shock horror plot to blunt brexit

Gina Miller admits NEW plot to wreck Boris Johnson’s Brexit, despite Remainer humiliation
Oli Smith, Daily Express, Dec 14 2019

Remainer activist Gina Miller has insisted that the battle against Brexit “is not over,” as she revealed a shocking new plan to stop Boris Johnson’s EU talks despite the Conservatives overwhelming victory. Gina Miller has told the BBC that her fight against Brexit is still far from over, as she revealed how Remainers will next try to halt Boris Johnson’s deal. However, the arch-Remainer admitted that Johnson’s resounding victory meant that Remainers could no longer rely on Parliament to wreck Britain’s departure from the EU. Gina Miller, who led the tactical vote campaign Remain United during this election, said the victory meant Boris Johnson’s deal would be passed before Xmas. The Remain campaigner told the BBC’s Emma Barnett:

This is very much a decisive win for the Conservatives, and very much gives them a mandate to pass their deal which I think will happen very quickly. I think the Withdrawal Agreement will go through by Xmas, and then it’s law and it’s ratified in January. Once that bill is passed, it’s passed. We have got nowhere else to go.

However, she signalled that Remainer tactics will move from stopping the Brexit deal to Britain’s future trading relationship with the EU. Mr Johnson has pledged to strike a trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020 and has rejected speculation he could sign another extension. Ms Miller continued:

I think the battleground will move to the future trading relationship with the EU. Remainers will try to influence in Parliament and in campaign group to make that as soft a Brexit as possible. The Conservatives now have a majority of a size where they are going to have to represent many towns in the North, young and old, Leave and Remain, who all voted for him. He will have to deliver on what he pledged, to get Brexit done. That probably means something different to everyone. He has quite a task on his hands.

Ms Miller admitted that Boris Johnson’s election slogan, “Get Brexit Done,” was a clever slogan that worked as well as “Take Back Control” did for the Leave campaign.

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