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A False Accusation of Anti-Semitism from Where You Would Least Expect It
Jeff Blankfort, Counterpunch, Sep 12 2019

I know what Pindostan is. Pindostan is a thing you
can move very easily, move it in the right direction.
© Netanyahu 2001, quoted in Haaretz Jul 15 2010

It is not uncommon, of course, to be labeled “anti-Semitic” for calling attention to the inordinate power of the Israel Lobby over our political processes or suggesting that the Iraq War was launched on Israel’s behalf. The last place that I would expect to find such an allegation, however, was on the CounterPunch website to which I have contributed a number of articles on the subject over the years. On Aug 2, in an opinion piece by Ron Jacobs headlined “Israel, The Largest Pindo Aircraft Carrier in the World,” those like myself who have described in detail on CounterPunch and elsewhere the manner in which the Israel Lobby controls both Congress and the White House on issues relating to Israel, were accused of propagating “what is an essentially anti-Semitic argument concerning the nature of the Washington-Tel Aviv alliance.” That Jacobs, a veteran of the Sixties as long of tooth as myself, a prolific writer and frequent contributor to Left publications, would make such an allegation after what we have learned about the role of pro-Israel Jewish neocons in fomenting the Iraq War and following that, implementing crippling sanctions on Iran while agitating against the nuclear agreement with Tehran, is as mind-boggling as it is insulting. Jacobs did this under the cover of what purports to be a review of a new book by historian Stephen Gowans, Israel: A Beachhead in the Middle East, which Jacobs contends is “a necessary and forceful rebuke of those on the left and right who insist that Washington is Israeli-occupied territory.” First, a book review it is not. One cannot do justice to any serious book in just 764 words which is the length of Jacobs’ piece, although whether Gowans’ book which amplifies the charge of anti-Semitism can be taken seriously is open to question. If not a book review then, what is it? Let’s start with the title, a quote from the late general and Secretary of State Alexander Haig, whose very sanity came into question following the assassination attempt on Reagan 40 when Bush 41 was away from the capital. At that point, as the NYT described it:

He raced upstairs and went directly to the lectern before a television audience of millions. His knuckles whitening, his arms shaking, Mr Haig declared to the world: “I am in control, here in the White House!” He did not give that appearance.

In any case, Gowans use of Haig’s quote in his book turned out to be hearsay from a dubious source. From Jacobs’ opening sentence, it seems clear that his intention was to provide “damage control” for the plethora of predominantly Jewish organizations whose primary raison d’etre is pushing the agenda of the Netanyahu government on Capitol Hill the activities or even the existence of which have been largely ignored or dismissed by others on the “Left” who share Jacobs’ aversion to blaming even a segment of Pindo Jews for anything, such as Noam Chomsky, Phyllis Bennis and Stephen Zunes. Jacobs began his article:

The Israeli government does not control the foreign policy of Pindostan.

True, but none of those he is criticizing argue that it is and Jacobs must surely know this. They affirm, with considerable evidence to back it up, that supporters of the Israeli government are largely responsible for shaping US policies in the Middle East and nowhere else. In other words, Jacobs has created a straw man. If we restrict ourselves to this millennium, one only has to look at the appointees from PNAC and JINSA that Bush 43 brought into his administration and into the Pentagon who became activated like sleepers after the events of 9/11. From PNAC came a troop of 20, foremost among them Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Scooter Libby and John Bolton, who received a recess appointment as UN ambassador when it was clear he wouldn’t get Senate approval. Bolton was later hailed by Israel’s UN ambassador Dan Gillerman as “the sixth man in our office.” Last year, after replacing HR McMaster as Trump’s NSA, he received the “Defender of Israel” award from ZOA. Launched in 1997 by neocons Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol, PNAC drew attention on Capitol Hill the following year when it sent a letter to Clinton 42 calling on him to overthrow Saddam. Among its signatories were Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. in 1998, the Iraq Liberation Act was passed, declaring that it was Pindo policy to oust Saddam, but no action was taken or contemplated. What makes the Israeli connection indisputable was that PNAC was preceded a year earlier by the “Clean Break” policy paper prepared for Netanyahu. Its authors were a study group led by Perle and including Feith, David Wurmser and his Israeli wife Meyrav Wurmser. The paper called for the removal of Saddam Hussein, highlighting Iraq’s possession of WMDs. Wurmser went on to become an advisor for Cheney and Feith, help set up Avran Shulsky’s OSP in the Pentagon, to “stovepipe” to produce evidence of Iraq’s WMDs upstairs to Rumsfeld when the CIA failed to come up with it. What those who insist that the 2003 war on Iraq was just a continuation of traditional Pindo imperialist policies refuse to acknowledge is that the invasion of Iraq marked a 180 degree break with what US Middle Eastern policy had been up to that point, namely, to maintain stability in that oil rich region. That is why Bush 41, his Sec State James Baker and his NSA Gen (Retd) Brent Scowcroft publicly opposed the war, and why Bush 43 resisted demands from the neocons and Israel’s allies in the media to have Pindo troops march to Baghdad and remove Saddam from power after ousting Iraqi troops from Kuwait a decade earlier. When this fact was pointed out to Bush 43 by Tim Russert on NBC Meet the Press, Dubya responded:

I answer to a higher father.

