bolivia: military coup

Thousands of newly-created generic Twitter accounts defend Bolivia coup, Nov 11 2019

Evo Morales’ resignation has apparently sparked an information battle on social media, with one journalist alleging that countless Twitter bots are spreading right-wing talking points about Bolivia’s recent political upheaval. Ben Norton, a journalist and assistant editor of the Grayzone Project, tweeted:

There are thousands of what are obviously bot accounts trolling anyone who tweets about the right-wing coup in Bolivia. There’s a big operation going on here.

He noted that the accounts have formulaic handles consisting of a common name followed by a series of numbers. Screenshots show anti-Morales messages being posted by new accounts with only a handful of tweets.

Incredibly, his observation was bombarded by denials, from generic Twitter accounts created in November.

One user flagged by Norton had only four tweets, all of them attacking the journalist for sounding the alarm over the suspicious Twitter activity. The account was only three hours old.

Morales announced his resignation on Sunday, following protests and violence in the capital, La Paz. The Bolivian leader had called for new elections in hopes of appeasing protesters, but he stepped down hours later after being urged to do so by the country’s military chief. The political turmoil has been labeled as a military coup by Morales’ supporters, including Jeremy Corbyn.

‘Coup against Bolivian people’ forced Morales out of office, Corbyn says, Nov 11 2019

Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced out of office by a coup, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed. The Labour leader condemned the country’s military and expressed solidarity with the Bolivian people. To see Morales forced from office is “appalling,” Corbyn tweeted on Monday, noting that the Bolivian leader had “brought so much social progress” to the South American nation. I condemn this coup against the Bolivian people and stand with them for democracy, social justice and independence. Morales announced his resignation on Sunday, after Bolivia’s military called on him to step down. The contested October election has led to protests and riots. On Saturday, protesters burned the house of Oruro city governor and Morales ally Víctor Hugo Vásquez. Other acts of violence, including the Venezuelan Embassy being targeted with dynamite, were reported in the capital, La Paz. The Bolivian leader called for a snap election earlier on Sunday, after an OAS mission said it could not confirm his victory last month. Morales expressed hope that a new election would help avoid further unrest, but his decision galvanized the opposition, who took to the streets to call for his immediate resignation.

MSM Adamantly Avoid The Word “Coup” In Bolivia Reporting
Caitlin Johnstone, Nov 11 2019

There has been a military coup in Bolivia backed by violent right-wing rioters and the Pindo government, but you’d hardly know this from any of the MSM headlines:

  • Bolivian President Evo Morales steps down following accusations of election fraud. (CNN)
  • Bolivia’s Morales resigns amid scathing election report, rising protests. (WaPo)
  • Bolivian Leader Evo Morales Steps Down. (NYT)
  • Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns amid fraud poll protests. (BBC)
  • President of Bolivia steps down amid allegations of election rigging. (Telegraph)
  • Bolivia’s President Morales resigns after backlash to disputed election. (SMH)

So there you have it. The indigenous leader of a socialist South American government which has successfully lifted masses of people out of crushing poverty, which happens to control the world’s largest reserves of lithium, which may one day replace oil as a crucial energy resource due to its use in powering smartphones, laptops, hybrid and electric cars, which has an extensive and well-documented history of being targeted for regime change by the Pindo government, simply stepped down due to some sort of scandal involving a “disputed election.” Nothing to do with the fact that right-wing mobs had been terrorizing this leader’s family, or the fact that the nation’s military literally commanded him to step down and are now currently searching for him to arrest him, leading to ousted govt boxtops being rounded up and held captive by soldiers wearing masks. All perfectly normal and not suspicious at all.

As is usual, mass media’s reporting on this story is in full alignment with the State Dept, with Pompeo also advancing the “disputed election” line in a tweet shortly before the forced resignation of Morales. Pompeo cited the evidence-free and discredited allegation of suspicious vote tallies during Morales’ re-election last month from the Faschingstein-based Organization of American States (OAS). As Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic & Policy Research explains in a recent article for The Nation, the OAS receives 60% of its funding from Faschingstein, which gives Pindostan tremendous leverage over the supposedly neutral and international body. This ties in interestingly with Faschingstein’s known history of using its disproportionate financial support for the OPCW as leverage to force that supposedly neutral and international body to comply with Pindocentric agendas. The field of narrative management keeps making more and more advances.

