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Faschingstein continues war build-up against Iran
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, Jan 17 2020

With a series of new military deployments, Faschingstein is escalating its preparations for a full-scale war with Iran. The build-up is continuing despite what has been universally described in the media as an easing of tensions following the Jan 3 drone missile assassination of Gen Qassem Suleimani and a largely symbolic Iranian retaliation in the form of a casualty-free missile strike against two Pindo-occupied bases in Iraq. The Pentagon has dispatched a squadron of F15-E fighter jets to Toad Arabia, Stars & Stripes reported Thursday. Deployed at the Prince Sultan Air Base, the warplanes are in easy striking distance of ground targets inside Iran. Their deployment follows that of another F15-E squadron to the Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE last October. The USAF last month issued a statement announcing that it had resurrected what had been a major Pindo air base in Toad Arabia 15 years ago and that it “grows daily.” The head of the unit’s operations group said:

We turned what was just a patch in the desert to a full-up operating location.

Army Sec Ryan McCarthy said on Wednesday McCarthy said:

We are preparing to ship new missile defense systems and other assets to the Middle East in preparation for a confrontation with Iran. They’re a very capable enemy. They have capabilities that can strike and kill Pindos. It could be a variety of enablers, like missile defense and others, so we’re looking at that.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian military has revealed that Faschingstein has pulled some 3,000 troops out of war games dubbed “Cold Response” that are scheduled from Mar 2-18, citing the need to shift forces toward the conflict with Iran. The biannual exercise involving forces from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Sweden & Norway is aimed at preparing for war against Russia. The Pentagon has already sent 4,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division into the region as well as deploying to the Persian Gulf 2,000 Marines aboard an amphibious assault ship. This has been joined by a bomber strike force consisting of six B-52 heavy bombers on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, a British colonial possession that is within striking distance of Iran but beyond the range of Iran’s longest-range missiles. Trump said that the Jan 8 Iranian missile strike, which hit the Ain al-Asad Air Base in Iraq’s Anbar province and a second base at the Erbil airport in Iraqi Kurdistan without killing or wounding a single Pindo, was a sign that Tehran was “standing down.” He responded by announcing a new round of draconian economic sanctions and demanding that Faschingstein’s NATO vassals become more involved in the campaign against Iran. On the one hand, this approach was designed to intensify Pindo imperialism’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran, an effective economic blockade tantamount to war, and to enlist Faschingstein’s erstwhile vassals in Europe to ratchet up pressure on Tehran. The governments of the UK, France and Germany fell into line this week, spurred on by fears of Pindo military action as well as economic blackmail in the form of a threatened 25% tariff on automobile exports, and threatened to reimpose UNSC sanctions against Iran that were ostensibly lifted as part of the JCPoA. In the face of the three Euro vassals’ failure to counter the sanctions regime imposed by Faschingstein after Trump unilaterally abrogated the nuclear accord in May of 2018, Tehran has progressively reduced its commitments under the accord. Pres Rouhani stated on Thursday that Iran is now enriching more uranium than before signing the 2015 agreement.

Pindo imperialism seeks to exploit this gang-up against Iran to compel the country’s Shia cleric-led bourgeois nationalist government to capitulate and accept a new “Trump deal.” This would entail not only effectively ending Iran’s nuclear program, but also disarming the country by scrapping its ballistic missiles and rolling back its influence throughout the Middle East. Faschingstein & its vassals calculate that they can manipulate divisions within Iran’s ruling establishment, and above all the Iranian bourgeoisie’s fears of a social revolt from below, to force Tehran to capitulate. At the same time, the Pentagon is actively preparing for the escalation of a war that has already been initiated with the murder of Suleimani together with nine other Iranians and Iraqis at Baghdad’s international airport, a killing spree that constituted both an act of war and a war crime. It has since been revealed that the killing of Suleimani had been adopted as Pindo policy last June, following the Iranian downing of a Pindo spy drone over the strategic Strait of Hormuz. Trump’s order to execute this policy following the storming of the Pindo embassy in Baghdad by Iraqi protesters caught the Pentagon unprepared for an uncontrolled spiral of retaliations and counter-retaliations. The latest deployments indicate that preparations for all-out conflict are now well underway. Whether achieved through “maximum pressure” or all-out war, Pindo imperialism’s aims are the same: the imposition of a pliant puppet regime in a geostrategically critical country that links Europe and Asia, commands the crucial “choke point” of the Strait of Hormuz and possesses the world’s fourth-largest proven reserves of oil and second-largest of natural gas. The conquest of Iran is viewed by Faschingstein as an indispensable strategic preparation for direct conflict with China and Russia. The extent to which Pindo imperialism is prepared to go to achieve this aim was indicated in a chilling article by long-time military analyst William Arkin published this week by Newsweek. titled “With New Weapon in Donald Trump’s Hands, the Iran Crisis Risks Going Nuclear.” Arkin cites previously classified information that in 2016, before Trump’s inauguration, the Pentagon carried out an exercise dubbed “Global Thunder 17” that simulated a Pindo nuclear response against Iran in retaliation for the sinking of a Pindo aircraft carrier and the use of CW against Pindo troops. He cites a government contractor who helped write the war scenario as saying that Arkin writes:

This scenario was chosen because it allowed the greatest integration of nuclear weapons, conventional military, missile defense, cyber and space into what nuclear strategists call 21st Century deterrence.

