colonel cassad on soleimani et seq

Al-Sadr is reviving “the Mahdi Army”
Colonel Cassad, Jan 3 2020

The ripples begin to diverge. Muqtada Al-Sadr said the “Mahdi Army” will be revived to protect Iraq. The very organization with which Pindostan fought in a “zero” since 2004 and which was disbanded when Sadr went to legalization. The current situation allows Sadr further strengthen its influence in Iraq in the Shiite environment using the death of Soleimani including for the reconstruction of power tools, which were created primarily to fight Pindostan and which he had refused in a “zero.” Ayatollah Khamenei promised that Pindostan would face retribution for the murder of Soleimani. Also in Iran will be declared three days of mourning, and Soleimani posthumously promoted to Lt-Gen. A number of European countries have urged their citizens to leave the territory of Iraq in order to avoid the possible consequences of the incident. Pindostan also urged its citizens to leave Iraq. The spiritual leader of Iraqi Shiites, Ayatollah Sistani, called the murder of Soleimani an act of aggression against Iraq. He called the victims martyrs. Gen Ismail Gahan is to replace Soleimani at the head of the “Quds Force.” The Ministry of Defense of Iran has stated that it expects orders to begin to act. It also voiced by a number of threats to Pindo military. Two major political blocs of Iraq and part of the Sadr bloc and Fatah called for an immediate withdrawal of Pindo troops from Iraq. The country’s parliament began collecting signatures for the adoption of the law. Sadr said that his ultimate goal is a full withdrawal of the Pindo invaders out of Iraq. This he intends to seek first by political and legal means. If this fails, Sadr will threaten to use military power. To do this, he has revived the “Mahdi Army.” Information about the arrest of the head of the Fatah, al-Amiri was not confirmed. Today, he called on Iraqis to unite against the Pindo occupation and collaboration aimed at expelling Pindostan from the country. About possible tools of Iran for retaliation, separately.

The place of death of Qassem Soleimani
Colonel Cassad, Jan 3 2020

Iran has already declared that action on their part is inevitable. The adviser of Pres Rouhani has laid all responsibility for subsequent events upon Pindostan. Pindo forces in the region are in high alert. Tehran is now holding a meeting of its NSC, to discuss the response of Iran. The “Green Zone” in Baghdad is blockaded. In the city center, additional forces of the Pindo marine corps and the office of counter-terrorism are deployed. The air defense batteries in Bahrain are said to be in a state of full combat readiness. The Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the incident is an act of international terrorism and Pindostan will bear full responsibility for the consequences of their adventurism. The Foreign Ministry of Iran also declared that any negotiations between Iran and Pindostan are now over. Now we will talk about retribution.

Several very horrific and detailed pictures of the body here only if you click the words “Нажмите, чтобы прочитать” to certify you are 18+ – RB

The shelling of the airport of Baghdad Killed Qassem Soleimani
Colonel Cassad, Jan 3 2020


Video from the airport area:

Video of the attacks (all the witnesses talk about 11 explosions):

Official confirmation of the death of Soleimani on Iranian TV:

Footage from Iranian TV. The IRGC has confirmed that Qassem Soleimani has died.

The Statement Of The Pentagon:

Iran said that Pindostan has crossed a “red line” and retaliationn will follow. Baghdad airport has suspended all international flights.

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