adrian darya 1: events on tuesday

No Request From Iran Tanker to Dock in Greece, as Pindostan Warns Against Aiding Vessel
Sputnik News, Aug 20 2019

The Iranian tanker Adrian Darya, formerly known as the Grace 1, set course for international waters after being released from detention in Gibraltar’s waters, with Washington calling the decision unfortunate and warning Greece and Mediterranean ports against helping the vessel. Athens has not received a request from the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya to dock in Greece, Merchant Marine Minister Ioannis Plakiotakis said on Tuesday, as website Marine Traffic data reportedly showed the vessel was on course for the port of Kalamata, in Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula, reports AFP. Plakiotakis told Greek media:

There is officially no request concerning the arrival of the Iranian tanker in a Greek port. We are following its progress and are working with the Greek foreign minister.

The tracking website placed the supertanker some 100 km northwest of the Algerian port of Oran. Port authorities in Kalamata have not confirmed Marine Traffic’s information. An Iranian port authority said the Adrian Darya was in international waters with its destination unclear.

Pindostan to Greece: Aid Given to Iranian Tanker May be Viewed as Material Support to Terrorist Group
Sputnik News, Aug 20 2019

A Pindo State Dept boxtop has warned the Greek government that any effort to assist the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya during its trip to Syria could be viewed as giving material support to a terrorist organization. The boxtop expressed Pindostan’s “strong position” that the tanker was assisting the IRGC by transporting illegal oil for sale to Syria. The Adrian Darya oil tanker was detained by British authorities at Gibraltar for over a month, but was allowed to resume its trip to Syria on Sunday via Kalamata, Greece. Faschingstein had lobbied London authorities to transfer custody of the ship to them, but to no avail. Pompeo said in a Monday interview with Fox News:

It’s unfortunate that that happened, as a successful sale would mean for the IRGC more money, more wealth, more resources to continue their terror campaign.

Since Aug 2018, Pindostan has imposed increasingly strict sanctions on purchasers of Iranian oil. In Apr 2019, Faschingstein declared the IRGC to be a terrorist group and thus the Iranian government to be a state sponsor of terrorism. The move puzzled observers, but Pindo boxtops have maintained the IRGC is responsible for attacks on Pindo & vassal forces across the region, from Syria to Iraq and Yemen.

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