who is this prick?

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Kristyan Benedict, Staff Blogger

About me: Campaign Manager – Crisis & Tactical. I am currently spending most of my time on Syria but also work across the Middle East/North Africa region managing this campaign. Likes – Traveling, footy, dogs (mine), good food, drumming, good music (anything sincere – jazz, funk, unclassified and my own http://www.derridapearl.com), floating in the sea, not getting caught. I also blog on my own site at http://www.kristyanbenedict.com. You can find me on Twitter as @KreaseChan.

Amnesty International UK Campaigns Manager: Crisis & Tactical, Syria & Climbing without ropes. Views all mine

Comment from one enraged reader:

One Comment

  1. lobro
    Posted November 27, 2019 at 4:27 am | Permalink

    another head vibrating on pencil neck begging for a hard slap, along with those retch-inducing tweets, abject proof that being irritating, ugly and wicked beyond redemption is not the sole prerogative of jews.
    all it takes is unfeigned knee-grabbing for devil to seal the deal and he clearly done it.

    aside: daily mail may be the one single mass media outlet west of constantinople not owned by jews.
    racking my brains but cannot think of another, well maybe fox news but it’s a coin toss whether it is just pouring oil to calm the rough waters.

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