joaquin flores on joe biden

The Frontrunners That Weren’t: Joe Biden Is Why Buttigieg’s in the Race
Joaquin Flores, Strategic Culture, Dec 1 2019

Joe Biden’s Nov 20 debate performance was both his fifth and also fifth consecutive poor debate. This comes with campaign foibles and declining poll numbers. Biden’s problem wouldn’t be so enigmatic if DNC and deep-state controlled media didn’t insist that he was the DNC nomination frontrunner, despite their accurately reporting his lack of appeal and poor campaign performance. Sure, there’s name recognition from the Obama administration. As Trump might say “yes, he has experience, but it’s bad experience.” If the DNC really has a plan to defeat Trump in 2020, then it isn’t obvious. And that might be a good thing in terms of strategy, but it also makes it a hard sell to voters. What we need to untangle is the mysterious popularity of Biden and Buttigieg, and how these two characters are tightly connected in this race. It goes without saying that these are two very well-vetted DNC-approved and DNC-supported candidates, though the DNC knows they can’t both win. The alternative though is that the DNC has no plan to beat Trump, and so it isn’t in this for real. Or conversely, this is all a big psy-op to recreate Trump’s campaign against Thugs as a Gabbard campaign against Demagogs as the path to the White House, against the system, against the deep state. Gabbard, after all, has been running at least as much against Clinton and the DNC as she has against Trump. She has appeared on conservative news media, an establishment which has been much quicker to incorporate convenient aspects of the new post left-right paradigm politics. Yes, as an aside, it’s possible that Clinton’s attack on Gabbard was staged. Clinton would have been well advised to know how much she’s reviled, and use that to her advantage. If Gabbard is the DNC sleeper candidate, and Biden is just there for this plot to have an obstacle to arc over, given that the Gabbard character isn’t herself ‘transforming’ as she is a Mary Sue, then indeed it makes sense that Gabbard running against Clinton is a new-fangled DNC plot.

While we need to keep these two possibilities in mind, the more plausible scenario here is that the DNC’s controllers, Clinton and Co, are acting from a place of extreme narcissism and are blinded by hubris. Did we imagine this could go any other way? “Hubris” is the primary theme we can apply to this component of the DNC Greek tragedy, because despite some of the write-ups coming off of the Nov 20 debate, Buttigieg has no chance, and polling firms like Emerson still have Sanders as the only candidate positioned to defeat Trump. They note that this comes as impeachment hype on Trump is waning, a good sign for the incumbent. The facts are troubling for Biden. The New Yorker stated in an op-ed that Joe Biden ‘Stumbled Again’ in the Nov 20 debate. The WaPo said that Biden was the ‘biggest loser’ in the same debate. The NYT noted that Biden’s digital footprint was slowly disappearing in mid-September. The more voters are exposed to Biden, the less they like him. This is why the DNC makes sense with the bizarre campaign of Buttigieg as a subplot for Biden. Without Buttigieg serving a greater purpose in advancing the story overall, this is all an awful lot of character development for someone who is only going to be killed off in the mid-season finale. Coming off of what was again yet another lackluster ‘performance’ in the DNC candidate’s debate, if this were any other candidate we would have written them off long ago. But what keeps Biden in this race, and what maintains his frontrunner status despite being of little appeal to anyone is the DNC machine itself?

Should Biden steal the nomination from more interesting and engaging, and yes, electable candidates like Sanders, Gabbard, and Yang, we should absolutely expect that Trump holds onto the White House. But the DNC has already doubled-down on who and what they are, and the show must go on. No matter what one may want, how one may identify, the DNC has already made its case to the courts that it views itself as a private corporation. And so Biden’s continued preeminence in this race is precisely the underlying issue at hand for many undecided voters: the corruption of the DNC goes much deeper than Wasserman Shultz, as explained in the tell-all by former DNC interim National Chair Donna Brazile. It goes to the fact that a whole consortium of investment firms, media agencies and related trans-Atlantic NGOs and banking institutions all very much need their people to win, these being therefore the DNC-approved candidates. But winning requires a candidate with the characteristics of a winner, and so the show’s producers need great talent. The glaring problem is that the show’s directors have confused themselves for the show’s stars. They want to star in this show themselves. Sometimes the way to be more appealing is to stand next to someone who is anything but. We live in an age of explosive productions, big-budget media-political synergies, an entire hyper-reality wherein actors like Morgan Freeman make very serious public service announcements saying outright that Pindostan is at war with Russia and that Trump is a secret Russian pawn. This is the political climate and these are the stakes. But these DNC directors insist not only on cameos in this blockbuster film, but on playing the leading characters themselves. This means we are beyond mere corruption and into the realm of self-destructive hyper-narcissism. For all things told, the DNC could win this, and could have won the last race too. They simply lack any self-reflection, for this would mean that the directors act like directors and control the candidate, as they did with Obama, and not confuse themselves for the talent as they do now.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a fantastic manipulator and a murderous criminal ring-leader of global proportions, a fact alone which should explode any old fashioned (or conversely, feminist) bigotry that women aren’t capable of such. But as a candidate and public face, she’s reviled. She’s earned that too, by the way, but this hasn’t stopped her from putting herself out there, to the detriment of her own aims. The sinking of the HRC ship was also the sinking of the DNC ship, and the peak arrogance at the moment of total destruction is the very definition of hubris in Greek tragedies. This is chiefly why we are being spoon-fed Pete Buttigieg, who is apparently noteworthy for being a politically moderate homosexual, and amazingly still both moderate and homosexual. Really? This is something which has no bearing, indication or even odor of progressive politics in this (long past) post-Harvey Milk political paradigm. If the point here is to establish that a gay candidate can stand for absolutely nothing and also not be particularly offensive to otherwise conservative-leaning voters, this point was established much earlier in the plot when even openly gay Thug congressman like Jim Kolbe, Steve Gunderson, Mark Foley or Michael Huffington found electoral successes. Some of these were decades ago. The list of openly gay Demagog Congressmen is longer, true, but the point here is evident: gay conservatism is no new phenomenon, so a DINO like Buttigieg is about as novel as he is interesting as a candidate. And that means we need to face the reality that Buttigieg’s being in the race, given his lack of qualifications (to put it lightly) still points back to Biden, which in turn points back to Clinton.

