welcome to PM boris

Moon of Alabama, Jul 23 2019

The Ukraine elected a comedian for president. Great Britain felt a need to top that. The members of the ruling party thus chose a clown to become the UK’s next prime minister. Johnson will bury the remnants of the former empire. My sincere condolences to people of Britain.

Brits break down as Boris is confirmed as next PM
RT.com, Jul 23 2019

The breaking news that Boris Johnson is to be the next UK PM has sparked a robust reaction on social media, with many claiming his appointment will be the breaking of the UK. Johnson won 66% of the vote for the leader of the British Conservative Party and will succeed Theresa May as PM on Wednesday. Johnson said his priorities are to “Deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn.” Many were quick to tweet jokes playing on the ‘breaking’ news announcement, writing, “Breaking: Our country,” and “Breaking: We all are.”

Brits expressed dismay at Johnson’s victory, with many saying they are now “doomed,” and others pointing out that he is “unelected” by the people. The hashtag, “NotMyPM” was used by a number of disappointed Twitter users.

Johnson’s critics say the leading Brexiteer will fail to secure a reasonable exit from the EU and even accuse him of being dishonest, racist and inept. However, many of Johnson’s backers tweeted their support for the former mayor of London as he prepares to take on the leadership mantle. He even got a vote of confidence from Donald Trump, who tweeted:

Johnson has racked up a long history of diplomatic gaffes and scandals down the years, ranging from being fired for making up quotes while working as a journalist, lying about extramarital affairs and making racist comments about Africans and Muslim women.

Social Media Explodes Over Boris Johnson’s Bizarre Clapping
Sputnik News, Jul 23 2019

It’s not the first time a Conservative politician’s clapping has been ridiculed. Michael Gove was also compared to a seal last year. Previously, actor Nicole Kidman became an online phenomenon at the 2017 Oscars after viewers lampooned her own strange clapping. She claimed she didn’t want to damage the diamond rings she was wearing at the time. Boris Johnson has been widely ridiculed on social media after a bizarre clapping performance at the announcement of the Conservative party leadership election results. Sat somewhat awkwardly at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London, at various points he slowly applauded along with other attendees as it was revealed he’d received double the amount of votes as his rival Jeremy Hunt. He went on to give a bombastic victory speech, vowing to “unite the country” and slamming Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

​However, many viewers seemed far more preoccupied by the idiosyncratic clapping they’d just witnessed, and took to Twitter to voice their bemusement. Comparisons with a drunken seal, and questions about why his arms were so far apart and why he was so slow, were commonplace. Some even suggested, presumably ironically, he’d need to perfect his technique before he could be taken seriously in 10 Downing Street.

​For instance, British Paralympic sprinter and cyclist Neil Fachie said he was “baffled” by the “bizarre technique.”

​Before long, dedicated memes had been created, depicting Johnson as a toy monkey with cymbals, among other things.

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