sunk in gross turpidity

Pelosi crime family
Colonel Cassad, Oct 13 2019

It’s a five. The speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who not long ago declared the beginning of procedure of impeachment of Trump over Ukraine, was also involved in the Ukrainian corruption scandal. It turns out that like Biden, the son of Nancy Pelosi was engaged in business in Ukraine after the overthrow of Yanukovych’s regime. In 2017, Paul Pelosi came to Ukraine as a representative of the companies Viscoil and NRGLab, ostensibly in order to discuss cooperation in the “field of football.” While Pelosi came to Ukraine to discuss energy security in 2015, NRGLab was interested in questions of gas production in Ukraine even before the coup.

Promotional video from 2013 later deleted from YouTube in which
the Pelosis talk about the benefits of energy-saving technologies.

Working in NRGLab, Pelosi Jr has been actively engaged with Viscoil, which his mother advertised. At that time, Viscoil had its own problems with the law, and in the beginning, its leadership consisted of one citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Sorokin. In addition, the son Pelosi was in 2014 in the leadership of another company, which was accused of securities fraud. Read more here.

The Thugs are spreading this hashtag on Twitter in full measure. It is obvious that the Thugs dumped such dirty linen to drown opponents wanting to overthrow Trump. The result continues to come up dirty details on the topic of how the Pindo establishment, primarily the leadership of the Demagogs (Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, etc) was involved in the Ukrainian corruption at the highest level. The theme of samazinot Pelosi in Ukrainian affairs will be supported with the obvious goal to destroy her politically and to strike at the top of the Demagog Party. Ukraine itself will still be a subject of debate in Faschingstein, but not in the way in which we would like in Kiev.

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  1. avram
    Posted October 13, 2019 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    Interesting post. Thanx.

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