Yes, it’s already been exposed that Buttigieg’s backers include Silicon Valley players like Facebook, who fear a government break-up of their monopolies, but this in turn is only a facet of the DNC support machine itself, and given that this also describes any DNC-approved candidate, then this doesn’t tell us enough about why Buttigieg in particular. That leaves us with the real reason that Buttigieg is still in the race. It’s to push the whole discourse over to the so-called ‘right’ and make Biden look more interesting and ‘populist.’ Though it would be in error to say ‘to the right’ because this term really means very little, and the sort of ‘post-right’ voters that made Trump exciting and memetic are interested in the more post-paradigmatic campaigns of Gabbard and Yang. Yet certainly Buttigieg’s role is to be so absolutely about nothing that when Biden gestures in some direction which otherwise would be described as feckless and dull, it’s at least more exciting and popular than Buttigieg. So, now for the irony: Buttieg’s real role is that of the straight man in Biden’s comedy. Just a day after the debate, notable ‘black community’ politicians and deal-makers came out supporting Biden over Buttigieg, in Buttigieg’s own turf of South Bend, Indiana. This has more to do with Biden’s connection to the DNC and its own black community intersection through the ‘black church’, the NGO sector and organized labor than with how average black folks consider Biden himself.

Buttigieg maintains his composure and resounds a clear dull grey blur of emptiness, which in turn highlights Biden’s own verbalizing, making these appear almost like lofty and idealistic platitudes, even though they aren’t. There’s even been an attempt to intellectualize what Biden represents, to brand it as ‘restorationist’, as if we are talking about the battle for power in 19th-century France. The Atlantic piece highlights that he’s the first nominee in ages to openly push for turning the hands of time backwards. Move over, House of Bourbon! Despite all the dressings, now as in 2016, voters just aren’t buying it because there’s no real vision, it doesn’t speak to their lived experiences, and it really all means very little. It’s more of the chattering classes, pretending to be interested in the conversation they’re having with themselves. These are the ugly reasons that independents went over to Trump or just stayed home. The DNC corruption is only the surface-level melanoma of a whole metastasized cancer, and the personage of Clinton only an avatar for a much deeper systemic problem involving many layers and facets ranging from unemployment to the growing surveillance and police state.

There may just be a method to this madness, however. If the DNC strategy for getting their candidate elected next year is somehow based in maintaining a high level of public engagement simply by means of their absurdity factor alone, then perhaps they are onto something. Because the inelectability of Biden, together with the high number of candidates still in the running, absolutely makes this nomination process an eyebrow-raising one, and has at the very least kept us all guessing. But not all cliff-hangers are captivating, and they can ultimately turn audiences off if done badly. The DNC needs to replace its showrunners, the present ones probably simply know where the bodies are buried. While corruption is a rather normal fact of life, and campaigns to eradicate it will always fail, there is a major difference between controlled corruption and rampant corruption. Society is the art of clear-headed people managing, and making productive for all, that never-ending pushing and yearning for more which sociopaths and similar extreme narcissists have. Society collapses when those narcissists themselves take over. Pindo society has probably collapsed already, and the collapse of the DNC is already an obituary listing in a yellowed newspaper. The woefully underqualified and underwhelming Mayor Buttigieg, known for his absolute inability to inspire anyone, seems only to be in the race to create the illusion that Biden has something radical to say, and this alone tells us more than we need to know about Biden himself.

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