colonel cassad, jan 20-21

The bombardment of the Pindo Embassy in Baghdad
Colonel Cassad, Jan 21 2020

During the night, “residents safer in the Middle East” once again tried to bombard the Pindo Embassy in Baghdad. They fired three rockets, which fell near the occupation embassy in the Green zone. The People’s Avengers obviously have some learning to do regarding precision: their rockets tend to fall short of their targets. They could learn from the Houthis. The embassy staff still there were again forced to spend the night in the shelter. Some were out of the country for the holidays. About casualties or damage were reported.

Another video with a warning siren:

Continue to observe
Colonel Cassad, Jan 20 2020

A Pindo patrol watching the Russians in the province of Hasaka. Large cutting social meetings over the last couple of weeks. More videos:

Pindostan is now trying to make efforts to limit the spread of the Russian military patrols in the area of oil fields and key road junctions leading to the border with Iraq.

Iran threatens to withdraw from NNPT
Colonel Cassad, Jan 20 2020

Iran’s foreign Ministry officially warned the EU countries participating in the nuclear deal that if they try to transfer the issue of Iran nuclear deal the UN Security Council (with the obvious accusations against Iran), then Iran will withdraw from the NNPT. Earlier, Iran already stated that it will reconsider its cooperation with the IAEA. It is quite obvious that the nuclear deal was thwarted thanks to Pindostan, so Iran is essentially being asked to remain in it alone or to face a renewal of the worst conditions for Iran. Iran did not agree, and asked the Europeans to fulfill their obligations, which they obviously failed to do, once again manifesting the dependence of Eurovassals on Pindostan. Of course, due to the fact that the Europeans rather simulated the execution of the nuclear deal from their side, its implementation on the part of Iran is meaningless, which Tehran hinted in the past year, gradually removing the imposed transaction limits on its nuclear program. After the murder of Soleimani, Iran a de facto lifted restrictions on uranium enrichment, and now voiced a warning that further we will speak about developing nuclear weapons. When they exit the NPT, Iran will be constrained only by practical difficulties associated with developing nuclear warheads that it can establish its long-range missiles of high precision, able to reach the capitals of the main opponents of Iran in the region and the major regional bases of Pindostan.

“Preemptive strike”
Colonel Cassad,
Jan 20 2020

As expected, the number of losses after the attack on Houthis camp in Marib increased significantly. According to Toad sources, the attack killed 111 people and more than 200 were injured. Given the fact that many people are very heavily injured, the number of victims is likely to continue to grow. In fact, this attack has swept a battalion of Toad mercenaries from the board at one stroke. This is also enough visual evidence of the lethality of the new Iranian arms supplied to Yemen. According to information unconfirmed by the Toads, among the victims could be the commander of the 4th brigade of the Toads’ puppet army, al-Samaki. The Hadi government said this was a pre-emptive strike on mercenaries who were soon to go to Aden, where they were supposed to strengthen the position of Hadi and his Toad masters. Missiles and drone strikes hit field barracks, field mosque, and ammo dump. Houthis promise to continue to destroy the mercenaries and the invaders until they withdraw their troops from Yemen and stop bombing Yemeni cities. Video of some of the consequences here:

The Minister of information of the Hadi government said that the UN needs to condemn this “revenge of the Houthis for Suleimani.” It is worth recalling that when Soleimani was killed, he was headed for a meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq, where they were to discuss the plan of de-escalation of relations between Iran and the Toads. And now, instead of plans for de-escalation, revenge for Suleimani is coming to the Toads, even though they were constantly getting paid for what they had done to Yemen.

The attack on the Toad camp in Marib
Colonel Cassad, Jan 19 2020

The Houthis bombed a kamikaze training camp of the Hadi government in Marib with ballistic missiles and UAVs, where the Toad military instructors trained troops of the puppet regime. The attack killed up to 60 soldiers and officers and more than 120 were injured. Given the fact that the number is constantly growing, it is possible that the final figures will be even more, and meanwhile it is not clear whether there are any Toads among the dead and wounded. The Hadi side initially tried to downplay the loss, saying that only 25 people died, but because the picture is horrific losses began to leak to the media. Not to mention the obvious accuracy of the Houthis’ missiles and the effectiveness of drones. Toad sources said that their defenses managed to knock as much as 1 UAVs. All the rest arrived in camp (a few missiles and drones). Toad air defense again “про…ли все полимеры” which is no surprise. The bulk of the dead were soldiers from the pro-Toad forces who were sent to camp Marib to re-form after their bad showing in the battles with the southern separatists supported by the UAE in Aden. But in the end, they also received a message from the Houthis. The Houthis started the year 2020 with a bang. As previously noted, the murder of Soleimani will clearly lead to a revival of a proxy war throughout the region, and due to the existing state of war with the UAE and the Toads, and the available technical possibilities, the Houthis will be among the pioneers of Iranian asymmetric attacks, for which the Toads are one of the most obvious targets, especially considering the fact how much they is bogged down in the Yemeni war, without clear prospects for its completion. So the “great revenge for Iran’s Soleimani,” in addition to “limited” attack on the base ‘Ayn al-Assad will emerge including from such attacks. I would guess that in the next month, the Houthis will try seriously to find targets on the territory of the Toads.

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