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They killed Soleimani to save Iraq, instead they have to lose it!
Colonel Cassad, Jan 5 2020

At this time, to cries of “Death to Pindostan and Israel!” and “Sulejmani!” having collected the necessary quorum of 170 deputies, the head of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah addressed the Iraqi Parliament. The main points of his message follow.

“The day of death of Qassem Soleimani is the beginning of a new era not only for Iraq and Iran, but also for the entire region. We are in a new phase. All that was before will be very different from what will follow now. When Soleimani visited me (through the airport of Damascus), he often cried, remembering the fallen martyrs, hoping that he will die like them, not from age or illness. His hope for martyrdom was achieved. The same is true of al Muhandis. He came to visit me in the southern suburbs of Beirut three months ago and said, “the War with Daesh is over, and I survived without achieving martyrdom!” We believers never lose. When we win, we win, and when we die, we win. Congratulations to our martyrs. Qassem Soleimani was torn apart, as al-Hussein. It was more than he asked for. All that remains of him and his companions, were splinters. So we are faced with the apparent brutal crime committed by Trump. It’s not an unsolved crime but a very clear one, ordered by Trump and implemented by the Pindo armed forces.

“Okay. Let us remember what this was preceded by. Pindo foreign policy has been one failure after another, as its main objective to overthrow the Iranian regime. Their secondary goal is to get them the desired changes in the Mid-East, which also failed, despite all their pressure. So, Trump is going to the polls with a complete failure on Iran. Trump’s politics have also been a total failure and led to complete confusion in Syria, where he betrayed his own Kurdish allies in order to leave, but then eventually remained for oil, not for the sake of his allies. Failure in Syria. Trump’s politics also failed in Lebanon. Saterfield threatened the Beirut officials with Israeli bombardment, if they did not close objects belonging to Hezballah in the Bekaa. We told them that we were ready for their bombardment. They haven’t achieved anything. In Afghanistan, Trump’s politics failed, and the Palestinians found that his “deal of the century” for them was a complete failure. A complete failure everywhere … which leads us to fail in Iraq ..

“If Trump stayed in Syria for oil, what do you think? What will he stay for in Iraq? To control the oilfields. He does not want a stable government in Iraq unless it is under full Pindo control. That is why the Pindos created Daesh: to give themselves an excuse to stay. We thwarted the Pindo plot in Iraq, defeating Daesh as quickly as possible, which Qassem Soleimani and Abu Muhandis did. Since then, Iraqis have begun to raise their voices demanding Pindo withdrawal. The majority in the Iraqi Parliament are patriots and they formed a government under PM Abd’el-Mahdi, which made the position of Pindostan difficult. They abandoned the campaign of pressure against Iran, refused the “Deal of the century,” insisted on open border crossings with Syria, and went to China for investment. Pindostan felt that it was losing Iraq. Currently, Pindostan is trying to kill the Iraqi people and push them to violence against each other and against Iran with the help of diagrams protests and other actions. But the position of Iraqi political and religious authorities was wise and prevented chaos. In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, everywhere, Pindo policy has collapsed. Largely thanks to Qassem Suleimani. Israel could have killed Qassem Soleimani in Syria, but they did not dare. They forced the Pindos to do it. Because he embodied in himself the Resistance movement throughout the region.

“Our response to this murder must be to disrupt the plans and purposes of Pindostan. It is not the number of bodies. We are not two warring tribes, but two opposite visions and the project for the region. Our success is stopping them from controlling the region and its resources. The world today expects that the Parliament of Iraq will force {omdpstan to withdraw its troops from the country. The Prime Minister of Iraq seems ready for it. We hope that Iraq and its people are ready to oust the Pindos. The people of Iraq, the grandchildren of Imam al-Hussein, will not leave any Pindo soldier in Iraq! The least response to the murder of Qassem Suleimani ahould be the expulsion of Pindostan from Iraq! They killed Soleimani to save Iraq, instead they must lose it! if for some reason the Iraqi Parliament do not perform their duty to Iraq, resistance fighters in any case will not let a single Pindo soldier remain in Iraq. Pindostan must pay for what it has done. Every Pindo soldier in the MidEast will now become a target. This does not apply to civilians. They should not be affected.”

PM Abd’el-Mahdi appeared in Parliament and urged MPs to vote for the withdrawal of Pindo troops from Iraq. As stated by Mahdi, Soleimani arrived in Iraq to meet with the PM to discuss proposals that were to peredano in Tehran from the Toads. Trump asked the Prime Minister on the phone to arrange the meeting. But a few hours before the meeting, Soleimani was killed on the orders of Trump. After the speech of Abd’el-Mahdi, where he called Pindo withdrawal the best solution for Iraq, preparations began for the vote, which will take place in the next hour.

