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Disconnect Over Afghanistan War Shows Dysfunction of Pindo Politics
Strategic Culture, Dec 13 2019

A WaPo report this week (reposted here) has exposed the Pindo war in Afghanistan as a vile charade (See also here). Declassified government papers reveal notes and interviews by hundreds of senior Pindo boxtops which attest to systematic lies and deception in the conduct of that war. The Bush 43 and Obama administrations are directly implicated in hoodwinking the Pindo sheeple about why Pindostan went to war in Afghanistan in Oct 2001. Nearly two decades later, that war is continuing under the Trump administration with no sign of stopping. Close to 150,000 people have been killed in this war, including 38,000 civilians. Afghanistan is mired in violence and corruption under a puppet regime propped up by Faschingstein. The financial cost of the conflict is reckoned to exceed $1t, which generations of Pindo citizens will pay for through the ensuing national debt. Senior Pindo pols and military leaders from Bush 43 to Obama, from Rumsfeld to Panetta, from Petraeus to Lute, are implicated in waging an illegal war behind the backs of the Pindo creeple. The Trump administration is also implicated, because it continues to pursue this war. There has been a surge in civilian deaths from Pindo airstrikes in Afghanistan since Trump took over in 2017, but as the WaPo report makes clear, the entire war is a fraud. It was never about “fighting terrorism”, as the declassified interviews of Pindo policy-makers reveal. Pindostan is in a quagmire from which it doesn’t know how to extricate itself. It is not just an endless war. It is an endless, criminal war.

The revelations about the Afghan war should be an earth-shattering moment for all politicians in Faschingstein and the entire Pindo news media. So far, only a handful of congress critturs such as Demagog Rep Ro Khanna are reportedly making an outcry. They are calling for congressional hearings and for former govt boxtops to be grilled in testimony, but the chances are that nothing will be done to hold politicians and military commanders to account. Like other major scandals such as proven CIA torture programs, the Afghan war debacle will be allowed to fade away by the indifference of Faschingstein and the corporate media. Contrast the extravagance of taxpayer money, political energy and media attention that has been showered on relatively minor scandals such as Russiagate, and the relentless unfounded claims about Russian interference in Pindo elections. The two-year Mueller enquiry produced thin gruel to satisfy voracious appetites for Russian malfeasance. The hysterical conspiracy theories and media hyperbole against Russia continue to dominate, as can be discerned from the impeded bilateral relations whereby Moscow is treated like an enemy. When Lavrov visited the White House this week, nearly two-and-half years after his last visit, it was evident that progress on important negotiations such as arms control is still frustrated by the toxic legacy of Russiagate.

Another illustration of cognitive dissonance in Faschingstein and the Pindo MSM is the impeachment inquiry against Trump, which will no doubt be terminated when it goes to a vote in the Senate. The amount of political and media capital expended on Russiagate and what has been dubbed Ukrainegate is wildly disproportionate to the scant or slight evidence. The outcome so far is damaging to relations between Pindostan and Russia and may hamper the chances of a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian conflict. Putin met with Zelensky in Paris this week for much-needed peace talks, but Pindo pols obsessed by Ukrainegate are undermining a potential resolution by falsely portraying Russia as an aggressor. When something as flagrantly and hugely criminal as the war in Afghanistan is virtually ignored, while Faschingstein fixates on issues like Russiagate and impeachment based on dubious claims, then we should know that the Pindo political institutions are dysfunctional to their core.

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