ukraine, the hidden wiring

Pindostan & Eurostan gave over $20b in military and economic aid to Ukraine since 2014
Patrick Martin, WSWS, Nov 21 2019

David Holmes leaves after testifying before HPSIC. (Photo: Julio Cortez/AP)

Testimony by two high-ranking Pindo natsec boxtops on the final day of the public hearings on the impeachment of Pres Trump has shed new light on the central issue in the impeachment crisis: the enormous and protracted effort by Pindo & Euro imperialism to use Ukraine as a base of operations against Russia. David Holmes, the chief political counselor at the embassy in Kiev, testified alongside former NSC official Fiona Hill, who had the main responsibility for Pindo policy towards Russia and Ukraine from Mar 2017 to Jul 2019. The key passage in Holmes’ testimony came in response to a question about the scale of Pindo & Euro security and economic assistance to Ukraine, and the significance of the $391m in military aid Trump held back for 55 days. Holmes explained that this was only a fraction of the $1.5b Pindo military aid to Ukraine since 2014, and continued:

Pindostan has provided combined civilian and military assistance to Ukraine since 2014 of about $3b, plus three $1b loan guarantees. Those get paid back, largely. The Europeans, at the level of the EU plus the member states combined since 2014, my understanding have provided a combined $12b to Ukraine.

This would bring to $18m the combined imperialist backing for Ukraine since the ultra-right CIA-backed coup in 2014, absurdly dubbed the “Revolution of Dignity” in official parlance. Other reports suggest that Holmes somewhat underestimated the EU contribution. According to Carl Bildt, co-chair of the Euro CFR, the EU and its members states and related financial institutions have provided over €15b. An EU spox told the press:

This total covers grants and loans from different sources & instruments within the EU budget and euro financial institutions.

The $16.4b from the EU combined with the $6b in loans and grants from Faschingstein brings the combined total to some $22.4b over the past five years, for an annual average of nearly $4.5b, comparable to the Pindo annual aid to Israel or Afghanistan. Ukraine shares a 2,000 km border with Russia. Providing tens of billions to build up Ukraine as a base of operations against Russia is a blatant provocation. How would Faschingstein react if China or Russia poured billions into arming a hostile government in Canada or Mexico, one installed by a political coup backed by Beijing or Moscow? What are the imperialist powers getting for their money? Ukraine is being transformed into a front-line state against Russia, the spearhead of plans for a NATO war against that country for which advance forces have already been stationed in the Baltic states and Poland. according to the testimony of Holmes:

From a comparatively ragtag military force in 2014, the Ukrainian army has become arguably the most capable and battle-hardened land force in Europe.

Ukraine numbers 250,000 men and women in its regular armed forces, plus 80,000 in the reserves, more than Germany or France, only second to Russia on the European continent. The Ukraine government spends 5.4% of GDP on the military, a far higher proportion than the countries of western Europe, and its state-owned arms production company Ukroboronprom has made Ukraine the world’s twelfth largest arms exporter from 2014 to 2018, exporting more artms than Canada and Turkey. Last week, the Ukrainian Navy took possession of two former Pindo Coast Guard cutters, with more ships coming, leading one navy boxtop named Andrei Ryzhenko to boast:

We may patrol over all the Black Sea!

Impeachment witnesses from the State Dept, NSC and Pentagon have made repeated references to the ongoing “hot war” in eastern Ukraine. This conflict has been carefully studied by Pindo military planners, strategists and tacticians as an invaluable arena for observing the Russian tactics and learning how to combat them. An unclassified Pentagon report says:

Pindo forces should now begin contemplating how our formations should best prepare themselves for the threats that the Ukrainian armed forces face, and identify gaps within our own doctrine. Pindostan has not encountered this type of conflict for nearly a generation, and needs to transform to fight and win in complex maneuver warfare.

In other words, the imperialist-backed military build-up has qualitative as well as quantitative significance. David Holmes is not a minor figure. His past postings include Moscow, Delhi, Kabul, Bogotá and Pristina. He served as Director for Afghanistan on the NSC, all of which suggests he is a highly influential official. His position, political counselor at the embassy in Kiev, is one frequently used as a cover by CIA station chiefs in foreign capitals. Despite his title of “political counselor” Holmes has personally reviewed the military operations of Ukraine. He told HPSIC:

I have had the honor of visiting the main training facility in Western Ukraine with congress critturs and this very committee, where we witnessed first-hand Pindo national guard troops training with Ukrainian soldiers. Since 2014, national guard units from California, Oklahoma, New York, Tennessee and Wisconsin have trained shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian counterparts.

It is this massive imperialist military build-up that underlies the political crisis in Faschingstein that has produced the impeachment inquiry. The military-intelligence apparatus and its Demagog Party attorneys have not targeted Trump merely because of his demands on Ukraine to investigate a political rival. They are responding because Trump’s actions in withholding military aid disrupted one of the most critical ongoing imperialist operations. That is what is meant by the constant Demagog and media refrain that Trump is guilty of endangering Pindo “national security.” In Faschingstein terminology, “national security” means pursuing the worldwide objectives of Pindo imperialism. It has nothing to with defending the Pindo creeple from some threat, nor for that matter with defending the population of Ukraine, but this operation is part of the preparations for future wars that would bring the two largest nuclear powers into direct conflict with incalculable consequences for humanity. Every member of HPSIC bows down before this political objective. Thug members sought to defend Trump by pointing to his greater willingness to send “lethal aid” to Ukraine, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, although he insisted on selling them to the Ukrainians for a profit. Similarly, at the Demagog presidential debate on Wednesday night, every Demagog candidate endorsed the impeachment narrative, in which Trump is to be removed, not for his real crimes against immigrants and democratic rights, or his efforts to build a racist and fascist movement, but because he has come into conflict with powerful elements of the national security apparatus.

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