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China imposed sanctions against Pindo NGOs
Colonel Cassad, Dec 2 2019

In response to the Pindo law on “support of democracy in Hong Kong,” China officially imposed sanctions against Pindo NGOs associated and funded by the State Dept. In the list of “new victims of the bloody regime of Xi Jinping” were:

  1. Freedom House
  2. Human Rights Watch (HRW)
  3. National Democratic Institute (NDI)
  4. National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

They are accused of promoting violent crime and separatism. It is strange that the sanctions against them are introduced only now. In Russia they have long ago been recognized as subversive organizations, whose presence on Russian territory is undesirable. In addition, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that from today, China will not allow Pindo warships into Hong Kong. Their requests for port access will simply not be considered. In general, the Cold War between Pindostan and China continues to grow and that’s good. The more intensely it will evolve, the faster it will break down the current world order.

China suspends visits by Pindo warships & sanctions NGOs in response to Pindo signing of Hong Kong bill, Dec 2 2019

Beijing has stopped allowing Pindo Navy vessels to visit Hong Kong and “sanctioned” foreign NGOs after Pres Trump signed a bill, which targets China over its response to anti-government protests and riots in the city. Foreign Ministry spox said on Monday that China will no longer consider requests by the Pindo warships to dock in Hong Kong. The nation has already barred several Pindo Navy ships from visiting Hong Kong in recent months. The spox also announced that the country has sanctioned NGOs including Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and the National Democratic Institute for inciting protesters to commit “violent crimes” and promoting “separatism” in Hong Kong. These groups are “responsible for the current chaos” in the city, she told reporters. She stressed that the measures are a direct response to the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019, which was signed into law by Trump last week. The legislation allows Pindostan to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials over human rights abuses in Hong Kong. Beijing slammed the move as illegal under international law and an attempt to “seriously interfere in Chinese domestic affairs.” Chinese officials have repeatedly warned Faschingstein against meddling in Hong Kong, and accused Pindo politicians who openly backed the protesters of encouraging riots there.

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