a little gem (picked up via daily stormer & xymphora)

Anti-Semitism election row was stoked by Israel, Labour report says
Danielle Sheridan, Daily Telegraph, Jan 13 2020

Labour’s overseas members have been accused of “conspiracy-mongering” after compiling a report that claimed the party’s anti-Semitism row was “stoked by Israel’s government.” Charles James, author of a report which has been seen by The Telegraph entitled “General Election Part Two: Why didn’t we win?”, wrote:

Many of us believe that the row about anti-Semitism has been stoked by the government of Israel and its helpers in the UK.

Citing a 2017 documentary produced by Al Jazeera which explored the relationship between the Israel lobby and British politics, Mr James, who is secretary of the 3,500-strong group, wrote:

The government of Israel is putting significant efforts and finances into influencing British politics, including the Labour Party. They aim to prevent the election of a Labour government that will recognise a Palestinian state.

The report also questioned how there could be anti-Semitism within the Labour Party when Ed and David Miliband, who are both Jewish, ran to be leader in 2010.
Mr James made reference to the fact that when Jeremy Corbyn met two Jewish organisations in 2018 to discuss anti-Semitism, “many of these representatives had links to the Conservative Party. Jeremy was conciliatory. He could have pushed back on his visitors by asking why they never addressed anti-Semitism in the Tory party.

However, the report did acknowledge that there had been a Holocaust denier within the group and that from “very clear” evidence, he was suspended and subsequently expelled. The Telegraph has also seen Facebook posts by Colin O’Driscoll, co-chairman of the group, who wrote:

Anti-Semitism accusations are a sideshow, a convenient weapon being used on behalf of the Right in British society to derail Corbyn and his supporters.

He claimed that the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies were “overwhelmingly Tory supporters happy to participate in overheated hyperbole because it suits their class interests.” Mr O’Driscoll did not respond to requests for comment. Mr James said:

If any member of my Constituency Labour Party has concerns, no doubt they will contact me.

Jennifer Gerber, director of Labour Friends of Israel, said:

This report represents the kind of conspiracy-mongering and victim-blaming that has been a constant feature of the anti-Semitism crisis under Jeremy Corbyn.

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