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Iranian Oil Tanker Switches Destination to Turkey After US Issues Threats to Greece
Sputnik News, Aug 24 2019

An Iranian supertanker that is passing south of Sicily has changed its destination in its Automatic Identification System (AIS) and now is heading to Mesrin, Turkey. However, any destination could be entered into the AIS, meaning that Turkey may not be the tanker’s true destination. Earlier it was reported that the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya, formerly known as the Grace 1, was heading for the Greek port of Kalamata. The Adrian Darya, which was previously named Grace 1, was detained in Gibraltar in Jul 2019 on suspicion of carrying oil to Syria in violation of the EU sanctions and released Aug 19. It is believed to be carrying 2m barrels of crude oil. Faschingstein declared its intentions to seize the tanker, claiming that it had violated sanctions against Syria. Amid reports that the Iranian tanker was heading towards Greece, a Pindo State Dept boxtop warned the Greek government that any effort to assist the Adrian Darya during its trip to Syria could be viewed as giving material support to a terrorist organisation. Greek PM Kyrikos Mitsotakis said that tanker Adrian Darya has not requested a docking permit from Greek maritime authorities, meaning it was not currently en route to Greece. While Iranian officials have insisted that the tanker hadn’t been heading to Syria in the first place, Gibraltar authorities said that the vessel was released after receiving assurances from Tehran that the tanker was not going to deliver its cargo to Syria.

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