“worst briefing in history” is quite a claim!

Trump boxtops give ‘worst briefing in history’ leaving even Thugs fuming
Clark Mindock, Independent, Jan 8 2020

The intelligence briefings given by top Trump admin boxtops to detail the rationale for an airstrike that has led Pindostan to the brink of war with Iran has been derided by members of both parties in the Capitol, marking a rare breach of unity in Thug ranks. The classified briefings were intended to bring Congress out of the dark on the justification for the airstrike Trump ordered last week that killed Gen Qassem Soleimani. But the briefings from top boxtops including Pompeo and Esper were quickly slammed by Demagogs and at least two prominent Thugs, one of whom who called it “probably the worst briefing” of his career. Sen Mike Lee told reporters during a press briefing alongside Sen Rand Paul:

Now I find this insulting and demeaning, not personally but to the office that each of the 100 senators in this building happen to hold. I find it insulting and I find it demeaning to the Constitution to which we’ve all sworn an oath. It is after all the prerogative of the legislative branch to declare war. What we were told over and over again was: “Look, this action is necessary. This was a bad guy. We had to do it, and we can’t have division within our ranks, within our government, otherwise it sends a wrong signal to the Iranians.” And I just think that’s completely wrong.

Lee joined in with many Demagogs in decrying the classified briefings. Sen Charles Schumer said:

They couldn’t handle the heat in the briefing room. When the questions began to get tough, they walked out. There were so many important questions that they did not answer.

Rep Gerry Connolly described the meeting as particularly unhelpful. he said:

Without commenting on content my reaction to this briefing was, it was sophomoric and utterly unconvincing, and I believe that more than ever the Congress needs to act to protect the constitutional provisions about war and peace. I believe the administration is after the fact trying to piece together a rationale for its action that was impulsive, reckless and put this country’s security at risk.

The Trump administration has not made public its full rationale for the airstrike last week, but has said the attack was ordered after Trump determined that an attack against Pindos was “imminent.”

Senate Iran briefing gets heated
Manu Raju, Phil Mattingly, Jeremy Herb, CNN, Jan 9 2020

Senate Demagogs and two key GOP senators slammed a classified briefing given on Wednesday on the strike that killed Gen Qassem Soleimani, charging that admin boxtops failed to provide evidence to show the attack was imminent and dismissed the role Congress should play in deciding to take military action. The sharpest of the criticism came from two of Trump’s Senate allies, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. Lee said after the briefing that it was the worst briefing he’d ever had on a military issue during his nine years in the Senate. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer in CNN Situation Room on Wednesday, Paul said:

The briefing was an insult to the Constitution. There was no specific information given to us of a specific attack. Generality, stuff that you read in the newspaper. I didn’t learn anything in the hearing that I hadn’t seen in a newspaper already. In the briefing and in public, this administration has argued that the vote to topple Saddam Hussein in 2002 applies to military action in Iraq. That is absurd. Nobody in their right mind with a straight face, with an ounce of honesty, can argue when Congress voted to go after Saddam Hussein in 2002, that authorized military force against an Iranian general 18 years later.

‪Lee called the way the briefing played out “un-Pindo” and “completely unacceptable.” He said:

The administration would not commit to a new AUMF, or a cite a reason for (not) coming to Congress before taking military action. At one point one of the briefers said something like, “Don’t worry, we’ll consult you.” Consultation isn’t a constitutional declaration of war. Drive-by notification or after the fact lame briefings like the one we just received are inadequate.

Paul and Lee also announced they would support the War Powers resolution sponsored by Demagogc Sen Tim Kaine of Virginia, which would limit the power of the president to use military force in Iran. Four senators in the room said the briefing became tense and heated amid repeated questions from senators about the intelligence regarding how imminent a future attack would be and the legal justification for striking Iran. The admin boxtops ended up leaving before all questions were asked, departing after the allotted time of 90 minutes. Several senators including Lee said the briefing itself lasted 75 minutes. Pompeo, Esper, Milley, Haspel and acting DNI Joseph Maguire briefed senators and House members on Wednesday. Esper pushed back at Congress critturs who slammed the briefing Wednesday, saying:

Most Congress critturs do not have access to the intelligence that I think was the most compelling.

On Tuesday, Esper had said that the “exquisite intelligence” on the threat posed by Soleimani that drove them to target him in a drone strike would be shared only with the Gang of Eight, a group of eight critturs made up of congressional leaders from both parties as well as the Intelligence Committee chairs, saying;

Most Members will not have access to that.

Senate Demagogs pressed for specifics of the targets and timeline, and while senators said the timeline was described as within “days,” the information provided in Wednesday’s briefing did not explicitly back that up, according to Demagogs. At one point, Sen Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota pressed on the imminence of the attack. Several senators said they came away with the sense her specific question remained unanswered. Admin boxtops were pressed about whether the attacks would be carried out especially since Ayatollah Khamenei apparently had not signed off on what Soleimani was plotting, sources said. Sen Robert Menendez, the top Demagog on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said:

I walk away unsatisfied on the key questions that I went into this briefing with. It makes me concerned that we cannot have clarity on those key questions: imminency, target, all of those things.

House Demagogs expressed similar concerns that the admini boxtops failed to justify claims of an imminent attack. Nancy Pelosi announced that the House would vote Thursday on its Iran War Powers resolution. The admin boxtops said the strike was justified under Article II and the 2002 AUMF, which authorized the Iraq War. The boxtops said the strike was justified under the AUMF because it took place in Iraq, but that the AUMF would not cover any military action inside Iran. Thugs expressed frustration over the Demagog posture during the briefing, with Lindsey Graham saying they were “out of their minds” for how they approached the strikes. Graham said:

They don’t want specifics. I was really disappointed in their behavior in there, because it was clear to me that this guy was up to no good in the moment.

Following the briefing, a group of Demagogs including Sen Charles Schumer came to the cameras to voice their concerns. Shortly after, Pompeo walked out behind them and appeared to be waiting to speak at the cameras as well, buit after a few minutes of listening to the Demagogs, Pompeo departed the Senate basement without making a comment.

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    I didn’t listen to the Donald. I did like the image of U.S. Generals glaring at him as if they would take him down personally if he didn’t stfu.

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