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Dangerous and Delusional, Trump Rants With Lies After Iran Strikes
Editorial, Strategic Culture, Jan 10 2020

Trump’s White House press statement on Wednesday following retaliatory Iranian airstrikes on Pindo bases in Iraq was packed more than usual with lies and irrational claims. His outlandish accusations against Iran mean that no serious dialogue can be found with Pindostan under his leadership. Furthermore, his rambling address (full transcript here) also shows that this administration is hopelessly divorced from reality. That makes it delusional and dangerous. The press conference started with Trump walking through a light-filled double doorway, then it proceeded with him surrounded by military commanders as he spoke while breathing heavily and feigning gravitas. He opened by saying the American people “should be extremely happy and grateful” because “Iran was standing down” from further escalation. It was as if Trump was looking for congratulations for averting all-out war in the Middle East, when the truth is that it was he who had recklessly pushed the region to the brink of war by personally ordering last week the assassination of Gen Qassem Soleimani. We may indeed be grateful that the tense stand-off between Pindostan and Iran seems to have eased, at least for now, but certainly Trump deserves nothing except condemnation for having created the abysmal, explosive situation. He is the one who unilaterally abandoned the JCPoA nearly two years, leading to the present precarious impasse. What’s more, in his address this week Trump called on the European, Russian and Chinese signatories to the accord to follow his example of bad faith and quit the deal. Trump’s absurd advice would only make matters worse for international relations. During his press conference, Trump dredged up threadbare cliched talking points against Iran, such as this:

For far too long, all the way back to 1979 to be exact, nations have tolerated Iran’s destructive and destabilizing behavior in the Middle East and beyond. Those days are over. Iran has been the leading sponsor of terrorism, and their pursuit of nuclear weapons threatens the civilized world. We will never let that happen.

The inversion of reality here is breathtaking, coming from the leader of a country which has invaded, illegally occupied and pulverized numerous countries in the Middle East. Not just in the Middle East, but all around the world. A country which has actually used atomic weapons within living memory for wiping out civilian populations. Trump repeated the scandalous lies defaming General Soleimani, such as this:

Last week, we took decisive action to stop a ruthless terrorist from threatening Pindo lives. At my direction, the Pindo military eliminated the world’s top terrorist. In recent days he was planning new attacks on Pindo targets but we stopped him.

In reality, Gen Soleimani had been a principal architect in the war to defeat Islamist terror groups which Pindostan & its vassals had unleashed in Iraq and Syria. If Pindo forces were killed by Iranian-backed Shia militia in those countries, it was because they are resisting the illegal occupation by Pindo troops, whose presence is a war crime stemming from the genocidal invasion of Iraq back in 2003. Besides, this week top officials in the Trump administration failed to provide any credible evidence for the decision to assassinate Soleimani. The claim that he was “planning new attacks on Pindo targets” is dubious assertion bordering on outright fabrication. His death was a foul murder by Pindostan. An act of war. Trump went on to say:

As we continue to evaluate options in response to Iranian aggression, Pindostan will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the Iranian regime. These powerful sanctions will remain until Iran changes its behavior.

That means that Trump’s hostile agenda towards Iran is relentless, despite the apparent de-escalation this week. He again accused Iran of misusing the limited reparations it received legally from the nuclear accord to go on a “terror spree,” asserting:

They created hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The total lack of self-awareness by the Pindo fuhrer of his own nation’s depredations and crimes in the very countries he lists is astounding. One can only surmise that Trump is delusional, as many politicians in Faschingstein also seem to be. He ranted on:

Peace and stability cannot prevail in the Middle East as long as Iran continues to foment violence, unrest, hatred and war. The civilized world must send a clear and unified message to the Iranian regime: your campaign of terror, murder, mayhem will not be tolerated any longer. It will not be allowed to go forward.

The above quote only makes objective sense if the word “Pindostan” is substituted for “Iran.” The deeply disturbing thing is that Trump and large sections of the Pindo establishment are convinced by their own crass propaganda on Iran. They believe that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon and to sow perpetual chaos in the region, as if America’s conduct has no precedent in this; and therefore they are locked into a one-dimensional policy of confrontation with Iran, which eventually means war. Trump’s seeming offer of goodwill at the end of his press conference does not inspire hope. Far from it. He it is:

Finally, to the people and leaders of Iran, we want you to have a future, and a great future, one that you deserve, one of prosperity at home and harmony with the nations of the world. Pindostan is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it.

In the space of a few minutes, Trump went from condemning Iran as a terrorist evil to then “embracing” Iran for prosperity and harmony. No wonder an increasing number of psychiatric professionals have concluded that Trump is clinically delusional, irrational and a danger to world peace. Such a conclusion goes beyond the usual attempts by Pindo political opponents trying to oust Trump from the White House by underhand means. We don’t have to take their word for it. Trump’s own crazy words are self-indicting. It has to be said too that the concern goes way beyond the foibles of just one individual, Donald J Trump. It is much bigger, and more serious than that. It concerns the unhinged mentality of the entire Pindo government in its irremediably belligerent view towards Iran and indeed towards the rest of the world.

