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Sterling Whipsaws As Traders React To Barrage Of Conflicting Headlines
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, oct 16 2019

Conflicting headlines this morning between British and EU officials produced new concerns that a Brexit deal is on the verge of collapse. After a torrid, 3-day surge, Britain’s currency weakened, down -.25% to 1.2749 as Brexit negotiations were sent into turmoil due to resistance from the DUP, a Northern Irish party that Boris Johnson desperately needs for votes to get his agreement through parliament, reported Bloomberg.

The DUP objected to concessions Johnson offered to secure a deal with EU officials, among which one of the requirements is putting a customs border in the Irish sea. Bloomberg highlights the key Brexit overnight events that have already taken place:

  • Talks went on late Tuesday night in Brussels, resumed on Wednesday morning;
  • British and EU officials say the negotiations are stuck, with Johnson so far unable to persuade the DUP to back the draft deal;
  • UK government held talks with hard-line Brexit-backers and DUP officials;
  • Johnson needs a deal approved this Saturday or he will be told to seek an extension, which will likely prompt a legal battle with the risk of a no-deal exit

News of Brexit talks risking collapse certainly rocked markets around the 5 am EST hour (via Reuters):

  • Sterling Extends Falls, Now Down 1% Vs Euro And Dollar
  • Sterling Hits Day’s Low Of $1.2655, Now Trading At $1.2685, Down 0.8% On Day
  •  Britain’s FTSE 250 Extends Losses, Now Down 1.1% As Sterling Falls On Report Brexit Talks Risk Collapse On DUP Resistance
  • JP Morgan Domestically Focused UK Stocks Index, Hits Day Lows, Now Down 2.1%
  • Europe’s Stoxx 600 Also Extends Losses To Hit Session Low, Down 0.4%

Johnson losing DUP support is problematic. If he can’t get a deal approved by the British Parliament by Saturday, Britain will be thrown into a constitutional crisis that could trigger a no-deal exit.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg noted:

ohnson will be told to seek an extension to EU membership, but he has sworn not to delay Brexit further and a legal battle will probably follow.

At just around 6 am EST, the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, tried to calm volatile European markets after Brexit talks seemed to collapse. Barnier said he optimistic about getting a deal done this week:

“Michel Barnier has told EU Commissioners he is optimistic of getting a deal done today,” reported, RTE reporter Tony Connelly. “It’s understood officials are confident that a solution can be found” on VAT. “It’s understood consent is also proving difficult, with a senior EU source saying the DUP are pushing to restore a tighter Stormont lock.”

  • Brexit: Michel Barnier Has Told EU Commissioners He Is Optimistic Of Getting A Deal Done Today – RTE Reporter
  • Brexit: DUP Are Pushing To Restore A Tighter Stormont Lock – RTE Reporter

A roller coaster of headlines, mass confusion ahead of this weekend’s deadline. Needless to say, the story is developing.

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