus
Celia Schmidt, Off-Guardian, Jul 16 2019

Three years after Panama Papers scandal, the media continue to discuss the leak’s impact. While some of these revelations have led to further investigations, the most noisy allegations made by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), involved in reporting on Panama Papers, didn’t hold water. The OCCRP calls itself “an investigative reporting platform formed by 24 nonprofit investigative centers spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.” It is, however, almost fully funded by Soros. So what is the real motivation behind this large-scale and costly information campaign? According to Wikileaks, the Pindo government was behind the Panama Papers, in order to target Russia and specifically Putin. Indeed, the majority of the international media has been hinting at the Russian leader following the data leak, but he wasn’t even mentioned in the published documents. What is even more curious is that a few months before the leak, in Jun 2015, there was a closed meeting on the Russia issue between Pindo State Dept boxtops, Soros and Browder. It appears that with the support of the Pindo government, the two businessmen have launched an information campaign to attack their enemies. And they are not going to stop. Two years after the Panama Papers, in Jan 2018, OFAC blacklisted 210 Kremlin boxtops, along with various billionaires from Russia’s ruling elite, in order to contrive the basis for a possible new set of sanctions. But the so-called ‘Kremlin Report’ had no big effect. One of the Kremlin boxtops joked:

It was apparently compiled using the presidential administration’s telephone directory.

A Treasury official admitted to BuzzFeed’s John Hudson that the department had simply copied the Forbes list of Russian billionaires for the oligarch portion of the list. The list was so broad as to be meaningless, rendered even more so by the fact that no one on it would be targeted for punishment. But Faschingstein continues its offensive. In Mar 2019, the Pindo House of Reps approved a bill that requires the Pindo intelligence community to provide Congress detailed information on Putin’s personal assets or assets believed to be under his control. In other words, it requires to dig up something that could be used to justify new sanctions against Russia. Here comes OFAC, which has close ties to Soros and Browder. This new information campaign against Putin and his circle will be pretty much the same as the one related to the Panama Papers. Soros- and Browder-backed organizations like OCCRP and ICIJ are in charge of releasing data prepared by the intelligence agencies. Pindo-government-affiliated international media outlets are to blow up the story to attract more public attention. Then OFAC will be ready to impose a new round of sanctions allegedly to deter Russia, but in fact, to defend the interests of a few Pindo billionaires.

Wikileaks: Pindo Gov’t Behind Panama Leaks to Attack Putin
Telesur, Apr 6 2016

WikiLeaks claimed early Wednesday that the Pindos government is behind the recent tax avoidance-related leak known as the Panama Papers, in order to target Russia and specifically Putin. WikiLeaks say the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project or OCCRP receives funding from USAID and that George Soros was behind the leak. WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter:

Immediately after the leak went live, many news outlets were focused on how a friend of Pres Putin was directly involved in hiding billions of dollars in offshore tax havens using the services of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

However, Putin himself is not directly linked to the leaks and his name did not appear in the leaked documents. Some have questioned the focus on the Russian leaders while ignoring other world leaders who were directly linked to the offshore tax avoidance scheme such as the Toad king and the UAE president. RT reported that organizations belonging to Soros have been proclaimed to be “undesirable” in Russia. It wrote:

Last year, the Russian prosecutor general’s office recognized Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation as undesirable groups, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.

The leak has been described as the biggest of its kind in the history of journalism as it included more than 11.5 million documents belonging to the Panamanian law firm. It exposed many politicians, government boxtops and so-called ‘celebrities’ across the globe.

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