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2020 Vision: Pindostan Opens New Year With Act of War
Strategic Culture, Jan 3 2020

The double murder of senior Iranian and Iraqi military commanders on Trump’s orders is an act of war against two nations. It’s hard to imagine a more reckless act of aggression in a region already primed for all-out conflict. On early Friday, Jan 3, a Pindo drone strike killed General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis as they were being driven away from the international airport in Baghdad. Several other military officers in the convoy were also killed. Soleimani was internationally recognized as the leader of IRGC Quds Force who had been instrumental in helping Syria win its war against foreign-backed terror groups. Al-Muhandis was second in command of Iraq’s PMF, an essential part of Iraq’s national army in its campaign to defeat similar terror groups that have plagued Syria. The Pentagon blamed Soleimani for orchestrating attacks against Pindo forces in Iraq over recent months, and more recently for the violent protests at the Pindo embassy in Baghdad. Those protests earlier this week came after Pindo airstrikes killed at least 25 members of the PMF in Iraq and Syria on Dec 29. Trump threatened on New Year’s Eve that Iran would pay a “very big price” for violence against its embassy and forces in the region. Esper also warned of “pre-emptive strikes” against Iran. What the Pindos have done by assassinating two senior Iranian and Iraqi commanders is light the fuse for war in the Middle East, a war which many have feared has been building steadily since Trump became president and embarked on his “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran, most clearly evidenced by his ditching of the international nuclear accord in 2018 and the subsequent ratcheting up of ever-harsher economic sanctions on Tehran. Iraq, which is an ally of Iran while also nominally an ally of Pindostan, has been put in the most invidious position by the latest murders. Iraqi PM Adel Abd’ul-Mahdi said of the airstrike:

The assassination of an Iraqi military commander who holds an official position is considered aggression on Iraq, and the liquidation of leading Iraqi figures or those from a brotherly country on Iraqi soil is a massive breach of sovereignty. This is a dangerous escalation that will light the fuse of a destructive war in Iraq, the region and the world.

As a result of the airstrikes, Iraqi MPs are now vigorously pushing for an end to Pindo military presence in their country. Nearly 5,000 Pindo troops remain there, nearly a decade after the war was supposedly ended by Obama at the end of 2011. Meanwhile, Iranian leaders have sworn to take revenge for “an act of terrorism.” General Soleimani was a national icon revered by Iranian allies across the region for his defiance of Pindo & Israeli aggression. The dozens of Pindo bases and tens of thousands of troops stationed in the Middle East will no doubt be targeted with a vengeance in the coming days and weeks. Trump’s assassination order may play well to his domestic voter base for his swagger and firepower, but the chaos and destruction that is sure to follow will haunt his re-election hopes at the end of this year. The mayhem being unleashed by the Trump administration needs to be placed in a wider context. Pindostan has been waging illegal wars and all manner of subterfuges in the Middle East for decades. Its military presence in Iraq and Syria is illegal. Its aggression towards Iran is illegal. Yet Faschingstein turns the reality of its lawlessness on its head with absurd self-proclamations of virtue. The year ahead is promising to bring clearer focus world-wide on how depraved and destructive Pindostan has become. It alone stands as the nemesis of world peace. It is a sign of how lawless this state has become when it can be associated with so many potential simultaneous conflicts in every part of the world, not just the Middle East. Faschingstein is aggravating dangerous tensions with nuclear powers Russia and China. It is bombing countries from Central Asia to Africa. It openly boasts about overthrowing governments in Latin America. Even supposed Euro vassals are threatened with ruinous economic sanctions if they don’t toe Faschingstein’s dubious line. With 2020 vision, Pindo rogue-state conduct is the deplorable common denominator threatening world peace.