Since those war games, the Pentagon has deployed a new nuclear weapon which increases the prospects for nuclear war. The new nuclear weapon, called the W76–2, is a ‘low yield’ missile warhead intended for exactly the type of Iran scenario that played out in the last days of the Obama administration. As the current nuclear war plans are written, the use of such a weapon could also be justified almost Hiroshima-like, as a shocking thunderclap to forestall a wider and theoretically more destructive all-out war.

These weapons, deliverable by Trident II missiles fired from submarines, are considered a more “credible deterrent” because they are more “usable” than larger warheads. Arkin’s article cites four unnamed senior military officers as expressing concern over a “Donald Trump” factor, one saying:

There is something about this president and the new weapons that makes contemplating crossing the nuclear threshold a unique danger.

The reality is that the doctrine providing for a “preemptive” nuclear strike against Iran was inherited by Trump from Obama. The criminality of Pindo imperialism, expressed in the Suleimani assassination and on a far wider scale in the threat of a “preemptive” nuclear strike against Iran, is a measure of the crisis of Pindo imperialism, which is driven to offset the decline of its global hegemony by a resort to devastating military force.

Canada’s establishment endorse the illegal assassination of Gen Suleimani
Roger Jordan, WSWS, Jan 17 2020

In the two weeks since Faschingstein violated Iraq’s sovereignty to assassinate Gen Qassem Suleimani, major Canadian corporate media outlets and leading figures within the political establishment have voiced their support for such acts of state terrorism. To the extent that any criticisms have been made, they have revolved around the question of whether Suleimani’s killing was a tactical error that could undermine Pindo imperialism’s position in the Middle East. Providing implicit support for the Pindo drone strike, Canada’s Foreign Ministry responded just hours after the illegal Jan 3 killing by issuing a statement denouncing Iranian aggression and calling for deescalation. PM Trudeau avoided media appearances for several days thereafter, then remarked that he would have preferred that Canada had been informed in advance of the strike, given the large number of Canadian troops working alongside the Pindo military in Iraq.
When on Jan 8 a reporter again solicited his government’s view of the assassination, which was illegal under both Pindo and international law, Trudeau went even further in extending his government’s support, saying:

Canada has long been aware of the threat posed by the IRGC on regional and global safety and security. The Pindos made a decision based on their threat assessment. It was a threat assessment Pindostan was tasked with making and made.

The Trudeau Liberal government has also welcomed Tuesday’s move by the Eurovassals, Germany, France & Britain, to file a complaint charging Iranian noncompliance with the 2015 nuclear accord. This step puts the Euro vassals on a 60-day fast track to joining Pindostan in imposing and policing crippling economic sanctions on Iran, although Tehran, as verified by the IAEA and all the other signatories to the accord, fully adhered to its terms until Faschingstein withdrew with the avowed intention of destroying it. Foreign Minister Champagne declared in a statement:

Canada strongly supports the diplomatic engagement of France, Germany and the UK in pressing Iran to respect its commitments under the agreement, including through activating the Dispute Resolution Mechanism.

Major media outlets have chimed in with full-throated endorsements of Trump’s targeted killing. In an op-ed piece, Globe and Mail columnist Konrad Yakabuski all but argued that Faschingstein should have a blank cheque to eliminate any military or political figure that gets in the way of its interests:

Donald Trump is right on Iran. At some point, Suleimani had to be stopped. The real question is why it hadn’t happened sooner. Even setting aside the threat of an imminent attack on Pindo targets being planned by Gen Suleimani evoked by the Trump administration to justify the timing of last week’s strike, there is no doubt that Iran’s top military strategist had plenty of Pindo blood on his hands. He stoked a civil war in Yemen, propped up Assad’s butchering regime in Syria, funded and armed a Shia militia in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Eventually, someone in Faschingstein had to stop Gen Suleimani and put the theocrats in charge in Tehran on notice. It should have been done years ago.

