this was before the daesh prisoners escaped from the kurdish detention camps

Turkey says it expects solidarity from NATO against threats
Reuters, Oct 11 2019

Cavusoglu & Stoltenberg in Istanbul, Oct 11 2019. Photo: Huseyin Aldemir/Reuters

ISTANBUL – Turkey has reiterated to NATO Sec-Gen Stoltenberg that it expects the alliance to show strong solidarity with Ankara against threats to Turkish security, Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said on Friday. Speaking alongside Cavusoglu at a news conference in Istanbul, Stoltenberg said he expected Turkey to act with restraint in its push into Syria, adding that NATO the international community must find a sustainable solution for Daesh prisoners held by Kurdish forces in Syria. As Ankara pressed on with an offensive against Kurdish militants in north-eastern Syria, Stoltenberg said Turkey must ensure that progress in pushing back Daesh in Syria was not jeopardised.

Reuters themselves correct the second paragraph to say international community, not NATO. Now, below, the sequel after the weekend’s fighting:

Kurdish-led authority: 785 Daesh-affiliated foreigners escaped Syria camp on Sunday
Reuters, Oct 13 2109

BEIRUT – The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria said 785 foreigners affiliated with Daesh managed to escape a camp where they were being held following Turkish shelling on Sunday. In an apparent reference to Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, the administration said in a statement that “mercenaries” had attacked the camp where “Daesh elements” in turn attacked camp guards and opened the gates.

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