leave.eu is nazi shit

Social media erupts after Leave.eu takes aim at Merkel
RT.com, Oct 9 2019

Leave.eu, the official campaign group that supports the UK leaving the EU, has caused uproar on social media, after tweeting an inflammatory meme of Germany’s Angela Merkel in relation to the ongoing Brexit crisis. The group voiced their displeasure at reports Merkel warned British PM Boris Johnson in a phone call on Tuesday morning that a Brexit deal was “overwhelmingly unlikely” unless he agreed to Northern Ireland remaining in the EU’s customs union. Leave.eu responded on Twitter, slamming Merkel for her “reprehensible” demands, claiming such a move only underlined the “true colours of our supposed European allies.” The group attached a meme with a somewhat suggestive picture of the German chancellor and war-like language. The tweet has provoked anger online with some suggesting< such rhetoric was “outrageous, offensive and inciteful.” David Lammy, Labour’s Tottenham pro-remain MP issued an apology to the EU, branding the pro-Brexit group’s tweet as “xenophobic bile.” Johnson and Merkel discussed the intractable Brexit issue, with the UK PM stressing that if this is the EU’s new established position, then a deal is “essentially impossible not just now but ever,” according to a Number 10 source.

Last week, the UK government unveiled its plans for a renegotiated Brexit deal, with Johnson insisting that they presented a “very reasonable offer.” The new proposals would see the Irish backstop replaced with electronic and a “number of physical” customs checks on the island of Ireland. Brussels gave a damning response to the plans, claiming they could not even serve as a rough outline for a final agreement. Johnson has been rushing to strike a deal ahead of the Oct 31 deadline for leaving the bloc.

European newspapers react to No 10’s Brexit strategy
Jon Henley, Groon, Oct 9 2019

European newspapers and commentators rounded on the “outrageous” tactics of an “out-of-control” Downing Street after a string of leaks sought to blame France, Ireland and Germany for the Brexit breakdown, but they warned the EU would not fall for them. Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote:

Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy may be recognised as transparent in Brussels and outrageous in Berlin, but in the UK it seems for the time being to be working. The plan is to insist that the UK is heading for no deal, either before or after the next election, it’s just a matter of time, and all because the EU is not prepared to compromise. We gave it our all, but it was not sufficient. Now enough is enough. Suggesting Germany is largely at fault was of course deliberate. Aversion to Britain’s wartime opponent and its return to power via Brussels is a reason for many Britons, especially older ones, to vote for Brexit. Cue the inevitable reactions from leave voters: Merkel is to blame, Germany is showing its true face, Berlin always wanted to subjugate us, the EU must be smashed. Johnson and his senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, have always threatened no deal, paying mere lip service to an agreement. The UK’s latest proposal was obviously not designed to make a deal possible in a short time. No 10’s plan is different. It aims to oblige the Commons to force a Brexit delay, and then sees angry voters re-electing Johnson by a large majority.

In a piece headlined the Saboteur, Der Spiegel reckoned:

Thwarted in his desire for no deal by parliament, Johnson is embarking on a last-ditch attempt to make it possible, this time triggered by the EU. He is doing everything possible to prevent the EU unanimously approving a new Brexit extension.

But that’s all just for show, says the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

They are putting more persuasiveness and energy into shifting the blame for a new Brexit extension than into securing an 11th-hour deal on Britain’s exit from the EU. Johnson has seen the polls and knows he can win a large majority at the next election. He may hint that he wants to drive the EU nuts, with a no deal on Oct 31 as the consequence, but that’s for domestic consumption. He knows he has no chance of success: the UK is heading for postponement and early elections. He’s now doing everything possible to avoid taking responsibility for the delay. Today played out exactly as No 10 wanted. Without a German reply, without any traceable involvement of No 10, the British public gained the impression that the EU is being intransigent, Johnson is standing up to them as a patriot, and postponing Brexit will not be his fault.

After the French, it is the turn of the Germans, said Libération in France. It wrote:

The game of ‘Who’s to blame for Brexit?’ has moved up a gear, with an out-of-control Downing St now firing off highly dubious statements more or less indiscriminately. Last week, France was accused of helping to draft the Benn act … This week, after the EU27 judged there were numerous specific problems with the UK’s proposal, Ireland ‘doesn’t want to negotiate’ and Angela Merkel tells Boris Johnson a deal is ‘virtually impossible’ in language that sounds nothing like her. This surprises no one. Johnson’s willingness to negotiate a deal has never been convincing. On the other hand, his wish for snap elections is crystal clear. What better way to win pro-Brexit votes than to accuse France, Germany, Ireland or the whole EU of frustrating the will of the people?

Le Monde said:

Britain having finally submitted a plan for the Irish border that plainly failed to respect the EU27’s red lines, and British MPs having legislated against a no deal, a new Brexit extension now looks very probable. So the British government has abruptly switched into ‘blame game’ mode. It could even be that Johnson’s planned meeting with Leo Varadkar at the end of the week will prove to have been just another ploy, a false pretence to avoid telling the naked truth: discussions have definitively failed.

Downing Street’s decision to leak the conversation with Merkel was all about showing Johnson to be flexible and the chancellor to be unreasonable,” agreed El País in Spain, while Denmark’s Politiken said Johnson did “not seem to believe” in a deal and was preparing for a Brexit breakdown by “passing the buck to Brussels.

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