the oppressor

Reddit Hiring NATO Shills to Control Narrative
Kit Knightly, Off-Guardian, Dec 9 2019

I wrote a short piece a few days ago about Reddit banning users for posting the leaked NHS documents. (Spreading anti-Russian propaganda in the process). Previously, we have also covered Reddit making politically motivated decisions, such as quarantining boards dedicated to Donald Trump and 9/11. It turns out there’s a very simple explanation for that, Reddit’s “director of policy” was previously in the pay of the Pindo Deep State. This was brought to our attention by Ian56 on twitter:

In 2017, Reddit hired Jessica Ashooh as their “Director of Policy”. Her LinkedIn page shows her previous employment was “Deputy Director, Middle East Strategy Task Force” at the Atlantic Council. The report on which Reddit based their decision to ban users as part of a “Russian campaign” was written by Ben Nimmo, who also works for the Atlantic Council and the Integrity Initiative. Essentially, Reddit has a high-up employee who was previously in the pay of the State Dept, and possibly still is. It’s a prime example of how Pindo (and UK) infrastructure create an authoritarian, highly-controlled state, whilst maintaining a veneer of “freedom.” There are other examples too. A high profile and obvious one is Nick Clegg being hired by Facebook, who also hired Ukrainian journalist and fascist sympathiser Kateryna Kruk as “public policy manager”, she also has ties to the Atlantic Council. (A short while later, Facebook started blocking links to OffGuardian). In 2017 Facebook hired Indian journalist Shivnath Thukral as “director for public policy for India and South Asia. HIS previous employer was the Carnegia Endowment, another Pindo NGO funded by the State Dept. In 2011, Google hired Suzanne Michel as director of policy planning, she previously worked as Deputy Director of the Federal Trade Commission. Then, in 2018, Google hired Karan Bhatia as their Global Head of Policy, Mr Bhatia had previously worked for the administration of George W. Bush. It all follows the same pattern of apparent independence concealing an inter-connecting web of control, all dedicated to furthering the same agenda and all being funded by the same central source. The Atlantic Council is not officially affiliated with the US government, neither is CEIP, they are notionally independent. Likewise, Reddit, Google, Facebook et al. are supposedly independent companies, not in any way controlled by the state. And yet you follow the money and it always leads to the same place.

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