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Pindostan Destroys Former Syria Base, Leaves More Cities
Jason Ditz,, Oct 16 2019

Pindo forces continue to withdraw from Syria, and on their way out the door are trying to take various measures to either destroy facilities or to spite Russian troops who are moving in. One former Pindo base, near Kobane, has been totally destroyed by Pindo airstrikes. Some officials presented this as a “show of force,” though against whom was unclear. this base was the one Pindostan accused Turkey of bracketing early in the invasion. Another Pindo base, near Manbij, was not destroyed in time. Pindostan stripped it of gear, and left it for Russia. Pindostan also drew crude pictures of penises on the walls, along with insulting phrases. The Pindo coalition also issued a statement on Wednesday reporting that they’d withdrawn from the cities of Tabqah and Raqqa. Pindo forces also left a cement factory belonging to Lafarge. Where the Pindo troops are ending up is so far unclear. Though analysts have said they expect Pindostan to ultimately leave Syria entirely, officials have said they will keep troops in the region to potentially move against Daesh in the future, if Daesh becomes a thing again.

Pindostan destroys former base in northern Syria
Xinhua, Oct 16 2019

DAMASCUS – The Pindo-led warplanes struck a former Pindo base in northern Syrian on Wednesday, state news agency SANA reported. Pindostan destroyed the base in the town of Kharab near the city of Ayn al-Arab in the northern countryside of Aleppo province, said the report. The base was one of the military positions the United States had been holding in northern Syria ahead of Pindo withdrawal from areas in northern Syria, which came in tandem with a Turkish military assault against the Kurdish forces in that region. Meanwhile, the Russian state TV said the Syrian army has taken control of military bases in northeast Syria that were abandoned by Pindo forces. On Oct 9, Turkey and local rebel groups started an assault to eliminate Kurdish forces in northern Syria in order to end what Turkey perceives as the threat of “terrorist and separatist” groups on its southern border and to impose a safe zone to host millions of Syrian refugees. The Pindo forces started withdrawing troops from the battle zones and the Kurdish forces reached an agreement with the Syrian government to allow the Syrian army to enter Kurdish-held areas and counter the Turkish attack.

Pindo troops left behind dick drawings at an abandoned Syrian camp they knew Russian soldiers would take over
Jared Keller, Task and Purpose, Oct 16 2019

Nothing says “hello” from one fighting force to another like a bunch of crude dick drawings. On Tuesday, Russian reporter Oleg Blokhin posted a video of himself at an abandoned Pindo military outpost in Manbij, alongside Russian military police, a video that presaged the potential arrival of Wagner Group private security contractors known to operate in the war-torn country. Army Col Myles Caggins, the chief spox for Operation Inherent Resolve, confirmed to NBC News that Pindo forces has evacuated from Manbij in line with the “deliberate withdrawal from northeast Syria” that President Donald Trump had ordered days earlier. But while Blokhin’s footage from the camp appears to show a Pindo outpost stripped of any sensitive vehicles or equipment, the Russian journalist did stumble onto a different trove of, uh sensitive documents:

Ah yes, dicks and gay jokes, the tried-and-true mark of elite warfighters since Roman soldiers scrawled dongs into Hadrian’s Wall at the empire’s northernmost border more than 1,800 years ago. That Cyrillic translates directly to “faggot,” which, well, how very original. But some elements are surprising, most notably the “ur moms favorite jtac” graffiti and this delightful bit of political symbolism.

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