The Iraqi Parliament approved a bill on the withdrawal of Pindo troops
Colonel Cassad, Jan 5 2020

After the speech of PM Adel Abd’el-Mahdi in the Iraqi Parliament began voting, where the necessary majority of deputies supported the bill prohibiting the presence of Pindo troops in Iraq after 17 years of occupation and use by Pindo aircraft of the airspace of Iraq. The document is binding and once it is handed over to the government, it will be obliged to fulfill it. According to existing treaties between Pindostan and Iraq, the Pindos will have exactly one year to withdraw all their troops from Iraq. In addition, the leader of the largest faction of the Iraqi Parliament and the leader of the Mahdi Army, Moqtada al-Sadr called for the closure of the Pindo embassy in Baghdad. Of course, Pindostan can persevere and try to stay in Iraq illegally, but now they can do it solely as aggressors and occupiers, not as allies. Soleimani, who fought for this decision for years, wins even from the grave. His strategy works even without its prominent architect. For Iraq this is a historic day: after 17 years of occupation and the horrors of war which Pindostan brought to the country of Iraq, the Iraqis finally dared to say NO. It took the death of two prominent people. The millstones of history worked with difficulty.

Iran’s answer will definitely involve force
Colonel Cassad, Jan 5 2020

In addition to the decision of the Iraqi Parliament to expel the Pindo troops from Iraq. A senior military adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei said bluntly in an interview with CNN that Iran’s response to the murder of Soleimani will involve force. The article is below.

Moqtada Al-Sadr has put forward 6 demands to the Iraqi authorities:

  1. Immediately break the agreement on cooperation with Pindostan.
  2. Close the Pindo embassy in Baghdad.
  3. Close all Pindo military bases in Iraq.
  4. Penalize any cooperation with Pindostan.
  5. Ensure the protection of Iraqi embassies.
  6. Officially boycott Pindo products.

It is worth remembering that at the moment Moqtada al-Sadr is the most influential Iraqi politician and the leader of the largest faction of the Iraqi Parliament. He fought back against Pindostan when it wasn’t mainstream, and on account of his people is the large number of Pindo soldiers killed in the oughties. NATO has suspended all operations against Daesh in Iraq and is taking steps to ensure the safety of their bases. As it turned out, part of the leadership of the Pentagon was against the killing of Suleimani and called it “a bad idea” out of reasonable fear of the consequences. Former Pindo ambassador to Russia McFaul said that actions of Trump strengthened the regime in Iran, and asked whether readers who had watched footage of the funeral of Soleimani, not to assume that everyone in Iran loved him. Iran tonight lifted restrictions on the number of centrifuges and said that more did not consider itself constrained by qualitative and quantitative restrictions on enrichment of uranium.

Funeral wreath that the Russian military has delivered to Iran in memory of Soleimani.Flowers at the Iranian Embassy in Moscow in memory of Soleimani.Demonstration from Nasrallah: Pindo soldiers will come to the Middle East vertically, but they will return horizontally. Figuratively speaking.

Trump threatens Iraq
Colonel Cassad, Jan 6 2020

Briefly on the developments around the murder of Soleimani in Iraq. Trump threatened Iraq with terrible sanctions if it persist in its efforts to expel Pindo troops from the country. The sanctions against Iraq will be even tougher than against Iran. Trump also demanded that Iraq pay for the Pindo bases located throughout the country, or else he’s not going anywhere, because military bases cost a lot of money which will now go to waste. In addition, Trump thinks that Pindostan has the right to destroy Iran’s cultural sites, if Iran strikes Pindostan. Daesh also understands that the destruction of cultural property is an effective weapon in war. The State Dept said:

The people of Iraq don’t really want the Pindos gone.

Faschingstein wants to determine what the people of Iraq want, out of habit, but times have changed. Pompeo described the vote in the Iraqi Parliament as a “temporary victory of Iran.” However, after all the threats, Trump said that the deployment of troops to the MidEast was the worst decision in Pindo history. Here the summer has flown by, leaving behind everything, but we all know, the worst is certainly to come. overall, a great samosogrevanie hegemon, if Iran’s goal was to show that Pindostan is not responsible for Iraq, it couldn’t have invented anything better. Of course, the sanctions against Iraq swing this country even stronger in the direction of Tehran, weakening the already feeble pro-Pindo forces. Iraq’s policy will be on the one hand even more Pro-Iranian, on the other hand, more nationalist. Meanwhile, Erdogan said that Iran has the right to retaliate in Pindostan. He’s a great NATO ally, always a shoulder to lean on. Or a scimitar will do. “Kataib Hezbollah” has closed its official offices in Iraq and gone onto a war footing, preparing for guerrilla war in Iraq in fact. A Toad delegation flew to Pindostan; the monarchies of the Persian Gulf ask Pindostan to avoid war. The Toads are more afraid of other consequences, as Iran is obviously capable of inflicting enormous damage to the Toad economy, which in not the best condition. The border police of Pindostan have tightened their inspection of Iranian nationals. Some have been forced to wait 10-12 hours for permission to enter Pindostan. PM Abd’el-Mahdi will hold an official meeting with the Pindo ambassador on Monday, where he will give an official statement saying that Pindo troops need to leave Iraq in a timely manner. Amid such developments, Trump asserted that Kim Jong Un will keep his word and there will be nothing to worry about, though then he added that Kim certainly might not do so after all. In the current environment, Kim does not need to stage a nuclear test in the DPRK, or fire a new ICBM over Japan towards Pindostan. The catastrophe of Pindo policy in Iraq can logically be complemented by its complete disaster on the Korean Peninsula, when it will be clear to even the most stupid voter in Pindostan that Trump’s negotiating line on NK has failed. Pyongyang also understands this, so it will be difficult for them mpty to put Trump on a similar bandwagon before the election. (чтобы не поставить Трампу подобную подножку перед выборами.) In general, the new year began at an accelerated pace, and even the first week is not over.

