amerikkka, fuck off

The country of the Taliban
Colonel Cassad, Jan 18 2020

On Jan 2, PBS will premiere the documentary “Taliban Country,” which as is not difficult to guess, is dedicated to the Taliban. Before the premiere, a correspondent for Frontline talked to the head Taliban negotiator in the team dealing with Pindostan. Mullah Abd’ul-Gani Baradar told about the policies of the Taliban in relations between Pindostan and postwar Afghanistan. He said:

  1. The war will only end when the Pindo army leaves Afghanistan.
  2. Pindostan made a mistake in invading Afghanistan, and continues to make it worse. The invasion was carried out against OBL but he’s long gone.
  3. The Taliban are obliged to defend themselves and their country, even at the cost of their own lives.
  4. Pindostan has brought suffering to Afghanistan, and Pindostan is to blame for the war. If Pindostan left, the Afghans would agree among themselves.
  5. Once Pindostan leaves, the Taliban promises to deal with Daesh and to negotiate with the government of Afghanistan.
  6. After the victory of the Taliban, women in Afghanistan will have all the legal protection possible within Sharia law.

Trailer of the documentary “Taliban Country”

In Faschingstein, they continue to periodically say that they hope that at least in 2020, the longest war in Pindo history will come to an end, and peace with the Taliban will be concluded.

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