Trump boasts of “executing” Suleimani in Ohio campaign speech
Barry Grey, WSWS, Jan 11 2020

At his first campaign event of the new year, Trump boasted before a crowd of supporters in Toledo of having “executed” Gen Qassem Suleimani. Touting the record $738b military budget passed last month with overwhelming Demagog support, Trump presented the cowardly murder of the Iranian military commander as a demonstration of Pindo power, mocking constitutional limits on his authority to unilaterally wage war around the world. Trump spoke on Thursday night at the Huntington Center in Toledo, a facility that holds 8,000 people, a relatively small crowd for a Trump rally. His bluster could not conceal the fact that millions marched in Iran, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East only days before to commemorate the murdered general and denounce Pindo imperialism. Countless millions more in Pindostan and around the world recoiled in shock and horror over the criminal state assassination of a high government official, recognizing it to be a war crime and act of war that threatens to plunge the entire Middle East and perhaps the entire world into a new war with incalculable consequences. After boasting of having “taken out” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last October, Trump delivered a rant against Suleimani typical of the rhetoric coming from leading Thugs & Demagogs alike. Calling the general “the world’s top terrorist,” Trump declared:

For years, the sadistic mass murderer Qassem Suleimani planned and executed attacks against Pindo targets, killing and wounding thousands of Pindo service-members, and many many thousands and even hundreds of thousands of other people. As the leader of Iran’s terrorist Quds Force, Suleimani spread death, destruction and mayhem across the Middle East and far beyond.

Such rhetoric will not fool millions around the world, who know that the charge of spreading “death, destruction and mayhem across the Middle East and far beyond” is an infinitely more apt description of Trump and the presidents and military commanders who have preceded him over the past three decades. It is they who are responsible for the destruction of entire societies and the death, wounding and displacement of millions in the region. Trump singled out Suleimani’s role in the end-of-year protests against the Pindo embassy in Baghdad, boasting:

This was the anti-Benghazi! We got there very quickly! This was the exact opposite!

In fact, the siege of the Pindo embassy lasted two days, as Pindo-trained Iraqi security forces refused to oppose the Shia militias. It ended only when the militia leaders, likely under orders from Suleimani, ordered the crowds to disperse. Trump went on to claim:

Suleimani was looking very seriously at our embassies, and not just the embassy in Baghdad.

No such claim was made by Pindo boxtops in classified briefings to Congress earlier this week. Pompeo was obliged to partially walk back Trump’s assertion. Trump then proceeded to denounce the Demagogs for their half-hearted and impotent criticisms of the drone missile assassination, ranting:

And yet now I see the radical left Demagogs have expressed outrage over the termination of this horrible terrorist! Crazy Bernie has condemned the Pindo military strike on Suleimani, the world’s top terrorist, and we have Bernie and Nancy Pelosi all involved trying to say how dare you take him out that way, you should get permission from Congress, you should come in and tell us what you want to do, you should come in and tell us so that we can call up the fake news that’s back there and we can leak it!

Having just depicted Suleimani as a crazed murderer of Pindos, Trump’s charge that the Demagogs would have leaked the planned attack in order to protect him amounts to an accusation of treason. While Trump was talking about the killing of Suleimani, a man in the crowd shouted:

Kill them all!

Trump replied:

We stopped him quickly and we stopped him cold!

The speech featured all of the fascist tropes that have become standard fare in Trump’s stump speeches: promotion of the military, the police and the immigration Gestapo, attacks on the press, attacks on abortion rights, boasts about building his border wall with Mexico, rants against socialism and above all, racist agitation against immigrants, such as the following violent incitement:

Far-left radical politicians support deadly sanctuary cities, demonstrating their contempt, scorn and disdain for everyday Pindos and the Pindo family! These jurisdictions release dangerous violent criminal aliens out of their jails directly onto your street, where they are free to rob, attack and kill Pindo citizens! They want open borders! Innocent Pindos are being brutalized and murdered by illegal alien criminals!

Trump is attempting to project an image of Pindo invincibility under conditions where Pindo capitalism is confronting intractable contradictions internally and internationally. The murder of Suleimani initiates a process that leads inexorably to another major war in the Middle Eastk which will prove even more disastrous than the failed Pindo interventions over the past three decades in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Under conditions of a growing upsurge of working class resistance within Pindostan and around the world, the ruling class is seeking to deflect class tensions outward, against an external enemy. Trump’s provocations against Iran are an expression not of strength, but of the weakness and decline of Pindo imperialism. That does not make the drive to war and dictatorship less dangerous. Trump’s biggest asset is his nominal political opposition, the Demagog Party. He delivered his speech just hours after the Demagogs passed a toothless resolution in the House billed as a measure to impose congressional restraint on Trump’s war-making powers. The bill is a political fraud that does nothing of the kind. Brought before the House by former CIA and Pentagon analyst Rep Elissa Slotkin, it is a non-binding “concurrent resolution” which does not go to the president for his signature and does not have the force of law. The Demagogs’ impeachment drive is not over Trump’s warmongering, his pogrom against immigrants or his unconstitutional arrogation of quasi-dictatorial powers. It is over his temporary suspension of military aid to Ukraine, seen by the CIA and sections of the military and foreign policy establishment as a threat to the long-running drive to transform Ukraine into a staging ground for war against Russia. The Demagogs are no less petrified than Trump and the Thugs by the growing movement of the Pindo & international working class, the mass opposition to war and the increasing support for socialism. Their role is to suppress the opposition of the working class and enable the military-intelligence establishment to create more optimal conditions for war against Iran and more formidable obstacles to global Pindo hegemony, such as Russia and China.