Farewell to Soleimani
Colonel Cassad, Jun 6 2929

Tehran today held a farewell ceremony for Qassem Suleimani, a human sea that paralyzed the center of Tehran. Farewell to the national hero of Iran has left more than 5.5 million people. In the entire history of post-revolutionary Iran such honors awarded only Imam Khomeini. So goes the legend.

Iran’s response to Pindostan will be military: Khamenei’s adviser
Fred Pleitgen, Tim Lister, Schams Elwazer, CNN, Jan 5 2020

TEHRAN – The military adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader said Sunday that Tehran’s response to the killing by Pindostan of its most most influential general will “for sure be military.” In an exclusive interview with CNN in Tehran, Maj-Gen Hossein Dehghan made the most specific and direct threat yet by a senior Iranian official following the killing of Gen Qassem Soleimani in a Pindo drone strike in Baghdad. Dehghan said Iran would retaliate directly against Pindo “military sites.” Dehghan is a former defense minister and is now the main military adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He told CNN that reprisals would come from Iran itself, not its allied militia in the region. He said:

It might be argued that there could be proxy operations. We can say Pindostan, Mr Trump, has taken action directly against us, so we take direct action against Pindostan./

Pindostan has a growing military presence in the region. Thousands of Pindo troops have been deployed to Toad Arabia, and there are some 5,000 at bases in Iraq. Pindostan also has a major air base in Qatar and a naval presence in Bahrain, as well as troops stationed in Jordan, Kuwait and the UAE. In common with other Iranian officials, Dehghan suggested that Iran was in no hurry to retaliate and would choose its targets carefully. He said:

Our reaction will be wise, well considered and in time, with decisive deterrent effect.

Pres Hassan Rouhani had earlier said that Pindos would face consequences for killing Soleimani “not only today, but also in the coming years.” Given the rhetoric of both sides, there is a growing risk of escalation in what has become the most dangerous confrontation between Pindostan and Iran in decades. Late Saturday, Trump tweeted:

If Iran attacks a Pindo Base, or any Pindon, we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way … and without hesitation! They attacked us, & we hit back. If they attack again, which I would strongly advise them not to do, we will hit them harder than they have ever been hit before!

Dehghan responded:

It was Pindostan that has started the war. Therefore, they should accept appropriate reactions to their actions. The only thing that can end this period of war is for the Pindos to receive a blow that is equal to the blow they have inflicted. Afterward they should not seek a new cycle.

In recent months, Trump himself and some of his admin members have floated the possibility of renewed dialogue with Iran. Dehghan dismissed that possibility, saying:

Look, for several reasons we didn’t want to negotiate with this incumbent Pindo administration. Now, after what happened to Mr Soleimani, there is no point for negotiations or relations. It’s impossible.

Dehgahn also responded to Trump’s threat to include Iranian cultural sites among 52 targets that Pindostan had selected in the event of Iranian retaliation. The number was chosen to match the number of hostages taken in the 1979 takeover of the Pindo embassy, Trump said. Dehghan said the tweets were ridiculous and absurd. He went on:

If he says 52 we say 300, and they are accessible to us. No Pindo military staff, no Pindo political center, no Pindo military base, no Pindo vessel will be safe. He doesn’t know international law. He doesn’t recognize UN resolutions either. Basically he is a veritable gangster and a gambler. … All Iranians are Qasem Soleimani. The person who has replaced him has been cooperating with him for two decades. He has the same manner and method. Our will to defend our interests has increased a thousand times. We don’t feel anything. We have a logic, the logic of martyrdom. Let me tell you one thing: Our leadership has officially announced that we have never been seeking war and we will not be seeking war.

But his demand that Pindostan not respond to any reprisals by Iran for Soleimani’s killing will surely fall on deaf ears.


  1. PB
    Posted January 6, 2020 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    I pick up the stench of a rancid bagel behind all of this. I even wonder how involved Trump was initially. I wonder if this happened without his knowledge, and if he’s been doubling down awkwardly ever since for fear that Sheldon will release the Epstein tapes if he doesn’t play ball. Just some thoughts. I just don’t see a benefit for America here, but I see Yinon-Oded being brought to a climactic stage.

  2. Posted January 7, 2020 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    this assassination was gen. soleimani’s dream of martyrdom come true, he would have orchestrated it had he been able to.
    it tallies neatly into elijah magnier’s article lamenting the fatal weakening of the resistance axis, growing gelatinous owing to limpdick mullahs-cum-metrosexuals.
    well, look at it now, soleimani’s death injected backbone back into it and a new guy that replaced him looks like cut from the same cloth.

    is it good for jews? weeell …

    i like it, i like it (you agree up there general, it was worth it, don’t you?)

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