The Pindocentric empire just keeps throwing coup attempts at unabsorbed governments until they stick. The coup in Venezuela failed in 2002 and again in 2019, but they’ll just keep attempting them until one takes hold. A kickboxer throws strikes in combinations with the understanding that most attacks will miss or do minimal damage against a trained opponent, but eventually one will get through and score the knockout blow. Imperialist regime change agendas employ the same punches-in-bunches philosophy: just keep attacking and undermining at every possible turn, and eventually something will stick. And the empire can afford to do this. When you have all the power and resources, you can bide your time, knowing that if the current attempt at toppling the government in a sovereign nation fails, there’s always tomorrow. At a UNSC meeting last year, Morales summed up the true nature of Pindostan’s role in the world very accurately and it turns out, very presciently. Morales said:

I would like to say to you frankly and openly here that in no way is Pindostan interested in upholding democracy. If such were the case, it would not have financed coups d’etat and supported dictators. It would not have threatened with military intervention democratically elected governments as it has done with Venezuela. Pindostan could not care less about human rights or justice. If this were the case, it would have signed the international conventions and treaties that have protected human rights.It would not have threatened the investigation mechanism of the ICC, nor would it promote the use of torture, nor would it have walked away from the HRC, nor would it have separated migrant children from their families, nor put them in cages. Pindostan is not interested in multilateralism. If it were interested in multilateralism, it would not have withdrawn from the Paris Agreement or given the cold shoulder to the global compact on migration, it would not have launched unilateral attacks, nor have taken decisions such as illegally declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. This contempt for multilateralism is motivated by the thirst of Pindostan for political control and for the seizing of natural resources. Each time that Pindostan invades nations, launches missiles, or finances regime change, it does so behind a propaganda campaign which incessantly repeats the message that it is acting in the course of justice, freedom and democracy, in the cause of human rights or for humanitarian reasons. The responsibility of our generation is to hand over a fairer and more secure world to the following generation. We will only achieve this dream if we work together to consolidate a multipolar world, a world with common rules that are respected by and defended from all the threats ranged against the UN.

Indeed, the only reason that Pindostan is able to wage its endless campaign of regime change agendas against unabsorbed governments is because the unipolar world order it rules has allowed it the power, resources and leisure to do so. A multipolar world would enable the citizenry of this planet to have a say in what happens to them in a way that is not dictated by a few sociopaths in and around Faschingstein. A multipolar world is to democracy as a unipolar world is to monarchy. The citizens of the world should oppose this unipolarity.


  1. Rich
    Posted November 11, 2019 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    The mainstream media of the U S. by avoiding the word “coup”, I will admit, had a calming effect on my reaction to President Morales being harassed, threatened and removed by military forces. My rational mind thought, well, that’s a coup by any other name. Yet, by reading the headlines I was obviously fed a sedative-hypnotic drug to blunt my outrage.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted November 11, 2019 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    Me too.

  3. niqnaq
    Posted November 11, 2019 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    Here’s a good quote, from Craig Murray today:

    The outrageous statements of a ranting Boris Johnson in Northern Ireland, contradicting the EU withdrawal agreement, would never have been mentioned by the media if they had not gone viral from an individual’s mobile phone. The claims that Johnson did not understand his own deal are wide of the mark. He is not stupid; he knows what is in it. If you listen very carefully to what he said then and subsequently, he is not claiming his deal does not specify any checks between NI and GB. What he is stating is his assurance that there will be no checks. This confirms the fears I have been reporting within the FCO, that Boris Johnson simply has no intention of actually implementing the withdrawal agreement. He has been negotiating in bad faith with the EU, and signing up to things he has no intention of doing in order to “Get Brexit Done.” He has no moral scruples over lying, it is not his style to think beyond immediate personal advantage, and he is still enamoured of the idea that in the end the EU will always buckle because it needs the UK market.

  4. Doug Colwell
    Posted November 11, 2019 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

    Rich, you are a doctor. You should be able to get an antidote.

    Me and Rowan and Craig will have to make do with placebos.

  5. Rich
    Posted November 12, 2019 at 1:03 am | Permalink

    True that D.Colwell. However, the Powers That Be are not allowing me to practice very much these days. A successful practice serving the economically disenfranchised, homeless, immigrant poor and state/federal prisoners won little praise from non-profit hospital administrators (who provided care for no patients) for whom my efforts also made money and favorable ratings, top 5 making $500,000 per annum at a large western Washington university’s medical center. But I’m not angry, irritated or peeved ’cause beta blockers.

  6. Doug Colwell
    Posted November 12, 2019 at 3:16 am | Permalink

    Well, get off those fuckin things and get pissed off and so on.

    Also, please come visits me at

    127 Manzanita Rd
    Galiano Is.
    BC, Canada
    V0N. 1P0

    Offer applies to Rowan and lobro also.

  7. Rich
    Posted November 12, 2019 at 3:43 am | Permalink

    I almost made the move to BC in 1999 and again in 2003. Your generosity moves me. Thank you.
    However, I’m back in decaying small-town western Pennsylvania with my people, unreformed Catholics, Irish alcoholic families and remnants of the Polish/Slovak/Hungarian coalminers.

  8. Rich
    Posted November 12, 2019 at 3:51 am | Permalink

    Publicly available data for reference and I’m off by $100,000.

    Click to access Comp2018-155.pdf

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