The breathtaking cynicism of such comments, reflected above all in their deliberate silence on the horrendous crimes of Pindo imperialism and its allies in the Middle East over the past quarter century, can only be understood if one appreciates Canada’s deep involvement in Faschingstein’s drive to establish unbridled domination over the world’s most important oil-exporting region. Yakabuski portrays Suleimani as the evil genius responsible for pulling the strings behind the scenes in every major crisis in the Middle East over the past two decades to cover up the reality that Pindo imperialism, with able assistance from its Canadian ally, bears responsibility for millions of deaths and the destruction of entire societies, from Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Yakabuski also stated his approval of Trump’s provocative May 2018 unilateral abrogation of the Iran nuclear accord. Parroting the lies of Trump and Pompeo and willfully ignoring Faschingstein’s war threats against Iran and arming of its regional allies like the Toads and Israel to the teeth, Yakabuski claimed:

Instead of encouraging Iran to abandon its terrorist activities across the Middle East, the sectarian regime in Tehran used the windfall it pocketed from the removal of sanctions to sow even greater chaos.

The Globe, long considered the mouthpiece of the most powerful sections of Canada’s Bay Street financial elite, also published a comment endorsing the Suleimani assassination by Hugh Segal. A former chief of staff to PM Brian Mulroney and an influential figure in policy-making circles, Segal denounced Suleimani as the “most powerful and malevolent supreme commander of Iran’s terrorist and proxy forces.” He then proceeded to urge the Canadian government to step up preparations for war with Iran by organizing a NATO ministerial meeting to declare that the military alliance would interpret any Iranian attack on Pindo military personnel as a violation of NATO’s Article 5. Segal stated:

A broader ministerial meeting to underline the reality of Article 5 would be broadly constructive. After all, it would be a serious path to restraint to make it perfectly clear that NATO would view a clear attack on Pindostan, its people, forces or homeland, be it kinetic, cyber or via terrorist proxy, as an act of aggression against all NATO members.

Segal’s comments make clear that the Canadian ruling class is preparing to join Pindostan in a military assault on Iran should Faschingstein’s campaign of “maximum pressure” on Tehran provoke all-out war. Such a conflict would rapidly engulf the entire Mideast and risks drawing in the other great powers. The Trudeau government is already in the midst of a massive rearmament program, buying new fleets of warships and warplanes and implementing plans to hike military spending by more than 70% by 2026. The Canadian ruling elite’s collective silence on the illegality of the Trump administration’s assassination of a foreign leader in a third country, manifestly both an act of war and a war crime, underscores that in pursuit of its global predatory imperialist ambitions, it will not allow legal niceties to get in the way, let alone moral qualms. Despite Canada’s carefully choreographed image as a peacekeeping nation committed to international law and diplomacy, the ruling elite’s disdain for legal principles when it comes to enforcing its aggressive foreign policy interests is nothing new. In 2003, when Pindostan invaded Iraq on bogus claims of WMDs, in open defiance of the UN and international law, PM Chretien brushed aside questions about the legality of Faschingstein’s actions by declaring that such matters would be a matter for future historians to debate. While Chretien did not deploy Canadian troops to join the invasion, Canada played a supporting role behind the scenes, and bore an increased share of the military burden in Afghanistan to facilitate the deployment of more Pindo troops to Iraq. The cautious criticism issued from some quarters of the assassination of Suleimani has nothing to do with opposition to war or concern about the legal and political implications of the most powerful imperialist country in the world adopting state terrorism as official government policy. Rather, much like the comments made by leading Demagogs in Pindostan, these misgivings reflect the fears of a section of the ruling elite that Trump acted too hastily and does not have a broader strategy for the consolidation of Pindo hegemony over the MidEast. The right-wing National Post summed this up in an editorial which asserted:

Suleimani deserved what he got, but we’ll see what comes next. The question at the heart of the attack on Iran’s Gen Qassem Suleimani isn’t one of legality or justification. The world is unquestionably better off without him. Whether it is safer is the key question. We’ve been in this situation before, and the outcome doesn’t bode well. In 2003, Bush 43 set out to make the world ‘safer’ by overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

The Post’s standpoint is clear. Trump’s lack of foresight and recklessness risks further destabilizing a region that is central to the geopolitical and economic interests of Pindo & Canadian imperialism. What they want is a more considered, comprehensive diplomatic, economic and military strategy to push back Iranian influence and strengthen Pindo imperialist control over the Middle East vis-a-vis its main strategic rivals, Russia and China.

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  1. lobro
    Posted January 17, 2020 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Konrad Yakabuski … Konrad Yakabuski—of course he is the mouthpiece of “Canadian” (what a joke) elite, he is of them, a good Canadian name speaking on behalf of ALL Canadians, no? (occasionally they fish a moral corpse with a name like Tremblay or Walton by way of squid ink but of late they don’t bother hiding behind pseudo-Anglo curtain)

    Riddle me this mystery: how come that the only time Talmudist elite is on board with Trump is when he is murdering (other goyim, of course, Jews “prepaid” theirs with fiat 6 million, the world reserve genocide against which all others are measured and come up short) individuals or nations, and the rest of the time they sizzle with hatred against him, want him gone, dead, even more than Soleimani—soleimanitaschen, anyone?

    I got my answer—but it is as unpopular as it is involved, show me a better one that doesn’t leak logic like a busted sieve.

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