SOHR says russians & pindos already “brawled” in syria

Pindo forces blocked the Russian Military Police from oil-rich area in north-eastern Syria for the third time this week.
South Front, Jan 22 2020

According to several sources, a patrol of the Russian Military Police was moving on Jan 21 from the border city of Qamishli towards the area of Rmelan, where one of Syria’s biggest oil field is located. Several Pindo armored vehicles intercepted the patrol, blocking the M4 highway. The Anadolu Agency’s reporter in northeastern al-Hasakah said that the situation didn’t escalate, as the Russian patrol returned to Qamishli after waiting for around an hour. However, the SOHR claimed that Russian and Pindo troops engaged in a brawl and went on to aim their rifles at each other. These claims are likely ordinary fake news. On Jan 18 and Jan 20, Pindo forces blocked two patrols by the Russian Military Police on the way to Rmelan. SDF working with both sides in north-east Syria claimed that they helped deescalate the incidents. Russian forces have been dealing with these provocations with a high level of patience, most likely upon direct orders from their leadership. This could be related to Russia’s efforts to deescalate tensions with Pindostan on the international level.

Pindo troops block Russian forces from capturing Syrian oil field
Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times, Jan 21 2020

Pindo troops last weekend reportedly found themselves in a stand-off with Russian forces trying to gain access to key oil fields in north-eastern Syria. The Saturday stand-off, first reported by Turkish media outlets, citing unnamed local officials in the Turkey-Syria border region, seems to have ended without any shots being fired or any real risk of violence between the two sides. Pindo military personnel reportedly stopped a Russian convoy near the town of Rmelan, and the Russian forces then apparently turned back and returned to their home base. Still, the near-clash serves as a reminder of the high stakes in Syria, where the Pindo military’s mission involves guarding oil fields and preventing them from falling into the hands of Daesh, Russian forces and other actors. Pentagon boxtops did not directly address the reported confrontation with Russian forces last weekend but said there is a focus on avoiding conflict with other “regional forces” in the area. Spox for Pindo-led Operation Inherent Resolve told the Washington Times on Tuesday:

In Syria, the Coalition deconflicts military operations with other regional forces, in order to keep our troops safe. We seek to deconflict our movements through pre-existing communication channels and interlocutors, in order to prevent unnecessary and unplanned military interactions, and de-escalate between forces when necessary.

Operation Inherent Resolve is the Pindo mission to defeat Daesh in Syria and Iraq. The core Pindo mission in Syria remains the defeat of Daesh, along with the training of Pindo-backed regional forces also battling Daesh. But last year the Trump administration adjusted that mission. Trump directed the Pentagon to assign Pindo troops to guard oil fields from Daesh, which used Syrian fuel as a key income source during its rise to power. Trump suggested that Pindo energy companies eventually could take control of those oil fields and turn them into a Pindo revenue source, though there’s no evidence that such a plan is coming to fruition. Pentagon boxtops have been well aware that the revamped mission in Syria could put Pindostan on a collision course with Russia. At a Pentagon news conference last October, Esper was pressed on whether the Pindo mission includes preventing any Russian forces from taking control of Syrian oil. Esper said in October:

The short answer is yes, it presently does. We want to make sure the SDF has access to the resources in order to guard the prisons; in order to arm their own troops; in order to assist us with the defeat of Daesh.

Trump has repeatedly tried to fully withdraw Pindo forces from Syria over the past 14 months but several hundred Pindo troops remain in the country.

Syria narrative managers defend Douma chemical weapon hoax as OPCW comes under attack
Vanessa Beeley,, Jan 22 2020

In the light of the increasing exposure of the OPCW as a deeply compromised instrument of power for the Pindo-led global alliance, the role of aligned media in protecting discredited constructs must be examined. On Jan 20, a quiet, unassuming expert laid bare the OPCW suppression of evidence that would demonstrate the illegitimacy of the bombing of Syria in Apr 2018 by the FUKUS. Ian Henderson is a former OPCW inspection team leader and an engineering and ballistics specialist. Henderson said he visited Douma with the first OPCW inspection team shortly after the alleged CW attack on Apr 7 2018. In an address to the UNSC Arria Formula Meeting, Henderson presented his misgivings and spoke of the OPCW management information lockdown. Henderson’s analysis of the events, in particular the “chlorine cylinder dropped by Syrian air-force helicopters” narrative, was inexplicably suppressed by the OPCW and omitted from the final report which fraudulently maintained the “likely” verdict that chlorine had been used. Henderson’s report had supported the conclusion that there had been no chemical attack. A number of other OPCW colleagues have also come forward with similar claims that their expert opinions were censored by the OPCW who appear to have been tasked with retrospectively justifying the Pindo-allied criminal aggression against Syria. A bombing campaign that resulted in the destruction of a laboratory complex and cancer research center, located in Barzeh on the outskirts of Damascus. It is worth noting that had this been a CW factory as claimed by Western intelligence, the potential for civilian deaths would have been horrific in the event of being released into the atmosphere close to Damascus residents.