Faschingstein Is Both Corrupt and Ignorant
Philip Giraldi, Strategic Culture, Jan 2 2020

The creatures that lurk through the corridors of power in Faschingstein have refined corruption to the point where almost anything goes and almost no one is ever held accountable. Traditionally, congress critturs reward their various constituencies by inserting riders into larger pieces of legislation that grant money, exemptions or favors to certain groups or individuals. It is sometimes referred to as “pork.” The recent bloated omnibus spending bills totaling $1.4t, which passed through Congress and were signed off on by Donald Trump, were for the shameless denizens of Capitol Hill a gold mine. The process was so corrupt that even some Senators like Ted Cruz joked:

Xmas came early in Faschingstein. While you were with your family, while you were shopping for Xmas, the lobbyists were spending and spending. I present to you, the massive omnibus bill that Congress is voting on.

And no one is more corrupt in Congress than some of those at the top of the food chain, where the Speaker and the Minority leader in the House and the Majority and Minority leaders in the Senate have the final say on what gets cut and what remains. The lugubrious Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is one of the most adept at milking the system to buy his continued reelection in a state where he is actually not very popular, with an approval rating of only 37%. Within the current spending bill he has managed to include more than $1b worth of federal spending and tax breaks for some choice constituencies among the Kentucky voters. A tax break for the state’s whisky distillers alone came to a projected $426m for 2020 and there were also breaks for the state’s thoroughbred horse industry as well as hundreds of millions of dollars more for new federal construction. One can only wish that politicians would actually commit themselves to doing good for the American people, but the sad reality is that they spend so much time raising and distributing money that they only respond to constituents with the deepest pockets or those who make the most noise. Rarely does anyone actually read the bills that are being voted on. Part of the omnibus spending bills was the $738b defense policy component, and, as in the case of the larger amounts intended to keep the federal government funded, the devil is frequently found in the details. One part of the defense spending is called the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act,” which is intended to punish Syria and Assad with sanctions for alleged crimes committed during the country’s eight-year civil war. The Caesar Act is named after a Syrian military photographer who reportedly took and then smuggled tens of thousands of photographs out of the country that provided evidence for claims that war crimes had been carried out by the Syrian government. “Caesar” eventually wound up in Faschingstein where he briefed sympathetic critturs on the regime’s alleged crimes. The Caesar Act will impose new sanctions on Syrian leaders and also on companies, states and even individuals that support Assad militarily, financially or technically. It will include placing new sanctions on Russia and Iran. Enab Baladi, a website run by opponents of the al-Assad government praised the move, writing:

It imposes sanctions on military contractors and mercenaries who are fighting for the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, or any of the parties against which sanctions have been previously imposed.

It also observes that the act would be a “deterrent” for anyone seeking to work with or help Assad. Pindostan has pledged to support international prosecution of criminals in the Syrian government. The use of sanctions is reminiscent of recent Pindo action directed against Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Both Pompeo and Trump have been boasting of how Iran’s economy is being destroy through economic warfare and it is clear that the intention is to do the same to Syria. Pindostan has been destabilizing Syria since the passage of the Syria Accountability Act in 2004. It imposed sanctions on the country even before the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, and they were regularly expanded by the Obama administration prior to the 2016 election. Treasury Dept (OFAC – RB) sanctions have frozen assets of the Syrian government and also of hundreds of companies and individuals. They also ban most interactions with Syria by any Pindo person, which means that anyone traveling to Syria and returning to report favorably can be plausibly prosecuted for providing a service to the regime. To be sure, no-one is completely blameless amidst the turmoil that has engulfed Syria since 2011. Respectable organizations including HRW have been able to identify some of the victims in the Caesar photos and have verified tales of torture and abuse, though it must be observed that fake photos and false testimony are easy to obtain. But the Syrian regime response to the uprising against its authority is only part of the story, as the violence was fomented largely by the Toads, and Gulf Emirs and Pindostan. And by far the worst atrocities against civilians have been committed by the groups actively or tacitly supported by Pindostan, Turkey, the Toads & the Emirs, many of which have cooperated openly with the genuine terrorist groups that have been operating in Syria.

