the high frontier (not space, pindostan already lost that)

The Arctic And The New “Northern Doctrine” Of Pindostan
Zoran Milosevic, Oct 11 2019

The current political elite of Pindostan “suddenly forgot” Article 234 of the UNCLOS, which guarantees Russia the right to the Northern sea route, because it is located in the internal sea waters of this state, but which also recognizes Canada’s right to use the North West Passage. This fact the Pindos began to present as the Russian pretension to something that does not belong to them, and the Pindos own strategy as “ensuring freedom of navigation in the world’s disputed sea routes.“ The fight for the Arctic was joined by Pres Trump, who said in early 2019 that Faschingstein wants to acquire the autonomous region of Greenland from Denmark. Pindo Navy spox said:

The current task of the Pindo navy is to increase its power in Arctic waters, to open new strategic military ports in the Bering Sea, and expand Pindostan’s military presence in Alaska.

All of these (identical) statements suggest that the Pindo government has agreed on a strategy which they call their new “Northern Doctrine.” This replaces an already outdated 2016 doctrine. Pindostan’s “national security strategy” dictates that rivalry with Russia and China over the northern circumpolar region comes first. The “Northern Doctrine” of Pindostan is to make Russia impossible in the creation of the northern sea route and to make China impossible to participate in this project, not only to blackmail Russia, but also to prevent its economic development, for which it is already used, and the “new cold war” and aggression sanctions. In May 2019, also at a meeting with representatives of States bordering the Arctic, the Pindos made it clear to the Canadian representative that Canada must renounce its historical claim to ownership of the North West Passage. Of course, the Pindos didn’t stop at “abusing Canadians.” The Chinese were asked to close their stations in Iceland and Norway, and to stop investing in the infrastructure of Russia’s northern sea route, and Moscow was asked to pull its army from the territory of its Arctic north. The Pindos simultaneously began to promote the idea that the northern sea route should be part of the ‘global commons’ rather than exclusively Russian.

Pindostan wants Russia to stop being stingy & share its Arctic waters with the world, Oct 15 2019

Pindostan intends to deprive Russia of its rights to the northern sea route, which lies in Arctic waters and within Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone. That’s according to media reports, saying Faschingstein believes that the NSR should be open to the entire world community, and not only to Russia. The northern sea route stretches the entire length of Russia’s Arctic and Far East regions, and is expected to become a major trade route for goods shipped between Europe and Asia. Pres Putin said the route would become “the key to the development of the Russian Arctic regions of the Far East.” According to Putin, the goal is to make it a “truly globally competitive transport artery” and to significantly increase its cargo traffic up to 80 million tons a year. Ships will mainly transport liquefied natural gas, oil and coal. The Arctic route from south-east Asia to Europe cuts transportation time in half compared to traditional routes through the Suez and Panama canals. In Soviet times, it was used mainly to supply goods to isolated settlements in the Arctic. In 1991, the northern sea route was opened to international shipping, though in official Russian documents it was defined as a “historically established national transport communication.” Last year, Putin said that ships under the Russian flag could receive exclusive rights to transport oil and gas along the route, a measure proposed to boost the ship-building industry.

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