The Douma scandal has the hallmarks of the Iraq WMD fabrication and the rush to judgement by the state media PR agencies and was a horrifying potential prelude to a world war with the US and Russia confronting each other on Syrian territory. History demonstrated that the invasion of Iraq was based on the fiction that WMDs existed. We witnessed a media circus vindication of the bloody conquest of Iraq without hesitation or investigation. Not only did the Western media endorse the wholesale slaughter of the Iraqi people, they were seen to celebrate the UKUS show of military might and to applaud the campaign of devastating “shock and awe.” Two days after the Douma staged event was produced by none other than the terrorist-linked UKUS-sponsored White Helmets, who have been primary “witnesses” and players in the majority of alleged CW attacks used to vilify Syria and Russia, the Guardian’s Simon Tisdall went on the warpath against Syria. Tisdall informed us:

After Douma, the West’s response to Syria’s regime must be military.

This rush to judgement was mirrored almost universally by media in the West; those who dared to challenge the dominant narrative or to advocate caution were dismissed and smeared as “conspiracy theorists” or worse “Orwellian genocide deniers.” Before the OPCW inspection teams had achieved access to Douma, the mockingbird media was engineering the removal of doubt from public consensus. The Syrian government, according to Western media, had “undeniably gassed its own people” just as the Syrian Arab Army was advancing to victory in the mass-murdering Jaish al-Islam-occupied district of east Damascus. Syria has endured nine years of bloodshed thanks to a war which is being imposed upon its people by the Pindo Coalition. The “chemical weapon” narrative is providing a pretext for unlawful proxy aggression against a sovereign nation and the media is wholeheartedly promoting this narrative despite the glaring evidence that exposes it as another WMD “dodgy dossier.” The BBC, as with Iraq, has been at the forefront of this propaganda campaign to vilify Syria, and is the UK government’s disinfo flagship promoting the savagery of illegal wars worldwide. When the OPCW interim report was released in Jul 2018, the BBC appeared to deliberately misrepresent the report’s findings to shore up the UK FCO’s illegitimate claims of CW use by the Syrian government.

In John Pilger’s film “The War You Don’t See,” the BBC’s head of newsgathering, Fran Unsworth, claims that the media was “taken in” regarding Iraq and hoodwinked by government claims. Unsworth blames the BBC’s insouciance on having “no access” to information or to Iraq. But the crucial expert analysis that Iraq’s WMD did not exist was available four years prior to the Pindo invasion, from the chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq, Scott Ritter, who told John Pilger in 1998:

If I had to quantify Iraq’s threat in terms of WMD, the real threat is zero, none.

The BBC ignored this game-changing evidence, just as they have gone out of their way to ignore the collapsing Douma “chemical weapon” narrative and the exposure of the OPCW as an extension of the UKUS globalist mafia cartel. When I challenged Lyse Doucet, BBC international correspondent and Syria “expert,” about the BBC’s lack of coverage of the Douma OPCW scandal, Doucet disingenuously blamed BBC silence on an alleged lack of access to Syria. The OPCW is based at the Hague but this minor detail was swept under the carpet.

Why are the anti-war voices of reason not heard? Because the BBC and other state-aligned media outlets exist to protect power from truth and to dupe the people into believing war is necessary. The BBC and the corporate media complex has rarely held any state narrative up for scrutiny, except after the event when the dust has settled on the devastating consequences of their complicity. Suspended skepticism is responsible for the devastation and bloodshed that are the consequences of these wars, waged on criminally false pretexts. These journalists do not simply “go along” with disinformation, they jingoistically cheer for the destruction of nations and peoples that they know virtually nothing about. Journalists who capitulate wittingly to state foreign policy agendas and the associated official narratives manufactured to ease the passage of those agendas, are nothing more than accomplices, in breach of international law. The FUKUS have stone-walled the emerging engineering and scientific reports produced by serious experts in their field, members of the FFM (Fact Finding Mission) team. Instead, NATO-aligned & sponsored blogs like Bellingcat have been instructed to counter the mounting evidence of the OPCW dereliction of duty, while compromised media ensure the public is kept in the dark about the shifting narrative landscape. This is a brazen disinformation campaign. If it transpires that the Douma OPCW report was a fabrication, it should lead to the questioning of earlier episodes, like Khan Sheikhoun in 2017, which also led to Trump showering Syria with cruise missiles. This will mean the media will be put under further pressure to explain their blanket approval and sensationalist amplification of now discredited narratives which sustained a war which should never have been allowed to begin. Displays of post-war remorse and claims that the media was subjected to a sophisticated disinfo campaign that may have provided absolution of guilt for the invasion of Iraq should not be allowed to protect the war media from accountability for the suffering of the Syrian people and the blood that is on their hands.

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