There also has to be some question raised about the general credibility of attacks directed against Assad. It has recently been revealed that both the UN OPCW and the Pindo MSM were pressured to cover up the fact that Syria did not use CW against its own civilians in terrorist infested areas. A Newsweek reporter even resigned when he wrote a story seeking to expose the scandal. The magazine had refused to print the piece. The Pindo-sponsored Syrian National Council has been most active in spreading reports about regime activity, much of which has been proven to be little more than propaganda. Caesar’s trip to Faschingstein in 2015 to show his photos was, in fact, sponsored by the SNC and there is a whole series of fabrications spread by a number of groups supported by those who desire regime change in Damascus. Consider for a moment the Oscar Award winning White Helmets, “the story of real-life heroes and impossible hope.” The group, which cooperates with the terrorist groups operating in its area, travels to bombing sites with its film crews trailing behind it. Once at the sites, with no independent observers, they are able to arrange or even stage what is filmed to conform to their selected narrative. Exploiting their access to the western media, the White Helmets thereby de facto became a major source of “eyewitness” news regarding what was then going on in those many parts of Syria where European and American journalists were quite rightly afraid to go, all part of a broader largely successful “rebel” effort to manufacture fake news that depicts the Damascus government as engaging in war crimes directed against civilians. The MSM is a major part of the problem as it generally only reports stories, like the White Helmets, that denigrate the Syrian government and its allies. Watching the recent BBC reporting of the Syrian Army’s push into Idlib province one learns:

Russian-backed Syrian groups are attacking Idlib and creating a humanitarian crisis with 230,000 civilians fleeing the fighting.

The only problem with the coverage is that it does not really make clear that Idlib is terrorist-occupied territory. Nor does it say where the civilians are fleeing to; nearly all have headed for the safety of government-held areas. Those congress critturs who are out hustling for money, rather than finding out what is really going on in the world, might be wise to recollect how gullible the Solons on the Potomac have been in the past. Going back to Ahmed Chalabi, who more than any single individual led the Pindo government to believe that the invasion of Iraq would be a cakewalk, there has been a series of disastrous policy choices made after swallowing whole cloth lies and fabrications made by interested parties. Chalabi provided false intelligence on WMDs and alleged ties of the Iraqi government to AQ. It turned out that he was working for several of the sides in the conflict that ensued, including the Iranian government. And then there is the Magnitsky Act, sponsored by Russiaphobic Zionist Senator Ben Cardin and signed by Obama in 2012, which continues to be expanded and exploited by virtue of 2016’s Global Magnitsky Act to intervene in countries that are alleged to be human rights violators. In its original iteration, the Magnitsky Act, sanctioned individual Kremlin officials for their treatment of alleged whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky, arrested and imprisoned in Russia. Billionaire Bill Browder has sold a contrived narrative which basically says that he and his “lawyer” Sergei Magnitsky uncovered massive tax fraud and, when they attempted to report it, were punished by a corrupt police force and magistracy, which had actually stolen the money. Magnitsky was arrested and died in prison, allegedly murdered by the police to silence him. Browder and his apologists portray him as an honest and honorable Western businessman attempting to operate in a corrupt Russian business world. Nevertheless, the loans-for-shares scheme that made him his initial fortune has been correctly characterized as the epitome of corruption by all parties involved, an arrangement whereby foreign investors worked with local oligarchs to strip the former Soviet economy of its assets paying pennies on each dollar of value. Along the way, Browder was reportedly involved in money laundering, making false representations on official documents and bribery. Browder, who renounced his Pindo citizenship in 1997 reportedly to avoid taxes, has been a frequent visitor to Capitol Hill where he tells congressional committees all about the corrupt and evil Putin. He is also a darling of the completely corrupted MSM, because he is saying what they want to hear. Is the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act just another bit of nonsense, like Chalabi and Magnitsky? Probably, and all it will do is punish the Syrian people by trying to wreck the country’s economy while also limiting the ability of Americans to go independently to the region and see for themselves what is actually going on. It will prolong the pain being experienced by all involved while the legitimate government in Damascus seeks to restore its pre-war borders. It is, unfortunately, a prime example of the Pindo government in action.

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