iraq demos, mind-blowing photos

Anti-Pindo protests in Iraq
Colonel Cassad, Jan 24 2020

Today millions of Iraqis took to the streets demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq by Pindo troops. Somewhat earlier, Al-Sadr announced the basic requirements for the withdrawal of Pindo troops.

Requirements Of As-Sadr
Colonel Cassad, Jan 24 2020

The political leader of Iraqi Shiites and the leader of the largest party of the Parliament of Iraq, Moqtada Al-Sadr began in Iraq anti-Pindo protests issued a number of theses about the withdrawal of Pindo troops from Iraq. Close all Pindo military bases in Iraq. Close all the offices and bases of Pindo PMCs in Iraq and to stop all their activities. To close Iraqi airspace to Pindo warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft. To cancel security agreement with the Pindo occupiers because they don’t meet international law, and were only approved under pressure from Pindo occupation. Trump shouldn’t look down on Iraq’s decisions and statements, and flaunt his sense of superiority over Iraq, otherwise he will face consequences. Other countries should not interfere in our relations with the occupiers, if Pindostan resists withdrawal from Iraq. If Pindostan refuses to leave, it will lose all grounds for justification of its presence according to the inter-governmental agreement and will be considered hostile to Iraq, and it will give the Iraqis the right to take action against the invaders.

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