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FCO Speeds Up Planning to Move UK Embassy to Jerusalem
Craig Murray, Aug 18 2019

Following Bolton’s talks with Johnson and his ministers in London last week, FCO has been asked to speed up contingency planning for the UK to move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, with an eye to an “early announcement” post Brexit. The UK is currently bound by an EU common foreign policy position not to follow Pindostan in moving its Embassy to Jerusalem. As things stand, that prohibition will fall on Nov 1. FCO had previously been asked to produce a contingency plan, but this involved the construction of a £14m new Embassy and a four-year timescale. They have now been asked to go back and look at a quick fix involving moving the Ambassador and immediate staff to Jerusalem and renaming the Consulate already there as the Embassy. This could be speedily announced, and then implemented in about a year. Johnson heads the most radically pro-Israel cabinet in UK history and the symbolic gesture of rejection of Palestinian rights is naturally appealing to his major ministers Patel, Javid and Raab. They also see two other political benefits. Firstly, they anticipate that Labour opposition to the move can be used to yet again raise accusations of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn. Secondly, it provides good red meat to Brexiteer support in marking a clear and, they believe, popular break from EU foreign policy, at no economic cost. Bolton also discussed the possibility of UK support for Israeli annexation of areas of the West Bank to “solve” the illegality of Israeli settlements on occupied territory. My FCO sources believe this is going to be much more difficult politically for the Cabinet to agree than simply moving the Embassy, due to lack of support on their own backbenches. This is an insight into the future of British foreign policy if the Johnson government, and the UK, both survive. In the massive defeat of the UK at the UNGA two months ago over the illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands, the UK was in a voting block with only Pindostan, Israel, Australia, Hungary and the Maldives against the rest of the world. The Maldives had a particular maritime interest there, but the leadership of the others constitute a distinct and extreme right-wing bloc: Trump, Orban, Morrison, Netanyahu and now Johnson. These are very worrying times indeed.

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