Before the war went south, Perle and Wolfowitz were competing in the media for credit for the great victory over Saddam. Both men, along with Cheney, Feith, and Bolton, were also members of JINSA’s Advisory Board, an influential but little known neocon operation that came into existence in 1976, apparently in response to President Gerald Ford having suspended a shipment of US jet fighters to Israel for six months upon Israel’s refusal to give up land in the Egyptian Sinai that it had captured in the Oct 1973 war. Moreover, Ford sent a private letter to Rabin warning him about a likely re-evaluation of Pindo-Israel relations, hinting that he might call for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders. Rabin made the letter public which alerted AIPAC to respond. It struck back against Ford by getting 76 senators, three-quarters of that body, to sign a letter to the president, warning him that the Pindo-Israeli bond was sacrosanct and should not be meddled with. Ford quickly backed off and over the years, many more such letters, drafted by AIPAC, would reach the desk of our presidents. JINSA saw its goal as making sure that the Pindo-Israeli militaries would become so entwined that no future president would ever contemplate or be able to disentangle the armed forces of both countries. To ensure that, it created a large advisory board composed of former generals and admirals and a few police chiefs while arranging programs to take newly retiring generals and admirals on all expense paid trips to Israel. There are currently 57 former generals and admirals on the JINSA advisory board. The first and last article about JINSA in a national publication appeared in The Nation in 2002. Like PNAC, its existence has been ignored by those engaged in damage control on Israel’s behalf. Even Colin Powell’s attribution of the war to Donald Rumsfeld’s embrace by “the JINSA crowd,” in Karen DeYoung’s biography of Powell, Soldier, did not stir any of the latter to reconsider their positions.

Going back to the first Pindo war on Iraq: the sanctions put in place against governments viewed by Israel as its enemies have largely been the work of AIPAC and its sister organizations such as WINEP, which was spawned by AIPAC in 1985 in order to make the step from lobbying for Israel to actually making policy itself. It has become arguably the most influential of the Beltway think-tanks, now calling itself simply The Faschingstein Institute, and its “experts” routinely appear before Congressional committees. Their op-ed pieces invariably find their way into the opinion sections of our leading newspapers and the inboxes of Congress critturs. To enforce the sanctions after 9/11, Bush 43 set up an Under-Sec’s office in the Treasury devloted to Financial Terrorism, This became the exclusive provenance of pro-Israel Jews, beginning with the appointment of pro-Israel zealot Stuart Levey. The latest of them, Sigal Mandelker, is actually an Israeli. It is this department, in essence an arm of the Israeli government, that determines what countries and companies are adhering to or breaking sanctions on Iran and Syria and which organizations should be placed on the Terrorist List. When Obama took office, the Israeli press reported that Levey had made a special trip to Israel to assure Netanyahu that nothing would change under the new president. Were there not sanctions on Iraq and on Iran, the major Pindo oil companies would have been more than happy to do business with both countries. CONOCO was obliged to cancel a deal it had made with Tehran in Mar 1995. The only way the Obama administration was able to sign the JCPoA was to declare it to be an agreement rather than a treaty, thus avoiding having a vote on it by the Senate, where it would surely have been defeated. Not to be denied, Israel’s friends in Faschingstein had the Senate pass a bill requiring Obama and succeeding presidents to ratify Pindo participation in the agreement every 90 days. This was the equivalent of a poison pill and a perfect set-up for Trump.

There is far too much evidence of Israel’s control of Washington to include in this short article but two more items should seal the debate. The first begins in 2015 in Las Vegas when Sheldon Adelson held two auditions for prospective Thug presidential candidates at his Venetian Hotel to determine which one would be the best for Israel. Adelson was at the time and still is the owner of the most widely read newspaper in Israel, Israel Ha-Yom, which is provided free and until recently has been seen as a mouthpiece for Netanyahu. On the day he opened his newspaper, he apologized to his Israeli audience for having “worn the uniform of the Pindo army and not the IOF.” A clip of this can still be seen on You Tube. Adelson’s choices after the auditions were first Ted Cruz and then Marco Rubio. When both failed to attract the voters, Adelson switched to Trump, pumping tens of millions of dollars into his campaign and, judging from Trump’s gifts to Israel, not the least of which was moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, it is safe to say that Adelson bought himself a president. Cut now to last December, in Florida, at the annual convention of the relatively new IAC, the major funder of which happens to be Adelson. On the stage as the host was Haim Saban, one of the Demagog Party’s major funders who once boasted to Connie Bruck of the New Yorker:

I’m a one-issue man, and that issue is Israel.

It was shortly after the November mid-term elections and Saban was interviewing Pelosi and Schumer, the Senate’s top ranking Demagog. As Ron Kampeas described it on Dec 2:

Nancy Pelosi, the Demagog who likely will be speaker of the new House, listed pro-Israel Reps she plans to name to key committee positions and said her party remained fundamentally pro-Israel. Pelosi said in addressing the final event Sunday of the annual IAC conference, after listing planned assignments: “We have people very well placed to share our values.” Pelosi said she would name Nita Lowey to chair the Appropriations Committee, Eliot Engel to chair the Foreign Affairs Committee, Ted Deutch to chair the Middle East subcommittee, Adam Schiff to chair the Intelligence Committee, Alcee Hastings to chair the Helsinki Committee; Debbie Wasserman Schultz to a key Appropriations Committee position and Lois Frankel to a key Foreign Affairs Committee position. All have long-standing pro-Israel records, and all but Hastings are Jewish.

Pelosi’s exchange with Saban can still be viewed on You Tube but don’t look for any report on that conference outside of the Jewish press. The corporate media, like Congress, is under the thumb of the Israel Lobby. Wasserman-Schultz was the DNC chair who was forced to resign after WikiLeaks exposed the DNC’s efforts to sabotage Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton’s behalf. Obviously, that did not hurt her in Pelosi’s eyes.

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