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Johnson’s government has ‘no plan’ if parliament blocks no-deal Brexit
Lizzy Buchan, Independent, Oct 7 2019

Boris Johnson‘s government has “no plan” for what might happen if parliament blocks a no-deal Brexit, a cabinet minister has said, amid warnings from EU leaders that an agreement was a “long shot.” Tory cabinet minister Robert Jenrick said the ”sole focus” was on upholding the prime minister’s “do or die” pledge to leave the EU on Oct 31 and ministers would do ”absolutely everything in our power” to meet the deadline. The issue will come to a head if Mr Johnson cannot secure an agreement a key European Council summit on Oct 17-18, as he will then be compelled by law to seek a delay, something he has sworn he will not do. Brexit talks are on a knife-edge after the prime minister’s new proposals to break the impasse over the Northern Irish border were met with a lukewarm reception in Brussels. David Frost, the PM’s chief Brexit negotiator, will be in Brussels for further talks on Monday but question marks hang over whether Mr Johnson will make a last-ditch charm offensive, after the EU snubbed talks over the weekend. Mr Jenrick, the housing secretary, told Sky’s Ridge on Sunday:

Boris Johnson and this government will do absolutely everything in our power to deliver Brexit on Oct 31. But we have no plan as to what might happen if parliament doesn’t allow us to get Brexit done on Oct 31 because we intend to get it done on that date and that’s the sole focus of this government at the moment.

He said the prime minister had been “very clear” he would not seek a delay to Brexit but refused to explicitly commit that Mr Johnson would write the letter. Lib Dem Brexit spokesman Tom Brake seized on the comments as a sign that Mr Johnson and ministers could not be trusted, telling The Independent:

The livelihoods of millions across the UK are wrapped up in the future of Brexit. To admit there is no fallback plan reveals a Conservative party that has no interest in governing for the whole of the UK.

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