oh! i forgot! it’s all the fault of the ayatollahs!

Pompeo says Iran the common villain in Mideast protests
AFP, Dec 2 2019

FASCHINGSTEIN – Sec State Pompeo said Monday that Iran was the uniting factor behind protests around the Middle East, saying demonstrators in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran itself opposed the clerical regime. While acknowledging diverse local reasons for the unrest that has swept the Middle East as well as other regions, Pompeo pointed the finger at Iran, saying at the University of Louisville:

(Iraqi Pres) Abd’el-Mahdi resigned because the people were demanding freedom and the security forces had killed dozens and dozens of people. That’s due in large part to Iranian influence. The same is true in Lebanon, the protests in Beirut. They want Hezbollah and Iran out of their country, out of their system as a violent and a repressive force. Protests inside Iran show that Iranians are also fed up. They see a theocracy that is stealing money, the ayatollahs stealing tens and tens of millions of dollars.

In both Iraq and Lebanon, protesters have primarily called for an end to corruption, greater efforts to create jobs and a restructuring of the political system. In Iraq, Abd’el-Mahdi had close ties with Iran but also enjoyed support from Pindostan (not really – RB). Protesters last week torched the Iranian consulate in Najaf. In Lebanon, Pindostan has been seeking to isolate Hezbollah, the Shiite, pro-Iranian militant movement that is also a political party with berths in the previous government. The Trump administration has put a priority on curbing Tehran’s regional influence, including by imposing sweeping sanctions.

Pompeo Faults Iran as ‘Common Villain’ in All Mideast Protests
Jason Ditz, Antiwar.com, Dec 2 2019

In comments Monday at the University of Louisville, Sec State Pompeo addressed protests in the Middle East, and as with most things Pompeo addresses related to the Middle East, he was quick to blame Iran, calling them the “common villain” in all of them. Pompeo singled out Iran in the protests in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, declaring brief protests over a gas price increase in Iran to be the Iranians “fed up” with the theocracy. In Iraq, Pompeo claimed the resignation of Abd’el-Mahdi was “due in large part to Iranian influence.” Iran had been backing the Abd’el-Mahdi government, and protesters burned an Iranian consulate in the protests. But while it’s fair to say Iran is involved in the Iran protests, if not the way Pompeo presents it, and tangentially involved in Iraq, opposing the protesters, Pompeo’s attempt to tie Iran to the Lebanon protests is plainly untrue. Lebanon’s protest of the past month has seen protesters faulting the government for its inability to handle economic struggles, and chiefly the government’s inability to reliably provide electricity across the country. Pompeo said Lebanese protesters “want Hezbollah and Iran out of their country,” which is simply not true. Indeed, the only politician that suffered from the protest movement was PM Hariri, a long-time political rival of Hezbollah. In all three countries, the protests have been non-sectarian in nature, and despite Pompeo’s claims to the contrary, none of them have presented their protests as being at all about removing the Ayatollahs from power.

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    Lol, ironic since they don’t know there is and has been more than one Ayatollah

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