trafalgar square last night

Angry protesters clash with cops in ugly scenes near Downing Street
Brittany Vonow, The Sun, Dec 14 2019

Angry protesters last night clashed with cops in ugly scenes near Downing Street despite Boris Johnson’s historic election win. One demonstrator was arrested for criminal damage as masked figures scuffled with police on Whitehall after the Tories swept to a majority government. While Boris Johnson today vowed to work towards healing the country and focus on supporting the NHS, sore loser protesters took to the streets to wave placards. Several hundred noisy protesters marched through central London to protest against the election result, disrupting traffic and chanting: “Boris Johnson: Not My Prime Minister!” and “Boris! Boris! Boris! Out! Out! Out!” Met Police confirmed one arrest for criminal damage to a police vehicle had been made following ugly scenes in Trafalgar Square. Officers were seen struggling to contain the crowd as they protested the British vote that saw almost 14 million people vote for Mr Johnson’s government. Some of the protesters were reportedly wearing Antifa symbols, an anti-fascist protest movement.

Scuffles with police in central London as outraged anti-Brexit protesters march on 10 Downing Street, Dec 14 2019

An angry crowd of anti-Brexit protesters has taken to London streets, chanting “Boris Johnson not our Prime Minister!” Droves of protesters turned out on Friday evening to dispute Johnson’s victory. Holding aloft signs saying “Defy Tory Rule” and “Stop Islamophobia,” several hundred protesters assembled outside Johnson’s residence at Downing Street, before marching to Trafalgar Square and onwards, with no clear end in sight. The protest drew a heavy police presence, and groups of protesters, some wearing face-masks, periodically scuffled with the officers. As the march went on, crowds of protesters bearing the black and red flag of Antifa clashed with police, knocking officers to the ground and chanting “Scum!”

Antifa Protesters Clash With Police Outside Downing Street As Furious Leftists Revolt
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Dec 13 2019

As we warned earlier, despite the Conservatives winning their largest majority since the 1980s, bitter leftists furious at the defeat of their spiritual and political leader Jeremy Corbyn are rallying in London and across the country to protest the outcome of the UK election. Those who still need an excuse to try and pretend like they haven’t wholly abandoned their support for democracy have latched on once again to the Russia narrative. The notion that Russian intelligence threw its support behind Boris & Brexit, deliberately trying to sway both the referendum and the 2019 vote, has no basis in fact, yet certain Pindo pols are publishing op-eds trying to discredit the electoral process. On Friday evening, video appeared on social media of the “Not My PM” march in London, which brought protesters almost to the front steps of 10 Downing Street one day after their fellow Britons rejected Labour’s hard-left policies by handing it its biggest defeat since 1935. As always, legions of police were brought in to keep the peace.

As they always seem to do, a mob of Antifa thugs clad in black masks and black outfits have descended on the London rally and provoked skirmishes with the police. Video footage shows the group of radicals clashing with police while waving a huge Antifa flag near Downing Street.

Clashes with police also broke out on Parliament Street.

Apparently, rejecting the result of an uncontested and undoubtedly fair election is a tenant of the “Democratic Socialism” they claim is so much different from regular old socialism. A now-suspended user wrote:

Boris de Spaffer Johnson Can fuck right off if he thinks he can heal me. I am a European. I am not a one nation Tory. I am not a little Englander, and I will never reconcile with a Tory government who, after nine years of hurt, has decided that the country needs to come together.

Many were disappointed by the site of the mobs turning parts of Central London into chaos.

A large rally was also reported in Glasgow, where the SNP won the largest share of seats.

And since the fun never stops, more ‘Stand Up To Racism’ rallies are expected this weekend in Leeds, one of the few areas of Labour’s “Red Wall” where support held up, and elsewhere. Ironically, one of their favorite chants was “this is what democracy looks like.” Is it, now? Because we thought that’s what you all were doing yesterday.

Protests despite Boris Johnson call to ‘let the healing begin’
Andrew Sparrow, Groon, Dec 13 2019

A group of young women confronting Boris Johnson supporters have led protesters at Downing Street through a police cordon. Some Johnson supporters have apparently left the area now, as numbers continue to swell on the anti-Conservative demo outside Downing Street and protesters chanted: “Boris Johnson, not my prime minister.”

Police drew batons and scuffled with protesters outside Downing Street after another demonstration of Antifascist Action arrived to join Stand Up to Racism protesters already there. Hundreds of demonstrators streamed into Parliament Street and surrounded a contingent of officers who attempted to keep the demonstrations apart. Police had batons drawn but did not appear to use them on protesters, who were eventually able to push a way through the police line. As police melted away, the reinforced joint protest carried on in a march towards Trafalgar Square, followed by police vans.At least one protester appeared to be arrested before the rest turned around and walked the opposite direction. A couple of hundred demonstrators are now continuing to march around Westminster, chased by police who seem intent on getting in front and blocking their route. They are now on Great Peter Street, near the Home Office.

Police and protesters clashed again on Victoria embankment and in Parliament Square. Each time, just a couple of dozen officers tried to block the path of the crowd but were pushed aside. Some protesters were seized from the crowd by police, with protesters attempting at one point to stage a “de-arrest.”

The livestream had earlier showed police with batons drawn at the bottom of Parliament Street, where it meets Parliament Square, striking out at people they warned to “get back or you will get hit.” At least one demonstrator’s face was bloodied during the brief exchange. After leading police on a cat and mouse chase through Westminster backstreets, breaking through their lines several times, protesters are now contained on Victoria Street, near the department for business. Police are not currently allowing people out of the cordon. About 150-200 protesters remain in the demonstration. Met police confirmed that one person has been arrested for criminal damage.

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