making due allowance for the fact that ‘tyler durden’ is a gold bullion dealer

Iran Vows Oil Routes Won’t Be Safe If It Can’t Export
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Aug 21 2019

The White House policy of taking Iranian oil exports to “zero” still has a long way to go, thanks in no small part to China, and also despite Pompeo touting this week that Pindo sanctions have removed nearly 2.7 mb of Iranian oil from global markets. Pindo frustration was evident upon the release of the Adrian Darya 1, with Gibraltar resisting Faschingstein pressures to hand over the Iranian vessel, given as it’s en route to Greece, Pindo boxtops are now warning that they will sanction anyone who touches the tanker. Seizing on Faschingstein’s frustration as part of its own “counter-pressure” campaign of recent weeks, Iran has again stated if it can’t export its own oil, it will make waterways unsafe and “unpredictable” for anyone else to to so. According to Ayatollah Khamenei’s official website, Pres Rouhani said:

World powers know that in the case that oil is completely sanctioned and Iran’s oil exports are brought down to zero, international waterways can’t have the same security as before. So unilateral pressure against Iran can’t be to their advantage and won’t guarantee their security in the region and the world.

The provocative statements corresponded with similar remarks from Foreign Minister Zarif, who also warned Tehran might act “unpredictably” in response to “unpredictable” Pindo policies under Trump. Zarif made the statements in a speech at SIPRI while on a broader tour of European countries urging leaders to resist Pindo sanctions threats and abide by commitments under the JCPoA. He said:

Mutual unpredictability will lead to chaos. Pres Trump cannot expect to be unpredictable, and expect others to be predictable. Unpredictability will lead to mutual unpredictability, and unpredictability is chaotic.

Iran’s military has repeatedly said it alone can secure the vital Strait of Hormuz tanker route, while at the same time warning any outside ‘maritime coalition’ patrols would be seen as an act of aggression, especially involving Pindostan or Israel.

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