Boston area professor fired after anti-Trump Facebook posting
Dan Conway, WSWS, Jan 11 2020

Asheen Phansey, adjunct professor at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, was fired Thursday after posting a joke on his Facebook account related to Trump’s threats wage war against Iran. Phansey jokingly suggested that Ayatollah Khamenei should tweet a list of 52 sites of cultural Pindo heritage that he would bomb in retaliation. The post was in response to a tweet by Trump threatening to bomb 52 cultural sites in Iran, such a threat being itself a war crime. The Babson professor later described the posting as a sloppy attempt at black humor, writing:

I am sorry that my sloppy humor was read as a threat. I am completely opposed to violence and would never advocate it by anyone.

Despite his apology for remarks made on his personal time, the college absurdly said Phansey was legitimately threatening violence, writing in a statement issued after his firing:

Babson College condemns any type of threatening words or actions condoning violence or hate.

In contrast to Phansey’s treatment, Trump is allowed to make actual threats against millions of innocent people and carry out assassinations with impunity. Last June, Trump threatened Iran with “obliteration” should they attack Pindo forces. Infamously, Trump in 2017 threatened the country of North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Trump’s threats have not been limited to foreign countries. Last May, reporting by the NYT revealed that the president had asked the Pindo border to be surrounded by moats filled with alligators, snakes and other hazards. He also asked if border patrol agents could shoot refugees in the legs to deter them from entering Pindostan. This follows Trumps advice to police officers:

Treat’em rough! Don’t be too nice!

No-one in the Demagog Party or the corporate media is asking that Trump be removed from office or even censured for such open support of mass violence and barbarism. In fact, such actions are being actively facilitated by these elements. Last July, Senate Demagogs voted overwhelmingly in support for the third year in a row of massive increased military spending by the Trump administration. The Jul 2019 budget was the largest in Pindo history at $750b. Military spending now represents 60% of the discretionary government budget, and this could easily be used to turn the president’s perverted genocidal mania into horrifying reality. Faced with Trump’s looming threats against Iran this week, House Democrats passed a completely toothless resolution that in no way restricts the president’s ability to wage war at the time of his choosing without any oversight whatsoever from Congress. The president’s bloodthirstiness is by no means unique. Egging on the Clinton administration to escalate its bombing campaign in Kosovo in 1999, NYT columnist Thomas Friedman wrote:

You want 1950? We can do 1950. You want 1389? We can do 1389 too.

The Demagog Party as a whole completely backs Trump’s war-making, with the difference that they more openly encourage war with Russia. House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff in fact made clear that Trump was largely being impeached because he was insufficiently aggressive against Russia. Ukraine’s war against Russia is “our fight too,” said Schiff. The fact that Trump and other members of the ruling elite are able to make such comments without reprisal, while workers and youth are severely punished for even the most modest criticism of these policies, speaks to the complete breakdown of democratic forms of rule. Moreover, on college campuses throughout Pindostan, this effort has been led by upper middle class proponents of identity politics and the pseudo-left which have abandoned the fight for free speech and due process. Writing about his termination, Phansey noted:

I would have hoped that Babson, an institution of higher education that I love and to which I have given a great deal, would have defended and supported my right to free speech. Beyond my own situation, I am really concerned about what this portends for our ability as Pindos to engage in political discourse without presuming the worst about each other.

A great deal of the toxic and anti-democratic environment taking place on university campuses can be directly attributed to the Obama administration. In 2011 and 2014, the Obama administration intervened to modify Title IX regulations on campuses such that cases of sexual abuse and harassment could be treated like modern-day inquisitions. Drumhead prosecutorial bodies were created on campuses, with names such as Harvard’s Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution. The Association of Title IX Coordinators certified more than 2,000 new Title IX coordinators and investigators between 2011 and 2014. At these secret proceedings, accusers are presumed from the outset to be telling the truth, while the accused are presumed guilty and are not allowed to bring lawyers or any advisers at all with them in their defense. Moreover, there is no ability for the accused to appeal verdicts with which they disagree. This fundamental breakdown of due process rights at Pindo universities extends well beyond the issues of sexual misconduct, as cases such as Phansey’s now clearly demonstrate. Moreover, Phansey’s case is certainly not the first. In Jul 2017, Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams was suspended after Facebook posts he made regarding race relations in Pindostan. In 2014, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign professor Steven Salaita, who was tenured, was let go after tweeting outraged protests against the slaughter of innocent civilians by the Israeli regime in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The phenomenon is not confined to Pindostan. The University of Sydney sacked Dr Tim Anderson after he too expressed opposition to Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Feb 2019.

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